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  1. M1A2C

    the CIA documents is protection on the frontal arc. LOS thickness from 0 degrees front will be higher than CIA numbers on the chins, and equivalent on the gunshield.
  2. 24/7 Server

    well, you have two types of drop-in multiplayer, team based, and capture the flag. the problem with the first one, is the complex planning that usually takes place in a steel beasts multiplayer game. the planning phase can often take up to an hour, or more if someone drops out during the planning phase. this is mostly to ensure that people are well-coordinated during the action phase, and have familiarized themselves with the map, and found appropriate fighting positions for the plan. and it's a large reason why SB multiplayer feels different from other games, and strangely, even though nothing might happend for the first 20 minutes of the game, you are enjoying yourself, because you are working the map to make sure all your units reach the optimal battle positions, in support of the plan. because you don't drop in and play, steel beasts multiplayer feels far more coordinated than other games. your flanks are usually secure, and if a flank is broken, you are usually told so you can pull back along your preplanned retreat route. that, and the small player base (because graphics looks dated by 15 years, leading people to think game is a cobbled together trashheap) along with the fact scenarios usually take 2-3 hours to complete makes this type of drop-in unlikely. even worse would be a CTF-style mode, where people randomly drop in and respawn into teams. then it would no longer be steel beasts. maybe the vehicles would be realistic, but the way they are used would be completely unrealistic, because the scenario would be completely unrealistic. maybe it would be fun, and it would train your reaction time and gunnery skills, but most likely you'd have some invisible douche spawncamping, and killing you in the flank from 3km away before you even get to do anything.
  3. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    it's not really the cupola per se that you are penetrating, rather there's a tiny "lip" around the gunners IR sight with a max thickness of about 23mm, and an IR sight with a thickness of 7mm. that when hit will penetrate into the main turret. similarly there are minor weakspots to the right and left of the gun (the GPS and coax ports) that when hit might kill the tank. as for "kill" in SB, we don't simulate crew fleeing the vehicle, unfortunately, but to make up for this, we have something called "mesh" damage, which also incorporates a silent kill of the vehicle. in other words, it's an oversimplification of a real world occurence. the gunshield should be a kill, the TOW has an overmatch of over 500mm even when hitting the lower extreme lip of the gunshield. the only thing that comes to mind is that you are hitting the side of the inner gun tube at a close to 90 degree angle, and due to the low damage % on the gun tube the damage is completely nullified.
  4. Arjunk Mk1/Mk2 "Kanchan" Armor.

    not when i wasn't wrong in the first place. as i said, it's poor mans kevlar.
  5. Arjunk Mk1/Mk2 "Kanchan" Armor.

    i assume you missed when i called it "poor mans" kevlar. https://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/british/a-poor-man-s-something another way to phrase it would be knock-off kevlar.
  6. Arjunk Mk1/Mk2 "Kanchan" Armor.

    and E-glass has tensile strength 95% that of kevlar. so there's that.
  7. Arjunk Mk1/Mk2 "Kanchan" Armor.

    kevlar is regularly woven synthetic fibers held together with a resin. modern glassfibers are regularly woven glassfibers held together with a resin. in no way similar is a bit of a stretch...
  8. Challenger 2 LEP.

    i'm sure you can tweak the leo stowage layout, to satisfy those national pride demands. maybe even make an improved leo, with europowerpack, bigger turret bustle, but everything else common.
  9. Arjunk Mk1/Mk2 "Kanchan" Armor.

    so in other words, poor mans kevlar.
  10. Ammo change

    sounds like the OP ran out of ammo and all that was left was smoke.
  11. History of US Tanks.

    for the M1 abrams values in SB, after the cold war ended, USA and russia exchanged information about frontal armour values on their tanks. side armour was not given. for the M1 the values were: 350mm vs KE, 700mm vs HEAT for the M1A1 HA the values are. 600mm vs KE, 1300 mm vs HEAT. the values are available in the Osprey new vanguard books by steven j zaloga. note that these values are over the entire frontal arc, so from LOS front, protection will be higher on the left and right front turret faces. the values given on the LOS diagrams, are naturally LOS values, so they are higher than frontal arc values. as for M1A2, well, it's anyones guess. there are several versions of the M1A2 however. the original M1A2 released in the mid 90s has a different armour package than the later M1A2 SEP from the early 2000s. and the M1A1 received the SEP armour package in the early 2000s as well.
  12. Spintires Tank mods.

    well, you could divide the map into a "physics octree", where only the immediate areas around vehicles gets a physics update, while the rest remains static. that way the amount of terrain which gets a physics update is kept to an absolute minimum.
  13. Virtual Reality support?

    yes, VR is pretty damn poor resolution wise currently. made a small uzi shooting game, and you can barely even make out targets at 50 meters.
  14. can we output the F5 map to a different monitor?

    i'm sure your local printshop can help with that alternately, run SB in windowed mode, take screenshots of the map, open any image editor, and splice it together in that, and move it to second screen. then you can scribble all you want on there. if you got a wacom cintiq, you can even scribble with your pen on it. ultra-realism!
  15. can we output the F5 map to a different monitor?

    you can print the map for the authentic pre-2000s map feeling.