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  1. DId you check the control options in SB and make sure that the joystick box is selected?
  2. Question- Are you using optical or ssd HD's? In that same scenario with v1.467 I get 60 fps consistently on my system. which is win 7 pro 64 /I7 6850k 6 core @ 4.0 48g corsair vengeance ram ddr4 MSI pro carbon MB/1200w psu nvidia gtx 1080 ftw 8g vram ddr5 oc'd @ 2025mhz gpu/5005mnz mem clock samsung evo 850- 250g ssd x2 samsung evo 860pro- 1 tb ssd samsung T3 portable 500g ssd 2x 27" asus ips mon @ 1920x1080 1x 34" asus arog curved mon @3440x1440 rr@100 using gsysnc -this is the main mon which I use SBpro in windowed mode as I have
  3. @Gibsonm, Using an event and/ or condition a with region does not work for me (in essence means I'm overlooking something painfully obvious), I cannot get the AI FO to rain down hellfire and destruction on "divided" or single units. I get the same result with just checking "fire at will" as with a condition or event calling "start fire if if unit y is in region z". If the "enemy" platoon is divided into separate units the AI FO will not call for fire mission. As soon as the separate units are attached back into a platoon the AI FO calls for fire.
  4. Ty, Gibsonm, I shall give this a go this eve. Gr8 idea, don't know why this didn't register in my brain, I guess I got stuck on the notion of "well it used to work this way so"= instead of considering what is possible with the tools provided, thanks again for a very enlightening answer that will change my thought process going forward!
  5. I would ask for the ability for AI - FO to have the "ability/option" to call for fire missions on "single" units based on scenario designers intent. I know its been said that irl it would be a waste to call a fire mission on a single unit but I digress, There are situations in sim where it could be utilized, one example would be in multi player co-op mission where units have been divided for each person to control. another would be in sp where units have been divided for micro management purposes, As It is now this situation could also be used to game the sim as you know ai isnt goi
  6. Although its not really ready for prime time yet check out - IL2 tankcrew - They have the panther and I love me some panther! they model driver/gunner/radio operator and commander positions in their afv's. Definitely "Has" potential... until you attempt to use the editor (in my case anyway). then you really appreciate what sbpro has done in that dept!
  7. ht-57

    Jump to end

    what in the wide wide world of sports! TY Jartsev for taking the time to check that out!! I knew it was something simple, I didn't even consider that, So that's what this means....duh 🥴 no reason for that being there other then it was a few hours in to the scenario editor engagement and wasn't seeing or thinking that clearly by that time as well as my ineptitude. This sim is like a drug- I don't use sbpro all the time but when I do I'm a binge user, its always "I'll just add one more unit, just one more route, just test this one thing " poof its 2am, where did t
  8. ht-57

    Jump to end

    TYVM for reply! I did read manual and its pretty much verbatim as you have so kindly taken the time to reiterate for me. but I'm really having prob wrapping my brain around this one for some reason. So in above .sce- I set my unit to spawn after 10sec, Have two possible routes coming directly from unit ,both routes with "jump to end condition" set to simple a random variable. Yet the unit drives to selected way point.
  9. ht-57

    Jump to end

    Good day all, I've recently installed v1.467 , it was 4.156 I need a'lil help with "jump to end" conditioned route. I just can't get it to work. I have placed one unit with two possible routes using the "random variable x1" after unit selects or rather variable route is chosen no matter what I do the unit "drives" to end instead of jumping. I'm quite sure I'm missing something that's right in front of my eyes which is usually the case. I've attached a small one unit .sce on the smallest flat map possible for demonstration purposes. TYVM, to anyone who may assist.
  10. Wow Gr8 to know! I just tried my install and the same thing happened- So I reinstalled it and no joy. I have FB/BN/RT. There is no way I'm repurchasing all that again. There is a silver lining tho after 13 years old faithful err, I mean SBPROpe keeps on cranking along! Lets see Battlefront simulate that!
  11. This was discussed in a different thread, but I too would like to have the AI call artillery strikes against "single" units as well. I was controlling a detached co and couldn't figure out why it wasn't raining artillery @ certain points in a personal sce. Well now I know.... Could be a bit of a cheat when playing a multi player co-op sce...... https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/11707-sb-4019-ai-artillery-ignores-single-units/?tab=comments#comment-174653 My thought is perhaps to make the AI FO call conditional, as in- call artillery if "this" unit can see >
  12. I have found that running the mission editor sbpro uses- 9-10g of ram. when using the map editor I average 26g of ram but if I do a bit of terrain editing I have run up to 45g of ram use . So @ the end of the day you need to add a couple sticks of ram- 16g will not be adequate to utilize the map editor for terrain editing as I was having similar issues with 16g. That said if you are going to edit terrain on one map you are going to use 60+g of hd space. If sbpro main directory resides in the same folder you have used 80+g of hd. So again you could also be running your
  13. When "terrain editing" I've found that if you do not have adequate ram and/or hd space, hangs and ctd's is what happens. when terrain editing I've used 60 g of hd space just for one map which will amount to 80+g for sb alone if you have the root directory and the map package folder on the same drive. so you must allocate ample space for the map package folder. Also while using this feature sb is consuming an avg of 26-30g of ram, as opposed to the 9-10g used for mission editing. after going from 16 to 48g of ram and adding a separate 1tb of hd for the sb map package folder
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