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  1. After 20+ years of gaming, i find that true for a lot of games and a constant through the times.
  2. Did you check War Thunder and specifically the Simulator mod?.... This might be something that could satisfy your awareness.
  3. "Distance is not a Range" is available to the public in hardcover and digital download. This book is the second guide I have written. The first one was about WWII German Tiger simulator and how to use their Gun sight. This one is about WWII Soviet armor simulator gun sights. Unlike Germany or the US, the Soviets during WWII had many different gun sights, all based on the Stadia metric system. The second guide "Distance is not a Range" is the explanation of the stadia metric system, how to apply that system to Soviet sight successfully to increase the accuracy of each shots, to reach an average of one shot one hit instead of 3 shots one hit, in MP confrontations. How is it relevant to SBProPE despite the book scope limitation is WWII Soviet armor? Some improved version of those sights are still in use in Soviet armor, as a back up for the Laser sight, and my impression is that few gamers know how they work. Then SBProPE is listed in the Bibliography of my book in computer armor sims, because it is one of the few sim allowing 2/3 players per tank. That particularity is to me a reference for experience encountered in MP when a team of two players per tanks are in a virtual engagement. This book represent a year of full time labor of research, writing and drawing. I am happy it is finally published as publishers don't see your vision and it was a constant fight to have it done the way I wanted it to be done. And, I share the news with people I feel comfortable sharing. Finally, I apologize if the primary message might have appeared as a spam, as I believe that the cover is more descriptive and illustrative than anything I could write or explain. Moreover, you could also Google it because parts of the book are reproduced. Sincerely, A teaser/cover is available through those links: Direct Link: http://www.4shared.com/download/YxidZAqyba/SKU-000969768_COVER__2_.jpg?lgfp=3000 Download link: http://www.4shared.com/photo/YxidZAqyba/SKU-000969768_COVER__2_.html Enjoy!
  4. Well the vid is awesome. On another hand, the Chieftan said himself in the vid that being an US armor officer as nothing to do with knowing about WWII tanks. What does it, is that the "Wargaming company" pays him and sends him all over the world to visit museums and research archives. That vid is very interesting because it helps clarify the separation of reality from the myth. Moreover, it is clear to me,after 20+ years of gaming, that most WWII computer games are based on myth and not reality. Clearly, myth are more exciting than reality for many. Otherwise, why people would create myth but to escape reality, just like fairy tales.
  5. To be challenged was the idea!:clin: And good thinking forward!...Mission tactics, you are the Boss!
  6. Well Grenny, my plan was to talk about the first mission as the second one is being released so people would have time to play the second one before having access to an explanation of possible solutions. Not giving away the end of the movie before you go see it. But, since you are the only one returning the call, let's start this way. So what is your intent?...A crossing should have been North of your position and the 1-8th original function was to convince the eny that the 1rst was to cross the bridge. As soon as the North crossing is delayed due to eny knowledge of the plan, the 1st Battalion is attacked aggressively by the eny in the vicinity of the bridge. The eny seems to be ignoring about the presence of Company A (your tank company), or believe that the company will come to support the first Battalion. Company A job is undefined until, the 2cnd Battalion which is the main effort "Schwerpunkt" decides not to wait to cross and shift its effort from North crossing to your Bridge (change of focus stated on the radio traffic Hitman to Godfather). Then you original intent is naturally canceled, and the 8th Marines mission, becomes yours. The company A's mission is to guaranty a secured crossing of the Sandy River for the 2cnd Battalion. You see how the function is shifted and shared between the different Battalions, to secure that crossing. The concept of least effort is mind-boggling, at first. One aspect of MW is a little bit like the cup game you can see in subways. A guy has 3 plastic cups on the top of a cardboard box and hides one ball or piece of paper under one cup. The cups are shifted around fast and you lose track of the object position. If the eny knows where the Schwerpunkt is, it knows where to reinforce. There is no radio traffic about who does what where and when. You take it upon yourself to re-assess the situation; you can call it an ODAA loop if you wish. You made the decision to secure the crossing for the 2cnd while the eny is engaged with the 1rst. Now the next question is the how?.... Great score 3000 Grenny! Great Initiative and decision making under pressure, I caped the mission at 60 minutes to create a sense of real pressure. You need to make believe the eny that you are crossing, because you are, you are just not showing the whole truth to the eny.. You show them your right hand while you do something else with your left. Your first platoon cross fast at the bridge and recon fast what forces are guarding the bridge and also take a peek at the rear or flank of the eny engaging the 1rst to soften their position with some arty assets . 5 M-60 crossing is risky, but you might surprise them and the M-60 is not that slow on roads, it is just a turtle off road. Then while the eny knows you are crossing, it might decrease the pressure on the attack of the 1rst to re-locate some assets to follow your actions. Simultaneously, cross on the sand bank/swamp/muddy bank your 2cnd and 3rd platoon. Great job for that you got 1000 point per 2cnd platoon and third platoon crossing there hidden from the eny (2 x 1000). Then while your 2cnd and 3rd platoon reaches farm x and y vicinity, they receive the following radio traffic: Halt stand buy for further orders, you are being reverted to company reserved. If they halt and are kept hidden in that area as you reserve, you get 2000 extra points for that initiative (1000 per platoon). In case the eny wants to attack (as it might have some hidden resources somewhere on the map, you are ready to indulge with a sizeable surprise). It entertains the MW concept of reserve, one up two down. It is funny as we discussed that concept in SimHQ in the MW thread a month ago. Your first Platoon turns left on route #5 and is now in the vicinity of hill 112 and you will appear and disappear in the terrain through movement to shot at eny position on the right of the bridge in front of hill 110 and also at the eny position on the other side of hill 110. Basically, you don't want to stay too long in one position for the enemy to fix you and start throwing some ICM at your position. You get a peak at their positions, throw some arty and while pounded by HE or ASCAM and confused running for cover, you shoot at what the arty misses. For the ENY, you become the incarnation of "Hell on tracks". And you keep doing that until you have secured the crossing for the 2cnd Battalion, within a 60 minutes time frame. The mission tells you it is over when the eny threatening the crossing has less than 15 operable units in the vicinity of hill 110. I will assume that you made an extra 1000 point for destroying the enemy threat around hill 110. You got the job done. Congratulations Grenny, :luxhello: you did a great job. 3000 is commendable! :cool3: You did secure the bridge. :bigsmile: Of course, the way points are distributed is partial :icon_frown:, there is no wrong or right way as long as you secure the crossing with your 3 platoons or just one.:clin: Maneuver Warfare is yours!...Prince Frederick Karl would certainly learn from you!
  7. Version 1.0


    A Maneuver Warfare scenario for beginners to experienced players illustrating the concept of "Mission Tactics" where the exercise of a high degree of initiative is warmly encouraged. Your decision making capabilities will be stimulated as the battle unfold. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!
  8. As I am releasing a second MW scenario "Auftragstaktik" or "Mission Tactics", available for download, I am intrigued by the fact that nobody asked me any questions about the first MW scenario released March 13 and downloaded 80 times. I must assume that it was a walk in the park :clin: for everyone maneuvering with ease through it, receiving a maximum score and rounding up that mission before the bell rung. For those which are not genius of war (just like me ), I am available to help and explain the concepts at play, and what was not so definite about that mission.
  9. Thank you Gibsonm. I was referring to movement, tactics, doctrines, etc...not to shooting results. But you answered anyway.
  10. Is there a way to draw a chain of command in the brief?...I drew one in Microsoft Word, but that part was not reproduced when I copy pasted the file in the brief. Any comments? Then, is there an AAR accessible after a mission which could be variable in relation to the score obtained. There is a brief numerical analysis, but I don't know if the scenario designer has the possibility to create different pre-written analysis pages, that would be selectively accessible based on the score obtained, as an AAR. I know I am asking for things which are generally, done by a human supervising the simulated operation.
  11. Well Alaska is as cold as Angola is hot!....
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