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  1. sounds like the OP ran out of ammo and all that was left was smoke.
  2. for the M1 abrams values in SB, after the cold war ended, USA and russia exchanged information about frontal armour values on their tanks. side armour was not given. for the M1 the values were: 350mm vs KE, 700mm vs HEAT for the M1A1 HA the values are. 600mm vs KE, 1300 mm vs HEAT. the values are available in the Osprey new vanguard books by steven j zaloga. note that these values are over the entire frontal arc, so from LOS front, protection will be higher on the left and right front turret faces. the values given on the LOS diagrams, are naturally LOS values, so they are higher than frontal arc values. as for M1A2, well, it's anyones guess. there are several versions of the M1A2 however. the original M1A2 released in the mid 90s has a different armour package than the later M1A2 SEP from the early 2000s. and the M1A1 received the SEP armour package in the early 2000s as well.
  3. well, you could divide the map into a "physics octree", where only the immediate areas around vehicles gets a physics update, while the rest remains static. that way the amount of terrain which gets a physics update is kept to an absolute minimum.
  4. yes, VR is pretty damn poor resolution wise currently. made a small uzi shooting game, and you can barely even make out targets at 50 meters.
  5. i'm sure your local printshop can help with that alternately, run SB in windowed mode, take screenshots of the map, open any image editor, and splice it together in that, and move it to second screen. then you can scribble all you want on there. if you got a wacom cintiq, you can even scribble with your pen on it. ultra-realism!
  6. you can print the map for the authentic pre-2000s map feeling.
  7. no, that wouldn't work. for the tanks you would HAVE to add blankframes since they are not present on those models, otherwise the crew would spawn at the center of the vehicle and likely get stuck.
  8. from what i know, kornet was available to ISIS, and it specifically has penetration in the 1000mm-1300mm range. which can at specific angles penetrate a leopard 2A4 turret frontally, and even earlier M1A1.
  9. well sure, bailing crew would also add a visual cue to a tank being dead, similar to smoke and fire, at least on AFVs without a belly escape hatch. there would be quite some work involved though. first and foremost for the most barebones bailing crew, we'd need special blank frames added to each vehicle. these would be the exit frames where the crew are spawned when they "bail". given there is 200+ vehicles in SB, that'd be quite a gargantuan job in itself. then we'd need to add a damage condition when crew would bail. this would have to be tied to our existing "mesh" damage, since we have maxed out our number of damages, and changing the number of damages is a nightmare. (redoing damage model for 200+ vehicles, and cracking open 10 year old code) then there's the case of animation if we chose to do that. for vehicles with accessible belly escape hatches, IFVs and APCs, not that much of an issue, crew escapes with troops through troop hatches. usually. but for the remaining tanks like M1 series, T-72, T-80 etc. individual escape animations for each crewmember would have to be made, which is quite time consuming. and then again this would have to be individually linked in code. and the timing tweaked so the crew doesn't spawn before the exit animation is done. things get even more complex if you don't want to simply have the crew climb out of the hatch, down the side of the turret wall, and then magically spawn on the ground. then you have to take into consideration the rotation of the turret, and create separate exit animations for the turret being 12 o clock, 3 o clock, 6 o clock and 9 o clock, with extra added blankframes on hull rear and hull front, with extra exit animation. if you want to further complicate things, you could add a tweened animation from the crew jumping down on hull to crew jumping down from hull, with separate exit locations depending on turret rotation. but realistically, this would never ever be done in SB, and even a bailing animation from the turret would be quite a stretch.
  10. To be fair, you shouldn't be able to traverse the turret when fully unbuttoned, even in the M1 series. when fully unbuttoned your arms are above the external periscopes, and the control stick is on the inside.
  11. well, maybe the newer gun is more balanced. but original 2A46 was horribly imbalanced. you could feel the imbalance when elevating/depressing the gun. it resisted a lot more when elevating than when depressing. breech end is also much shorter on russian tanks than on western tanks, to fit inside the small turret.
  12. if the stab motors are more powerful, it will help. otherwise, it won't help much since T-72 gun is imbalanced.(gun tip heavy)
  13. less parts means less parts that can break, which means less parts that needs to be kept in stock by maintenance personell, which means increased strategic reliability, because the parts are more likely to be kept in stock even if they break more often. less parts also means lower cost per part to manufacture, which means the army can buy more spare parts, which again means that the parts are more likely to be available when they break.
  14. could be it has less parts which usually = more reliability.
  15. 1: T-72M1: nothing like doing a massed soviet assault on an unsuspecting enemy position. mowing down infantry from behind a berm with the NSV-T, the sound of the autoloader, and the fact the damn TC has no control over what you load into the cannon. want me to load HEAT? НЕТ, ИДИ НА ХУЙ! 2: M2A2 bradley with TOW-2B. it's just fun popping arian uberpanzers and sepjuices with this thing, while all they can do is sit back and curse. 3:VBIED. there's just something about successfully mission killing a tank using a skoda favorit.
  16. that's not a damage model, that's visual modeling of damage. steel beasts isn't big on visually modeling damage, but we do have 64 different states of damage affecting the performance of the vehicle in all sorts of ways. for tanks anyways, there isn't much you can damage. in some cases in real life a dead tank might look like a live tank, save for a tiny 2cm hole somewhere in the armour.
  17. it's a dedicated-anti-infantry city fighting vehicle. heavy allround protection makes it immune to RPGs from front and well-protected from the sides, and twin 30mm autocannons loaded with HE in a fast-spinning turret, without the limitations of turret traverse a tank would suffer makes it effective fighting threats in the city. high elevation also means it can pick off targets on rooftops. vs IFV it obviously is superior in protection, as heavy MG fire and event the most primitive RPGs can easily take them out.
  18. ok. and what locaton is it at on the scale when the turret is at 12 o clock?
  19. well sure, but how does it work? is it somehow attached to the turret ring? or is it attached to the hull?
  20. i dunno if calling them pennywise is appropriate. the gun on the challenger 2 is a new one, with higher chamber pressure. challenger 1 has the L11A5, challenger 2 has the L30.
  21. T-62 and T-55 have the same level of armour.
  22. yes, it was a HESH round which killed a T-55...
  23. i prefer the older separating sabot petal logo.
  24. for the BRDM-2 AT, it's quite straightforward, but for the AT-11 on T-72B, there's some significant code hurdles.
  25. it depends on the criterias. if cost is not a factor the "best" will differ from when it is a factor. the real question would be what is the best tank for your country if your army has a country where most engagement distances don't exceed 1000-2000m, and a ton of forests having a tank with high magnification optics, L55 barrel and FLIR thermals might just be unneccesary added cost, and even hinder the tank. for example, the swedes went for the shorter L44 because the L55 was at an increased risk of strikes from trees in wooded areas. having a more expensive tank also means you have less tanks, and numbers can be an advantage if the terrain benefits lower-tech systems. you might also want to sacrifice frontal protection for allround protection. if however your country has lots of wide open flat plains, you'd want a tank with the best optics, long barrel, and as much front protection as possible.
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