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  1. I'll tell you I had a got of support guys jealous of me. Even an E-6 and an E-7. Both have been here for years and not gotten the chances I've had. It has to do with the fact I'm very personable and I have a work ethic that few rival. I was supposed to be early released today, I ended up leaving with only 3 others in the office, everyone else went home. Maybe it is because the woman of my dreams walked away when she realized I was going to ask her to marry me. Since my unit has no females, it takes a bit to meet a new woman.
  2. LOL! Actually, it is a bit of the other way around. I got screwed out of OCS, so I'm stuck as a SPC, due to time in service waivers not happening. Once you are on a team you automatically hit E-5, when you become a junior on a team you are promoted to E-6, and a senior is E-7. That said, I live a strange life because I have a MS. I actually have E-5s who take orders from me. I'm actually doing the job of an E-6. I'm on really good terms with the team guys, they want me to go to selection, so even though I'm a red hatter, I still do a lot with them. I'm in my mid-30's and have had 18 surgeries including a rebuilt knee and 2 operations on my elbow. So I'm not 100% sold on the idea yet. Maybe if they guaranteed me a slot at HALO school, I'm not a fan of being a lawn dart. It isn't the jumps, it's the landings. Night jump in 24 hours from now.
  3. No, I am in 3-10 SFG(A). I spent 10 years trying to get into the Army. I was finally given the waivers, but was rejected my commission. I signed up 11X-ray and promptly broke my foot. I had wanted to get in, go fight, and call it a day. I was forced reclass to 92Whiskey. I didn't want to go to Ft. Riley, KS so I went to jump school. I ended up here in Ft. Carson. I'm in my mid-30s, but I perform better than most 20 year olds. A lot of the teams have come to respect me and treat me well, so they offer me as much training as I want. I'm actually probably a better infantry soldier than had I actually done the 11 Series. So the other day the 18Charlies came over to my office and asked if I wanted to join them to blow up a HMMV. Of course I took them up on the offer.
  4. Enjoy my day at the range: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3789952/A_blast_of_a_day_at_the_range#Post3789952
  5. Ok, I have absolutely no problem paying to upgrade, I just don't have the funds to pay $125 again.
  6. Not true. I'm in a SOF unit and we trained both. I won't lie to you, I'd prefer NVG ( even Mono) over the naked eye, but the naked eye does have some benefits. It definitely makes it hard to use depth perception with a mono goggle. Contrary to video games you don't aim down a site with them very much. Just better to guestimate and hit the PEQ-5 laser to verify. The second the laser is on target, pull the trigger. The Mark XIVs are better at aiming down the site, but the main problem is that the goggles are pointing straight ahead and you tend to move your eye to look up a bit when you shoulder a rifle and aim. If you are doing a night raid and you have time to set up and zero, you double stack the risers or use a riser and an ELCAN with a Doctor Sight on it. Then with a little practice you can look down the site second nature. With a new moon, we were doing team drills. One guy with a goggle and one without. Both were pulling guard on a sector. With the double eye Mark XIV you focus your aiming eye to infinity and your non-dominate eye at 3-5 feet. Driving sucks with them, no matter what you do. Depth perception is just miserable. Coolest part of NVGs? Watching shooting stars and making wishes, you see so many starts that are invisible to the naked eye in the middle of no where with a new moon, it is enchanting. My last wish didn't come true though.
  7. Do we have to purchase an entire new Codemeter, or will it be like previous versions were you purchase an upgrade feel of like $30?
  8. I would like the T-80 for a Red side MBT. My second choice would be the M-60 for the epic cold war scenarios.
  9. Strange, I keep getting the error, but I installed it anyways. It seems that even though the final warning sign says it may not have installed correctly, it plays the gunnery range just fine. I much prefer Windows 7.
  10. I have a new computer. I'm not thrilled with Windows 8 64-bit, but it is what it is. I keep getting the error: Unsupported Operating System, major 6, version 2.2, sp=0.0, type 1. I'm going to be sad if I can't get this to install, because I just bought the updated patch (been in military training for the better part of a year). Timothy
  11. Ok, here is the issue: I see the next tab over is for deadzones. It does not allow for adjusting of the input for the throw, say 40% movement only registers as 20%, like IL2-JoyControl does. Can you please point to me where that function is located at, because I can do it in JoyControl, but not seemingly in Saitek's software.
  12. Yes, I know it can have the dead zones adjusted, but I can't get the throw adjusted. When I move the stick about 50% of the throw, it goes to full throw in the game. Makes it hard to do small adjustments. I'd love to see something like IL2-JoyControl for this game. I'd even spend the time, if I knew how to program.
  13. I have never noticed it before. It is a Saitek X-52. I wish I could afford to fix my Cougar (cheap internals), because I know my Cougar does allow me to adjust the sensitivity.
  14. http://mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&file=details&id=1021 When I use my Joystick in SB, my stick is so sensitive that is literally spins my turrent and makes shooting nearly impossible. So I normally play with my mouse, but that makes me less that effective. I then found this for IL-2, but was wondering if it would work with SB or if it doesn't, is there a utility like this for SB?
  15. Where do I get the patch? I looked on the front page and I noticed that the last patch is from 11 months ago. That can't be right, can it?
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