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  1. Version 1.0


    Four mission pack 214th Battle of the Bulge. Made with custom map. Final 4 Missions of Coop Campaign that follows Kampfgruppe Peiper. Can be played a single player mission. Hope you enjoy them.
  2. Version 1.0


    This Mission is a spoof of the movies Kelley's Heroes. It was made for the CO of the 214th ,the guy who talked me into getting SB pro. Made with an ingame map. Mission: Another covert mission behind enemy lines. Our forces will fight our way into Nancy, find the bank ( Marked on Map) eliminate all enemy forces we encounter steal the loot and make it back to our lines. Units: CO/A, 4/A, 6/A, 7/A. Secure two bridges north of Metz and clear the road east of the river, this will protect of northern flank. Push onto Metz and meet up with southern advance. Units: XO/A, 3/A, 5/A, 7/A. Clear Verdun and push on to Metz and meet up with northern Advance. Once units are all formed up push onto Nancy, clear the town and make you way to our lines. *** Once in Nancy there will be a BRDM2 guarding the bank (Across from church). When you see it and dragons teeth on the side of a building you will know you have located the bank. Destroy it and put one round into the building. You have completed your mission make your way to our lines.*** Oh yes be advised Major General Colt has been informed of our operation and his convoy is headed to Nancy, we must be out before he gets there. Limited units for this mission be careful. GL
  3. Version 1.0


    This mission follows Pattons failed mission to break his son in law out of a German pow camp, referred to as the Hammelburg raid. Another 214th Coop made with in game map, can be played as single player.Raw and Unplayed as a coop, ive never made it past Fromenandfen playing alone so i dont really know what happens. Our job will be a covert mission behind enemy lines and break prisoners out of POW Camp OFLAG-B and return them to our lines. There is no direct route to this camp just south of Hammelburg, obstacles along the way will give tips on which way to proceed to the camp. Once we find the camp we will eliminate all the guards there grab the POW'S and head to a designated rally point (Hill 427). Once everyone is accounted for we will make a break for our lines. The element of surprise will play a big part on our initial push behind enemy lines. Arty will plaster Aushenberg and the enemy units there, in the confusion we must secure two bridges and push forward. GL Units
  4. Version 1.0


    Six mission coop featuring custom made Dien Bien Phu Map. Missions include: 1.Attack on redoubt Beatrice. Mission: Reinforce Beatrice which is under attack. 2. Counter Attack. Mission: Lunch a counter attack to try and retake Beatrice. 3. The Fall of Redoubt Gabrielle. Units to the North of Gabrielle have been cut off when the enemy launched their attack. Mission: You must fight your way back south to Gabrielle, or take control of units at Gabrielle; your job will be to hold on until those units cut off fight their way back. 4. Convoy escort. The enemy has moved AAA units in that are knocking our helicopters down at an alarming rate. It is now too risky for air medivac operations and the wounded need evacuation. Mission: Escort a Medical convoy out of redoubt Isabelle north to the airfield. Once their make your way back to Isabelle. 5.All out Attack. Forward redoubts to the east report increased enemy movements an attack now seems imminent. Mission: Push to the east to stop the enemy advance. 6. Fall of Dien Bien Phu. A major attack is now underway, our forces at HQ are low on supplies and ammo. Units at Isabelle are forming to attack from the south in an attempt to break through the enemy lines. Mission: Take control of units at the airfield try to hold off the enemy attack or control units at Isabelle, head north to the HQ. This is the last of the 214th mission Trifecta. Remember they are for fun most of all nothing to complicated. Hope you liked them. Clipper..AKA 214th Blade
  5. Version 1.0


    Another 214th Coop Creation. These missions were made for our weekly Mission Coop. Same as The Bulge. Made with Custom Kursk Map.
  6. Version 1.0


    214th Battle of the Bulge Two Coop 6 Mission Pack. Semi Historical Missions based on the Battle of the Bulge with Modern armor. Missions Loosely follows the track of Kampfgruppe Peiper, your job will be to stop the German advance. This is done on a homemade Ardennes map, not the most elaborate briefings but fun just the same. Missions include: 1)Loseiem Gap 2)Bulligen 3)Operation Grief is an experiment of sorts based on enemy units infiltrating behind enemy lines, try it and see what you think 4)Operation Stosser 5)Baugnez Crossings 6)Battle for Stavelot Yes there are 6 missions Thanks Again Clipper
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