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  1. Great, many thanks for that.
  2. Wonderful work, I've downloaded and am using a number of your skins recently. I seem to be doing something wrong with the decals though, I've ended up with two sets showing at the same time. As per instructions I copied the decals file into the TIS folder in My Docs/esim games/steel beasts/mods/textures and have even tried temporarily replacing the decals files in the main game directory but I still ended up with the two sets. I was wondering whether the default scheme had another source for its decals?
  3. Much appreciated. Sorry, correct title is "Attack on CFB Gagetown".
  4. I've been playing a scenario called "Attack of Gagetown" and have had a problem with planning. The mission takes place in the day, but if I set up a plan the date and time get changed to system date and time (invariably in the dark). I tried to get round it by saving the mission in the editor with my planning changes implemented, but it's password protected. This isn't a one-off error: it happens every time. Anyone know what might be going on here? I noticed the same thing happening in a mission called Attack on Hill 518 (nice short scenario BTW). Have I missed something?
  5. Percival

    GUI Colours

    Thanks for that. Paintshop Pro X here, but should be capable of doing it.
  6. Percival

    GUI Colours

    Thanks Tacbat, I'll give it a go. I don't suppose you have any ideas about the font? There is a dds but it appears to be blank white.
  7. Percival

    GUI Colours

    Youngsters! Young for me is anything under 55! Not sure if your average was a mean, if so there may be a fair number of schoolkids and pensioners like me out there. :biggrin:
  8. Percival

    GUI Colours

    The "images" folder has two files called steel.bmp and steel.dds. I loaded the bmp file into my graphics program and changed the colour to what I wanted then converted the result to dds format, backed up both the original files, then put the two new versions into the "images" folder. It worked fine. I like tinkering but my reason for doing this is to try to get better contrast. As I get older my eyesight doesn't improve and with laser surgery not too far off, I have trouble reading the font in sb pro at my monitor's native resolution. I see that it should be possible to mod the button colours using the same method. What I would really like to be able to do is change the font size, but I can't see how to do that. I guess a lot of people playing sb pro are young, fit guys with 20/20 vision!
  9. Percival

    GUI Colours

    Never mind, worked out how to do it.
  10. Percival

    GUI Colours

    This may be heresy , but is it possible to mod the interface to change the colours from the defaults? I guess not or someone would have done it by now.
  11. Byto 1 had only a German briefing, but briefings are manageable with online translation. OK the results are a bit variable but you can make sense of them. You can also look up text in menus e.g triggers. My problem is understanding the white text that comes up bottom left during the mission. Good scenario though, despite the language difficulties between me and the CO (a bit like NATO? )
  12. I'm revisiting some scenarios I've always skipped because my German is non-existent. Does anyone know if any translations are available of the Byto set and other missions where the text isn't in English? Played the first one, used Google translate for the briefing and tiggers but the event-related white text remained a mystery and I'm sure there were some vital instructions in there
  13. Percival

    Hammer and Anvil

    Version 1.0


    In this fictional single player scenario, you fight alongside US and Ukrainian allies in the open desert to defeat a counter-attack and take a strongpoint.
  14. I've tried this demo and the other Russian WWII tank sim demo (Steel Fury) and my hardware must be too old because I'm getting low, jerky fps especially on T34 vs Tiger. Also, I don't know whether it's the way my display is setup but the terrain looks a horrible lurid green (and in SF has lots of shimmery pixels). My system runs SB Pro at a nice steady 25-40 fps at 1600x1200 res (and all the settings for my card maxed out) with 40+ vehicles on the map and it looks great. But T34 vs Tiger is averaging 14 fps (and the demo is a small-scale scenario). I'd be interested to know what sort of spec people getting it to run smoothly have got. Here's mine P4 3.2 Ghz Prescott-2M 1024 Mb DDR Ram Geforce 6800 GT 256 Mb I realise that alpha demos may not reflect the way the final product runs.
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