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  1. This was discussed in a different thread, but I too would like to have the AI call artillery strikes against "single" units as well. I was controlling a detached co and couldn't figure out why it wasn't raining artillery @ certain points in a personal sce. Well now I know.... Could be a bit of a cheat when playing a multi player co-op sce...... https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/11707-sb-4019-ai-artillery-ignores-single-units/?tab=comments#comment-174653 My thought is perhaps to make the AI FO call conditional, as in- call artillery if "this" unit can see > x amount of enemy units "anywhere" that way sce designers could set the threshold based on mission/training intent. So what do ya know, under "Set fire ctrl" there already exists "open fire if". So by naming the "FO" in the on map artillery units "set fire ctrl" condition as mentioned above I have produced the results I was after, calling fire missions on a single or group of single "detached " units
  2. I have found that running the mission editor sbpro uses- 9-10g of ram. when using the map editor I average 26g of ram but if I do a bit of terrain editing I have run up to 45g of ram use . So @ the end of the day you need to add a couple sticks of ram- 16g will not be adequate to utilize the map editor for terrain editing as I was having similar issues with 16g. That said if you are going to edit terrain on one map you are going to use 60+g of hd space. If sbpro main directory resides in the same folder you have used 80+g of hd. So again you could also be running yourself out of hd space if you are not vigilant in knowing how much is on said hd's as that will also crash and hang sbpro
  3. When "terrain editing" I've found that if you do not have adequate ram and/or hd space, hangs and ctd's is what happens. when terrain editing I've used 60 g of hd space just for one map which will amount to 80+g for sb alone if you have the root directory and the map package folder on the same drive. so you must allocate ample space for the map package folder. Also while using this feature sb is consuming an avg of 26-30g of ram, as opposed to the 9-10g used for mission editing. after going from 16 to 48g of ram and adding a separate 1tb of hd for the sb map package folder, terrain editing loads and saves just like the mission editor, no problem! sys spec- 1200w psu/6850k 6 core I7 oc'd to 4.1 air cooled/ msi x99 carbon pro mb 48g ddr4 corsair vengeance ram oc'd 2600mhz/samsung evo ssd x4(2x250g evo 850 -1x1tb 860proevo- 1x 500 T3 removable) nvidia 1080 FTW 8g ddr5 vr oc'd gpu 2025mhz- m 5005mhz/ 3xmon -1x34" curved asus arog 4k 100hz refresh-2x 27" asus ips
  4. Apparently inexus hasn't tried terrain editing in 4.1- Ive installed a 1tb ssd just for the sbpro "map packages" folder and went from 16g of ddr4 ram to 48g to take full advantage of this feature. That said being a wish list- -The ability in the map editor to select an "area" after choosing a map to edit. (just like mission editor) So if your not going to use lets say an entire 80 x 80km hd map area to edit - it will shorten the load and save times, perhaps save some hd space on that "temporary file" when terrain editing
  5. ht-57

    which joystick?

    Showing some love for my thrustmaster warthog joystick- https://www.amazon.com/ThrustMaster-2960720-Thrustmaster-Hotas-Warthog/dp/B00371R8P4?th=1 It uses magnetic sensors and has super smooth feel when tracking enemy-as well as having switches in all the right spots for tis/zoom/smoke/lazing etc. Its got a bit of weight to it as well as its all aluminum. just a little pricey tho, well just about $4500 less then an actual m1a1 gunners handle- But hey if ya do flight sims as well?? jus say'n
  6. Rodger! Tyvm Ssnake for taking the time to answer my questions! As for #2- given the "save" options I attempted "save as existing" and sbpro hung up and I had to force it to shut down. Then I tried "save as new delta" which worked. But that event is what made me realize I was running out of drive space. So, going forward. For the clarity of my own understanding- I have amazon primed another samsung 850evo, this one with 1 tb. so when I get my "maps" folder copied on it and I'm working on a project. I then can save my work on said map by choosing "save as existing" (If I don't need a saved variant) then continue editing,rinse and repeat until I'm finished, then publish. If I wanted to save a certain variant before further editing, I would choose the "save as new delta Package" I think I got this now- new features = new methods
  7. So I did as you suggested, and it worked. Being my first foray into terrain modding, I saw that saving modified file to a "delta" it became a DHNT file that is 60 gigs, leaving me with approx 34 g on that drive. @ this point my map folder is 73g along with the main sb pro folder = 79g. All i did was flatten under one barn. Being the delta is so large it takes awhile for it to save and load even tho its on its own dedicated ssd. I do love the ability to mod the terrain as it really brings the immersion factor to a whole new level. so it looks like Ill be putting the "SB maps" folder on its own 500g ssd. 1- If I go to do some more terrain modding is it going to require another 60 worth of space to save the changes? 2- Is there anyway to mod terrain and have it "save" - overwrite the file I'm working from, Like what the mission editor has, or is there a method I'm unaware of for saving modded terrain? 3- Is it possible to move the "map" folder to another drive (change the target) without reinstalling sb pro? b-4 after
  8. If you have not done this, open the keybinding editor and look thoroughly thru entire list to see what else is sharing that binding and /change or delete it. I had an issue with a couple of bindings when I up'ed to 4.1 as well. One item for myself that I had to ask forum members for help with was the tis focus in the m1a1, as its naming in the binding editor isn't what I thought It would be .
  9. I will try that after work today, I will report on findings, ty
  10. I was trying this new feature out and it looks/ works gr8 until I save it. When reopening map the areas I "flattened" reverted back to the original state, I know the map edit did "save" as a building I changed and some barriers that I added were present. I did this on "mantruffel's ardennes st-vith" map which is older. I had the smoothing box checked /elevation 0/ and used three different border settings on the five buildings that I used this on. Is there something I am missing the save processes?
  11. It may possibly be a keypress assignment "conflict" as there is now two or more items sharing the "lead" or palm switch.
  12. ht-57


    TYVM! I did not know that, It now makes perfect sense, What led to my confusion besides my lack of knowledge is the way it is listed here in ye olde mission editor as opposed to here combined with the wiki made it seem as tho they are too different things to me This is one of those "complexity" thingys that @ the end of the evening after the smoke and debri settle in the mission editor, makes this sim so enjoyable/fulfilling for me-- always something to learn! Thanks again for the patience and insight.
  13. ht-57


    Gibsonm, TYVM for your reply! You are correct, But I was looking to do it with "scatter" type mines as they have no time limit.
  14. ht-57


    TY Ssnake, The fire missions would be called by opfor, with random #. So as Blufor I know there may be minefields, just not sure where. That said, your workaround accomplishes exactly what i want with with fascam- I have yet to figure out how to call "scatter mines" with artillery tho.?
  15. In sp, is it possible to create ”random” minefields?
  16. I spend more time in the aar looking at stuff from all kinds of view points, it is awesome! It has evolved so much in the last 14 years
  17. Will do I added the map files to my previous post they reside in- C/ProgramData/esim Games/Steel Beasts/maps inside the maps folder are the 4 sub folders -height- packages- terrain-themes open and add the .ter and the .raw (hgt) if you don't already have the packages folder, just copy and paste whole packages folder inside the maps folder If you have it then open it and add the "plain41_(autocreated_base) folder when you unzip it and see it, hopeflly it will make more sense. you may just need the .ter but I added the rest in case. hope this works for ya!
  18. Don't thank me, thank Gary Owen!
  19. @ tungstenfall I've included the 4 requested mission .sce I'm sure your aware, but I'll be redundant none the less- unzip or extract file- place the four .sce in My documents/esimgames/steelbeasts/My scenarios- If for some reason you have any problem with map or terrain loading, let me know I'll share the .ter/map package/hgt enjoy! camp hornfelt.7z maps.7z
  20. @ tungstenfall rodger, I’ll zip’em up when I get home from work tonight.
  21. "IMO" one thing that would help if it is at all possible is to make more of the switches/buttons on the interfaces operational instead of having them "keypress only" Ex- in the m1a1 the first and last last lase switch and the maingun/machinegun switch- round selection switch/doghouse levers- all stuff I use in the first person as I like to operate in the FP fashion ala "DCS" cockpit style, as opposed to having to memorize key combos. I also agree with the woods statement as well
  22. I made a couple tweaks thus far- All sce's got an updated theme which in turn gave them the new terrain and bumpiness -"attack by fire"- I had to change the CO's BP so he could actually spot the enemy to set off the trigger to send the fire mission and radio the platoons to advance to their BP's from their hiding positions. -In "support by fire" and "assault" I changed the start time to match the start time in briefing as it called to start at daybreak -"destroy an inferior force" no change -"tactical movement" Is the next one on my hit list
  23. @tungstenfall if you were unable to get camp hornfelt operational, I've updated most of the missions to 4.1. If you want them let me know
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