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  1. it had the benefit of being the first T-72 simulator on the market. and for its time it probably had the best driving simulation of any AFV sim. the gunnery left a few things to be desired tho. and interface was.. confusing to put it mildly.
  2. yeah. it also allows a user to have more mission modules, and tailor vehicles for specific missions or theaters. e.g have modules for low, medium and high intensity conflicts, and only ship those applicable to the mission. no reason shipping an MGS when all you need is a battle taxi, and vice-versa
  3. only problem is those grunts usually carry RPGs of some kind in SB.
  4. the fuel tanks however are filled with self-sealing foam, which would explain their extra "thickness"
  5. even if the slope doesn't deflect the round, it will still increase the LOS thickness of the armour. so an armour plate sloped at 60 degrees is effectively ~twice the LOS thickness. sloping ERA and NERA as well drastically increases the performance of these armours, as it allows them to act on the penetrator over a longer distance.
  6. it would mean a change to the ammunition layout as well, RH 120 rounds are longer and would not fit in the current challenger ammunition compartments.
  7. Loading it with HEAT or ICM capable of taking out an armoured vehicle, would mean it wouldn't have much of a loiter time. maybe at most 3-10 minutes before batteries run too low. it'd probably be better paired up with artillery or mortars for precision guidance of artillery fire.
  8. yeah, i've made enough turret bustles to know what it is.
  9. yeah, wouldn't barrel collison be great.. i mean, it's 2021 after all. but it's not possible with steel beasts. you need multiple things that steel beasts lack. basic physics, collision meshes for each vehicle, and some way for the AI to not break the guns. basic physics is a massive can of worms, that will inevitably break SB. collision meshes for each vehicle is a huge undertaking. a stop gap solution tho.. You could fake it with a ray intersect test, where you set the rays length for each vehicle. then if the "barrel ray" intersects a building, one of two things could happend. for a player vehicle, you could damage the gun if it smacks into something, like a tree or building, if the velocity is high enough. for lower velocity, and AI vehicles, it would be better to perhaps just stop the gun from moving. the way to do this would be to create a point at the point of intersection, then draw a line from the turret center to this intersection point. then set turret rotation to the direction of this line. rotating the turret the opposite direction of the direction that caused the intersection would "free" the turret movement, until the barrel again intersects something. this should work for everything. however since some buildings has imperfect collision meshes, you'd see some weird stuff like barrels being caught in the area of roof overhang.
  10. hmmh, well checking my file dates, oldest CV90 exterior files are dated 02.12.2005.. interior reference is dated 22.02.2006 pizarro reference is dated 18.10.2005, which is the time i started work on the pizarro interior. so CV9040B exterior was finished december 2012, and interior was started february 2006. the oldest finished pizarro interior file is 13.09.2006. and oldest finished CV9040 interior file is dated 24.03.2006 i guess what happened is that i gathered reference for the pizarro in 2005 and started work on the interior. got reassigned to the CV9040B, and finished that, then jumped back to the pizarro interior, and finished it later the same year i finished the CV9040B interior.
  11. realism isn't fun for everyone, but then again steel beasts isn't for everyone, it's for a niche. if we dumbed down SB, we'd essentially turn SB into war thunder, but uglier, which would more or less give SB zero competitive edge. for this reason, the thermal on the fennek is garbage, the T-72 reverse gear is non-existent, and it's IR night sight is a joke. IRL, the T-72 IR night sight is even worse, since you have to spend time unscrewing 4 bolts of a plate in front of the IR night sight, since bright lights might actually damage the sensor.
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