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  1. Ah found new scenarios under hard difficulty section. Not many but I guess they will have to do.
  2. Thanks but when I sorted for start date (whatever that means) and latest updates they all refer to the latest Sept 2016.
  3. I'm looking for single player scenarios that take advantage of the new tanks in 4.0 (4.019) but can't find any. It seems that it has been a while that SP scenarios are created and shared (uploaded). I don't play MP as I don't fit in with the MP community at large. Does anyone know where to find scenarios for 4.0 besides creating them ourselves? Thanks!
  4. I'm a Christian too you know and celebrate Christmas even though I live in a Muslim majority country.
  5. But ships and submarines take much longer to replace than tanks. Some of the bigger ships and nuclear submarines can even be considered as strategic assets. Tanks are probably way even more vulnerable. The proliferation of anti-tank weapons these days.....Even militants such as Hezbollah are equipped with first-rate anti-tank weapons. Only active anti-tank systems have a chance now to really protect a tank. These aren't widely deployed in Europe or at all.... The UK isn't concerned with defending its homeland while the defense of the European continent can b
  6. It's no big deal in my opinion. Tanks can always be produced relatively quick. What the Britain needs are more submarines and ships. Tomorrow's war is likely to require sizeable fleet. Russia IS NOT as much as a threat to European peace than it is portrayed to be in the media, in my opinion. It is in for a long decline. It has no way to match NATO. What is concerning is the combined forces of China and Russia.
  7. Well, their previous titles were made for mobile phones but Cold Waters will be made specifically to take advantage of PC and Mac power i.e., it will be a proper PC game instead of just a mobile game ported to PC.
  8. I hope so too perhaps in a DLC/expansion. I also hope the sequel won't limit us to playable submarines but also ships....
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=770691721 Looks awesome!!!
  10. Hehehe thanks for the link and interesting reply. Sorry for the late reply. Hadn't been checking on the forums. Cheers!
  11. Can anyone who has pushed a real Aventador or the SV version comment on the following assessment?! Or can anyone point me to an owner frank impression of the SV version. Almost all video reviews of the SV are quite subjective in my opinion. Thank you Assetto Corsa is an incredible racing and driving simulation. To drive the point I'm going to write this short review on one of the cars. If you have driven a Lamborghini Aventador or its SV version and pushed it on a track you will probably find the assessment quite spot on. Lamborghini since its acquisition by Audi has been churning ou
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