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  1. hmmh, well checking my file dates, oldest CV90 exterior files are dated 02.12.2005.. interior reference is dated 22.02.2006 pizarro reference is dated 18.10.2005, which is the time i started work on the pizarro interior. so CV9040B exterior was finished december 2012, and interior was started february 2006. the oldest finished pizarro interior file is 13.09.2006. and oldest finished CV9040 interior file is dated 24.03.2006 i guess what happened is that i gathered reference for the pizarro in 2005 and started work on the interior. got reassigned to the CV9040B, and finished tha
  2. realism isn't fun for everyone, but then again steel beasts isn't for everyone, it's for a niche. if we dumbed down SB, we'd essentially turn SB into war thunder, but uglier, which would more or less give SB zero competitive edge. for this reason, the thermal on the fennek is garbage, the T-72 reverse gear is non-existent, and it's IR night sight is a joke. IRL, the T-72 IR night sight is even worse, since you have to spend time unscrewing 4 bolts of a plate in front of the IR night sight, since bright lights might actually damage the sensor.
  3. thanks. the CV9040B and CV9040C were some of the first vehicles created for steel beasts pro pe way back in 2006, after the danish leopard 2A5DK and pizarro, and the second real military vehicle i ever got to explore the insides of in person. i remember sitting for the better part of 3 whole days inside the CV9040B troop compartment with my laptop, taking measures, pictures, asking the crew about specific details on the vehicle and modeling the interior.. needless to say, the exterior model was in dire need of a proper update. and yes, the vehicles in general look better now,
  4. well, actually this piece is not missing. it is called "cloth" which should rotate with the mantlet. for some unknown reason this mesh got turned off in-game..
  5. on the challenger 2, the propellant is stored below the turret ring, and scattered across the hull in protective water bins, while the APFSDS projectiles are stored above ring.
  6. cool. i'll be looking forward to seeing it in about 10 years time, once the programmers are done stuffing their faces with truffles in their mansions, and going on expensive vacations.
  7. to be fair, the challenger is still a good platform for further upgrades. the running gear is sturdy enough to carry 70+ tonnes into battle. with a new powerpack, RWS turret with a rheinmetall 120mm or 130mm, and crew in hull, and you have a potent challenger to the armata.
  8. yeah, well it's all down to Nils scheduling it.
  9. personally i would like to see popups when mousing over different switches. it could contain a short description of the switch, and the hotkey. e,g "laser, RMB" "autoloader, V" also, the ability to switch to an alternate overlay system, with more detailed information about each switch, sort of like a short tutorial. this would make it easier to jump from vehicle to vehicle, and you could study the switchology while driving to contact, if you need to brush up on some vehile-specific skills.
  10. The BMP-1 has 16mm armour protection on the sides in SB, and should be proof against 7.62mm. the marder 1 side protection is 15mm @60 degrees on the upper side, and 15mm on the lower side. whatever round you're using against the BMP-1 would penetrate the marder as well.
  11. Initial marders were death traps as well. only with the uparmour package did they become viable. armour protection on the first marders is actually equivalent to that of the BMP-1.
  12. man, those dushkas sure get some mileage on them. they're even used in 23rd century.
  13. yeah, my main point is that shell-casings are hotspots that can give away your position in thermal. especially when they are shot up through the roof, and over treetops and buildings. as an enemy vehicle, you could simply aim below where the shellcasings are, and kill the vehicle. so it's a design flaw that's not properly represented in SB.
  14. not to mention working blowoff panels, and shell ejection. paticularly for the CV9040 this is an issue, since it throws it's white-hot shells high into the air.
  15. well, the animation tools for vehicles in SB are practically non-existent, so a programmer has to go in and manually program in the movement. otherwise there would be a working animated autoloader inside the T-72 series, the ammunition doors on the leopard and abrams would move, and well.. a bunch of other things that i prepared for movement, but never happened.
  16. there are a few aspects of penetration values not taken into consideration in SB, namely "sabot wobble" during initial flight, and advanced HEAT target interactions. the first causes penetration values to fluctuate for the first 500 meters of flight, by quite a significant margin, the second can either cause the warhead to fail detonating, or "bend" into a target before penetrating. as for post-penetration effects.. this relies on a number of factors. the most common for a full penetration would be the shotgun like spray you see in popular tank games like WOT and WT.
  17. i've brought it onto a few other interior models more recently, namely the DF30/90 interiors.
  18. Thanks. i created a new system of making interior models with it, to reduce the amount of time needed to make interior models, both to save cost and time. i first went through the model and compared different components in other russian vehicles to get a sense of what could be re-used, then i created a shared texture for all the bolts, cables and minor details that was shared with other vehicles. this allowed me to cut down the time needed to be spent on subsequent T-72 variants to 50 and 20 hours. it also cut the time spent on the BMP-2 interior with approximately 70-100 hours, to a mer
  19. thanks. took me about 600 hours to finish the interior model.
  20. It is constructive critiscism. If they aren't able to take that, this project is dead in the water.
  21. yeah, i don't see how this can even be close to realistic with the current control scheme. it's like trying to work the challenger 1's FCS, but it's an M1A2.. like most other sims before it, they seem to stumble on the old block of focusing on driving mechanics first, gunnery mechanics second. but well, it's still early days, maybe they'll fix it up properly, and it'll become a viable competitor to SB pro PE on the civvie market.
  22. (Q3) should switch LRF from automatic to manual mode. there's a wheel above the control handles for adjusting range manually.
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