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  1. Deep rework of the controls (+panel). Lots of functionalities are hard coded (tested in control handle mod, did not bother in joystick mod). Combox with vehicle type is unhelpful; it only displays vehicle specific fonctionalities (no proper indication of the crisscross mumbo jumbo interfunctionalities used on a specific AFV). A comprehensible list of all functionalities used by the vehicle would be appreciated (coloring lines that are multi-veh functions would be userfriendly and help troubleshooting).
  2. Some videos from Parabellum Media: KFsw_xgLkwM B7RWpiQWGL4
  3. So true, Grenny. So true.
  4. A common mistake that we meet on military forums is that ERC doesn't means "Engin Roues-Canon" but "Engin de Reconnaissance à Canon de 90 mm" Here a video I like where we see ROE applied and the problems with civies in the action zone : BYQzaehGK8k
  5. Well... the weldlines are basically covered by the fiber glass. But if you take a closer look, you can see it. In addition the bodywork on the TC and gunner spots cover the welds. Found this blueprint on the web (most likely a scan from Mr Chassillan's book) here what I see : Red are the titanium non modular armor. Green are the armor modules. For the turret bustle, it's masked by the turret roof (storage) module. Regarding the hull, it remains a complete mystery on how they pack things up. I wouldn't be surprised if they weld a cover plate on top of the armor.
  6. The Leclerc has an array of modules in theturret front. The modules are slided and bolted, then covered with glass fiber to mask the limits. Behind the modules there are titanium plates that cover the frontal arc. Those plates are indeed welded. Regarding the hull armor it is quite unknown how the modules are set in place.
  7. [ATTACH]14410[/ATTACH] Now that you know how it basically works. Pro tip: Once you've uploaded a photo, you are able to select the photo by clicking the little black arrow pointing downward (next to the paper clip icon). A dropdown list will appear. You can now select the picture. It will be integrated to the message as a visible picture. ("attach" tags will appear with the code of your picture in the text area)
  8. When you are about to post a reply go in the advanced mode and click on the paper clip icon. A popup window will appear. Select the desired picture and click "upload". Once uploaded, you will have the item on a list. Click on the item, that will open the picture on a window. Copy the URL link and use it just like you are used to with online pictures.
  9. Thank you my friends. It was a very saddening night. A lot of people lost their lives because of some people lust for blood. It is a very harsh reminder that IS can strike everywhere. If you plan to take part to an event within a crowd, be careful and vigilant. When intel agencies screw up, you are directly endangered.
  10. Could be nice to dust off some artworks. [Artist: Dejawolf]
  11. AMX-30 DFC A stealth demonstrator to counter thermals. The AMX-30 is fitted with an outer shell that allows to blow air between the tank and the shell in order to reduce the thermal signature.
  12. Well, nowadays there is no big differences between the differents tanks. The only big difference only resides in the condition of the fire-on-the-move function and the refinement of the FCS. -The Leclerc had been built around the concept of firing on the move. This function is nominal by balancing the gun, the turret and minimizing the vibration of the hull. Each time the armor packages have been changed or each time a heavy component has been installed the balance of the turret has been re-evaluated and counter balanced to minimize inertia. -The FCS itself maximise the chances to get a first round hit. The handlebars inputs are filtered not to take into account the jitters induced by the gunner being shaken or just jerky aim. The battlesight range is reduced to maximise the hit probability (the value used in the tank is called "hausse forfaitaire" and is inferior to the battlesight range which is calculated from the V0 and the ballistic behaviour of the ammunition) The FCS includes different firing modes depending if the tank is on the move or not, if the target is on the move or not, etc. There is also a "TRP" function that allows you to punctuate the landscape while you are stationnary. Once you've lased the different points of interest aiming in those areas introduce automatically the range without lasing. Other than that, the other tanks pretty much catch up: electric turret drive, BMS, power management, etc. Just the one in the mind of the self proclamed tank experts... Autoloaders, just like any other mechanical components are as reliable as the amount of maintenance put into it. In other words, if you let it rust in place don't expect it to be 100% reliable.
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