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  1. I personally am ‘struggling’ with drills and standard operating procedures (if they are called that) that define the tactics, unit cohesion (who does what and when) and the overal strategic considerations a given mission requires. I have no real life military experience and while the manual is superbly written to aid people in operating a vehicle or creating a scenario, it’s not very useful for outlining concrete ‘playbook’ type instructions about the tactical and strategic side of the sim as it would be executed in real life. Of course I fully understand that this wou
  2. It’s a confirmed bug for up to 4.159. Should be fixed in next patch of the sim. No action needed.
  3. Hi @sjr162 thanks for the feedback. Does VoiceAttack recognise your voice command ? If so is it that the game just doesn’t react?
  4. Morning, @Ssnake! That are some ninja posts! Grabbed a coffee yet? I hope you're not in the office?
  5. If I am not mistaken, SB Pro PE is not a truely multi-core application, so that would indicate that higher clockspeed is always beneficial. One core needs to calculate all things (even though it swaps over to other cores), whereas a true multi-core application can have, for example, a seperate core for AI, one for ballistics, one for sound, etc. Then clockspeeds are a little less relevant because you won't run into a bottleneck as quickly. Of course, if I am completely wrong about SB Pro PE's processor usage I stand corrected.
  6. Which map is that @norrin ? Great shot!
  7. I think its a good idea to expand the driver functionality in the profile to reflect the above. But things like ‘drive to that tree’ can only be done efficiently with the mouse instead of voice. But the continuous turning I’ll add in the next version. Here the initial release now posted and approved in the repo:
  8. Version 1.0.0


    **August 2nd 2019** **Yassy's Steel Beasts Pro PE Voice Attack Profile** **SBProPE v4.157 / Profile v1.0** Please provide feedback for future versions! Functionality to add, calls to change for realism, etc. **INSTALLATION** 1. Unzip the contents of this archive into a temporary folder. 2. Start VoiceAttack 3. Press the 'More Profile Actions' button in the main window of VA. 4. Choose 'Import...' and browse to the temporary folder you created during the unzipping. 5. Select the .vap file. 6. Restart Voice Attack NOTE: Voice Attack wor
  9. Here's my profile. I'd love to receive feedback to make it better, more realistic or add functionality for future versions. SBProPE Voice Attack Profile v1 by Yassy.rar
  10. Hi @marques ! I have indeed used the SHIFT variant to make the driver turn 22,5 degrees per command. It works fine for my purpose, but you could also make it a toggle command, so that the driver keeps on turning until you state something like 'Forward' again. The thing is, though, that I always have my hand on the keyboard anyway, so usually I remain in control of where the tank goes at all times. It's only when scanning around that its handy to have the autopilot Driver commands available, but then again, the vehicle usually is on a route anyway and the driver needs no manual input to be
  11. Good to know. The only other time I uploaded something it was a mission a few years back and I don’t recall it having to be approved, so it didn’t trigger a reaction here now Thanks for the input, I’ll attach it here when I am back at the PC and then upload it to the repo again as well.
  12. Oh that’s weird. Let me check. Perhaps its something I need to enable. I do see its posted in red with some kind of exclamation mark icon. That probably indicates theres something wrong with it. Perhaps I posted it in the wrong catagory. I’ll delete it and try again in few
  13. I have expanded upon the profile a bit to include several variants of the same commands to increase user friendlyness. The profile has been submitted to the repo and can be found here: Please let me know what you think. If you have additions or suggested changes with respect to realism I'd love to hear it.
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