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  1. Hi! Recently bought a laptop for entertainment purposes (music, film, etc) and thought I'd give it a try to install my SB Pro PE on it. I unfortunately run Vista 32 bit, but I´m willing to give it a go. As i have installed the game and put my dongle in a USB-port, the dongle starts blinking and after a while it goes "dead" (neither red or green light). The computer finds the stick but I can't start the game. I know this is a n00b-post, but I'm not especially good at this stuff and I hope that someone can help me get my SB up and running. I tried to disable Norton, doesnt help. //122_TC EDIT: It was a long time ago that I installed the game and the dongle on my stationary XP-computer, it works fine on it and I have never had to work with the dongle since then. This makes me a lousy dongle-operator and added the fact that I'm not good at computers in general, I really need your help!
  2. Why are you asking about ways to immobilize modern tanks?
  3. Jupp, thats how i threw my tracks, both times in combination with a slight turn at low speed.
  4. Uhm..... No. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v192/blacket/Bild119.jpg Not my tank on the pic though. For the record. EDIT: For all you no-tankers, this is not how a normal threwn track looks like. This is one of the 122's worst cases during its lifetime.
  5. Gibsonm nailed it. I wouldnt say it´s "actually really hard". As he says, there are many factors that plays a role more or less, depending on your situation. I "threw my track" twice during my service on the Leoprad 2A5S (Strv122), and it wasnt that hard to do, all you need is a tired driver, a stressed commander, some hard packing sand and an execution of a battalion attack during night time... :-D Its not as simple as "really hard" or "really easy". It all depends, and usually it happens when you least expect it. My 25 cents...
  6. 122_TC

    Night Lights

    The Strv122 has green night lights. I don't think that differs from the rest of the Leo2-family. /122_TC
  7. 122_TC

    Internal Error 2725

    Thanks for all of your help. I really appreciate your efforts, stalintc and Ssnake! Tried your suggestions and it didn´t work at all. I decided to restart the computer one last time before giving up for the weekend, and it suddenly just worked. Weirdest thing, since I have restarted my computer many times before without any result. As I said previously; just one of these days I guess... Thanks again for your help! /122_TC
  8. After having problems with my PC, I rebooted the damned thing. Now I´m trying to install Steelbeasts Pro PE again, but the very second the Steelbeasts Pro PE Installer pops up, a message saying "Internal Error 2725" is displayed, and the installation is cancelled. Is anyone familiar with the problem, and knows how to fix it? Help appreciated! /122_TC EDIT: PS. I've searched the forum, but couldn´t find any help. Seems as most problems occur AFTER the game is installed... It's just one of those days I guess.
  9. I can only play between 1900-2000 swedish time.
  10. Well, in the end its all about fire, manouver, cover, and identifying potential killing zones. :diable: Really enjoyed playing with you guys!
  11. Hoping I'll be able to join you guys for a game. Played a MP-game last week as CO and that gave me some new energy for the MP-scene!
  12. As far as i know, all recon-units nowadays uses the 9040. I believe the brigades recon units were the first to switch to the 9040. EDIT: I totally get your point with game balance, the 122 is a mean one, but it'd be fun to get in the top seat of my dear old friend from time to time. Well, luckily there's SP-mode...
  13. Wtf, 121/302?! 122/9040 All the way! ;-)
  14. Hi everybody, i'm a 20 year old(young?) swede, who just recently finished my service (earlier this summer) as a Tank Commander on the Stridsvagn 122. I ordered SB PRO PE last friday and looking forward to trying all new stuff out that wasnt in SB1 :sonic: Hoping to be able to join your games for some gueast appearances on the virtual battlefield. Regards 122_TC
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