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  1. Tyvm for replies, @Ssnake and Mirzayev with your help I got the old .sce operational! updated the theme and I will be having some fun with this 'ole series with the new terrain awesomeness!
  2. Speaking of updating sce. The old gary owen -"camp hornfelt" series. Does anyone have the means to update that to 4.1? I have neither the ter or the hgt. The hgt is a .raw and the ter is not something listed in my 4.0 files.
  3. well, I'm one of the outliers then Sbpro 4.1 certainly looks awesome @ this res! Its not only about detail, the monitor really brings the color palettes to another level-
  4. @Assassin 7 Tyvm!- It was a controller conflict. But not with my TM stick. So I wanted to try my track ir last night, initially there were a couple of obvious conflicts which I sorted out. When I noticed the focus problem I was having- I turned off the track ir and unchecked it on the control menu. but the focus problem persisted, so I ruled out the track ir. I could find nothing that corresponded with tis focus for m1ai's on the menu. When I restarted sb 2 day with no track ir the problem was gone. Using your advice I checked the following and lo, there it was the focus conflict, all because I had the "toggle" enabled on the track ir for the "num backslash" key press. Not that you have any answer for it, I would like to state that perhaps in the control menu the "Focus + and -" should be worded differently to reflect that it does in fact control other vehicles? As I had no clue that this would affect "other" vehicles, other then whats listed that is. Thanks again for pointing that out.
  5. Roger that, looking thru the control menu l’m not seeing anything related to “tis focus” but perhaps its called something else? that said I am using a tm warthog stick, so it probably is a binding conflict
  6. So with 4.1, the tis focus (alt + mouse scroll wheel) - I focus shortly there after it automagically reverts to being blurry unless I keep the alt key depressed. Is that the way its supposed to function? If not, what is it that I'm missing? any assistance is appreciated ty
  7. You have it. with 4.1 just open map editor pick map then save as delta file. if you are going to use 4.0 maps the hgt and ter files are all pinned at the top of this "support forum". dl them or the one you want and place them in the pre described folders. You can then open the map editor and under file tab choose "map package from TER" or HGT- takes a little while for the 4.0 stuff to convert but once it does the editor operates like it did in 4.0
  8. So I was having same problem, You need to know the associated hgt map. Then check to see if you have this folder with the hgt file in it. C/programData/esimgames/steelbeasts/maps inside that folder you should have this If you are missing the hgt folder you need to add it and put the associated hgt file inside. you can then go to mission editor and do the "export to map package" thing for myself I was missing the "bastone" hgt. which I had saved a b/u of ye olde 4.0 files (its why god made removable storage drives) BTW I have all the hgt and ter from 4.0 saved so If ya need a copy hit me up cheerz
  9. @jtyotJOTJIPAEFVJ Oop's -reading is fundamental ,sorry bout that. I'm old I get senior moments @ Ssnake You are correct sir- " Those particularly low rates seem to occur only with very specific combinations. " carry on-
  10. for you not an issue. For me its a game breaker, and I 'm not using gear from 2010 or even medieval times. Ive had this sim on my system for almost 13 years now and it has been one of the smoothest best playing experiences, even when my system paled in comparison to what I have now. if sb is "almost unplayable on some maps" (which I agree with you on btw) how is that unimportant? fwiw- msi x99a pro carbon mb/ I7 6850k 6core @4.0 ghz/16gram corsair vengence ddr4 @3600 ghz/nvidea gtx ftw 1080 8gvram @2000ghz /Samsung evo850 250g ssd x2/ intel x86 80g ssd x2/ 1200w psu /asus 27ips mon x3
  11. Interesting, I'm not the only one - I posted bout this a month ago. My work around was to revert back to 4.004
  12. ht-57

    4.06 "pause"

    Thanks for reply, I can but where shall I upload to? The .sce has custom map/theme/ sounds, will all of that be sent via the export feature? Or do I need to zip up the .hgt/ ter/.sce/theme and send? please advise
  13. +1 @ marko! Worth it? Lets see .....with a couple of upgrades thru the years its cost me approx $200.00 usd over the last DECADE. Quick math = 20 usd a year or one dollar and 60cents a month. so for the price one 12 oz coffee at your local 7-11 per month you to can own sbpro. Marko's post is spot on, really the sim is limited only to your imagination! Not every scenario is a signal script, A lot of missions are dynamic, meaning they play differently every time- FFS that dam mission tanks or tanks again- I'm still tryin to beat that one, and Im not tellin ya how long thats been either! IMHO as a sp guy, If you have an interest in what sbpro offers, Its hands down the best dollar per entertainment hour software I ever purchased!!!!!!
  14. ht-57

    4.06 "pause"

    Thank you for the continuing support of this gr8 sim!Since installing 4.06 patch when using "pause"during offline sp session the sim locks up/hangs or is otherwise "not responding" when 'un-pausing". Sometimes it will let me pause a couple a few times but inevitably it hangs. I did not have issue in exact same situation prior to patch. My luck is such that its probably only me who will be experiencing this! specs- i7 quad 3.2/asus mb/16g ram/ ssd x3 intel -samsung evo =360g/evga gtx1080ftw 8g vram/asus ips 27''mon x3/ bfg 1200w psu, attached is a debug log I've went back to 4.04 and she's working no problem. only change was the patch. DebugLog.txt
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