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  1. OK, I just ordered it. Looking forward to getting it in the mail. Unless someone from the Mountain View office is coming up to SF tonight, and wants to drop it off at my house....
  2. Thank you. I realize now that it is a seperate product. Ordering now. There is no digital form of 2.460 is there?
  3. Hello everybody, Reinstalling the game after quite a while. Wondering if I have to install the Beta, or can I go from the 2.38 hotfix to 2.460? Thank you
  4. Tank/Mech Company Team FM 3.90-2 http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/3-90-2/index.html
  5. Does anyone know where I can find some detailed pictures.
  6. I downloaded Jaguars Woodland 1.3 M1A1 and noticed it only has 2 bmp files in it. Is this okay?
  7. I think Rommel's reputation was also helped by the American and British media. We built up his rep, so when we beat him, it would look all the better for us. Wasn't Rommel aslo disliked by many of the other German Generals?
  8. Great book. I heard that Drake was pretty traumatized by Vietnam, and he was trying to write a book about himself in Vietnam, but found it brought back too many painful memories. Then a friend suggested he fictionalize it and make the setting science fiction. And I guess guys he served with in Vietnam recognize almost all incidents in the book.
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