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  1. Steel beasts 1 had some things that SB pro PE hasn't, colour height gradation of maps, making it easier to see hills and dips. it never ever crashed. and it had fewer bugs. AI tanks didn't skyline as often either, even tho there was no "stay" order back then. AI seemed more responsive and deadlier back then. unless you got up real close, then you could drive around them and they'd be completely useless. and the AI could shoot straight through dense forest you had no chance at seeing through yourself.
  2. new vehicles and changes to the damage model are separate from the programmers tasks. so you will see new vehicles, and updates to old vehicles happend parallell to updates to the structure of the SB engine. this is thanks to efforts by Al delaney years ago to improve the accessibility of vehicle implementation years ago. however, this is only for non-playable vehicles, which is why you see waves of non-playable vehicles appear every update. for playable vehicles, you still need the attention of the programmers.
  3. most likely there's a stub case ejector attached to the gun, like on the T-72 which catches the round when it fires, then rotates sideways to toss the spent casing out the side port, along with clearing the path for the next round.
  4. autoloader from the side has doubled in size, breech was pretty much the correct size already, but tweaked slightly backwards and slightly down. by about 4-5" but essentially you're going to see the same behaviour as before, since you tend to aim centerpoint. the only way this will change if some sort of post-pen spall effect is eventually implemented, like what war thunder has had for years. good news is that Christoph Keller has worked hard on this new HE fragmentation effect which can eventually be transferred to post-pen spalling effects as well. oh, and another great feature to have would be some sort of post-pen stun effect, it would simulate the overpressure causing the people inside to pass out. it would alleviate those times when you penetrate a tank but no damage happends, and the tank basically turns towards you and shoots immediately afterwards.
  5. the leclerc as well. possibly the challenger 2 as well with it's wet-stored ammo. and the Armata has all it's stored ammunition outside in the turret rear. for the IFVs, possibly the pizarro, DF30, kurganets. although more likely there's going to be a nasty ammunition fire.
  6. critical component in Armata turret and their coverage in SB:
  7. in SB the angle of the armour increases protection. the figures given in the SB WIKI are LOS figures from direct front. hitting with reduced inclination will result in reduced protection. e.g hitting the turret at 30 degrees instead of direct front.
  8. you are correct. particularly the ammunition belt. the version you have in SB currently is "idealized".
  9. likely the Armata creates an enveloping IR smoke screen to break the lock of missiles like the javelin. i assume that's why the smoke grenade launchers look like they can spin, and why it has smoke grenades pointing directly into the air.
  10. The Armata actually has another softkill system installed, designed to defeat magnetic top-attack weapons such as the TOW-2B. it consists of thick cables running over the sides and front of the vehicle, which shifts the magnetic field of the tank forward, causing the weapon to detonate before it reaches the tank.
  11. the crew has 6 small cameras mounted on the turret(not hull) to provide SA, in addition to the commanders independent sight. each of the cameras has a small tube which probably sprays the lenses clean when they get dirty. there's also vision blocks on the hull, and an extra camera for the driver. if the main sight is knocked out, it's pretty much like on any other tank. the TC's sight might double as a backup sight, and there's possibly a small backup camera somewhere as well.
  12. well, not neccesarily, given that the turret of the T-15 is smaller and is made from thinner plates, and doesn't have the large turret power supplies, autoloader, and such. also T-15 engine can double as armour protection, similar to how the merkava engine doubles as protection.
  13. from the looks of it, the turret seems to be sacrificial. autocannon/60s-70s era APFSDS front protection at most. although newer information suggests that the production vehicles might be heavier than the prototypes. the active protection system is for the entire vehicle, not just the turret.
  14. well thanks. it was over 180 hours of research and modeling.
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