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  1. Thanx guys. I updated Directx and Nvidia, and everything works fine now.
  2. Just tried to get back into the game. Runs fine at all tutorals, but now that I'm starting to get into the bigger scenarios, I ran into some heavy stuttering. Playing the Bad Hersfield scenario where my company needs to advance through a valley and some villages. Fulda Gap. When I get an overview of the valley and get some long range view, the game stutters in the TIS view. I have a Mac Pro with a GTX285 running Windows 7 on bootcamp. I've run this game and scenario on a much lesser PC, 4 years ago, and everything has always been running smoothly. No stuttering when viewing normal view, but there's not that much visibility, except when in TIS, and that's when the stuttering happens. Especially in WIDE view. I bet it's just a box that needs to be ticked somewhere. Anyone have a clue?
  3. Hmm...seems to work with the M2A2 in mission. Just tutorials, that don't work..
  4. In fact, now that I try, I get "reloading stuck" more. I try to play M2A2 tutorial. The first one. FIre 4 rounds of AP rounds. Press reload. Turret turns into reloading position, and the stuck at reloading. Nothing gets filled up. Maybe something with my joystick button config???
  5. Well...I get a reloading stuck problem in the Pizarro in the tutoroal called "MP-A..something". I fire all my MP-A's until I´m down to 25, and then can't fire no more. Press reload. The turret automaticly turns to 2 o'clock, starts reloading, and then stuck forever in time.
  6. Just got back into some of the tutorials. Are there still "reloading freezes" problems? I played a CV90 tutorial, and it just keeps reloading...nothing happens. This always was a problem of mine when playing everything except the big MBT's. Is this a bug?? Same with the "emptying shells" with the Pizzaro. Just stuck. Is it supposed to take 10 min. or?
  7. Sometimes when I reload, the turret stutters, and nothing happens. Is this a bug?
  8. I cant seem to be able to upload PDF files to the resources. Do you have an email, which I can send to?
  9. Is there a list of the different ammos, with short explanation? I´m having a hard time remembering all the different ammos. Tank ammo, Antitank ammo...etc...everything. Would be cool if someone could make a list, where the name is mentioned with a two or three sentence explanation, together with strenght explanation. I can make it into a nifty printable PDF, if someone just writes them down.
  10. Ok, sounds good with the water! Been a long time since I played, but I just remember something about people always recommending using the Hold command instead of Defend (Was it called "Defend"? I mean the one, where you press E, and the unit goes into that mode). Because of when you where in defend-mode the tanks would get themselves killed in no time. They exposed themselves too much to be trusted the Defend-mode. So usually I always used Hold, and then manually drove the tank up to the ridge to peek.
  11. How do the tanks behave after the upgrade? Are there any big changes in AI? Are they still driving recklessly over the ridge, when they should be hiding and stuff? What's different?
  12. Where do the Danish VU get together? Their homepage is down. Do they have their own Team Speak server? Jantog, you there?
  13. Did a restart, and tried starting Steel Beasts and it worked suddenly. No changes except restart. My son played Call of Duty on the same restart, when SB didn´t work. So maybe playing CoD messes things up. Can´t test it, cause he took of with the CD for CoD. But will post any answers if I find any.
  14. Everytime I launch Steel Beast, I get an error saying that "DPLAYX.DLL" is missing. I know this has something to do with DirectX. I tried downloading the webinstaller for Directx from Microsoft. Didnt work. I tried downloading the full package, and forced a reinstall. Didnt work. Then, just by chance, I copied the DPLAYX.DLL file from /windows/system32/ to windows/system/ and it worked! Then today (2 days later) the game again says that the DPLAYX.DLL is missing. But the DPLAYX.DLL is still in both directories (system and system32). This could propably mean, that my ´fix´ wasn´t real, and didn´t work, although it worked back then. I have played Steel Beast flawlessly for about 6 months. Lately I have installed Call of Duty, and maybe a new version of Directx, can´t remember. Also I have installed a new graphics card, went from Nvidia 7900 to Nvidia 8800. I strongly thing that this problem has something to do with the graphic card change, although all my other games run fine on the new graphic card. What can I do?!? Any help please?
  15. Ouch...cannot make it today. I´ll be there next sunday.
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