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  1. Ok I'm running a fever right now and my brain is running slow. If I'm reading the release notes correctly , since I'm running Win 10 64bit I need to extract both executable files into the game folder. Right?
  2. I installed last night and have had no major problems. All games/Sims work fine. Edge is a little buggy, seems to Freeze on some pages and must restart, I also had to set my ISP email up 3 times in the mail app before it actually started working. I think a fresh install would be best but don't have the energy for that right now. I am going to give it a cautious thumbs up, I kind of like it. One major plus with media center and games gone my wife has not used my computer since the upgrade. Waiting for a few patch cycles before upgrading might not be a bad idea. FYI: I upgraded from Win7 64
  3. Thanks, the install button has popped up and part of me is saying just wait a few weeks that's the smart thing to do. Then the devil on my left shoulder says "just push the button it will be ok".
  4. Anybody upgraded to Windows 10 yet? Will SB run?
  5. Teach me to trust spell check .........Palette
  6. I'm getting the palate file error too. Probably another indicator I should never work in the control room of a nuclear power plant
  7. WOW and I thought we just faked the moon landings
  8. Guess I will have to hope for a Valentines Day Card
  9. I caught the Ver 3.0 release because I check the forum everyday. I didn't get an Email announcement, seems like sending out an Email to everybody might help sales a little. I wasn't sure where to post this, feel free to move or delete.
  10. My older stick shows 1.18, so guess that's the newest firmware I'm going to get. I used the email link(for the 3.02 lic) and it seemed to wk fine. My tray Icon is blue and shows 2 Lic. containers. The esim game is empty and the CM stick shows a lic. I'm guessing it is the correct one since I can run 3.02. I haven't really done anything but start the SIM and look around a little. BTW I did upgrade to 5.00D(Code Meter software) before I did anything else
  11. What Email I didn't get no stinkin email:(
  12. Timber Wolf

    2.538 feedback

    They have added the new NATO air mines to the sim, and had to add away to counter them.
  13. Thanks. As much as I want to install tonight I have 3 phone conferances in the morning:frown: so this must wait for the weekend.
  14. I got part 1 and the codemeter Lic. Question: Should I save the slide show files before uninstalling, if so does anybody remember where they are and what they are named ?
  15. Has Ssnake been taken prisoner by the programers?
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