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  1. Inf was my second problem and not related to first post. I try to explain what i meant. Narrow forrest road, engage route for pc platoons with column formation and slow speed. I made dismount if rule (unit this is carrying troops and unit this is under direct fire) and mount if rule (unit this is not carrying troops and unit is not under direct fire, after true delay by 1 min). At first contact troops go out and start engage, just like i wanted. When contact is broken pc's will continue but troops crawl on road to next or sometimes to previous waypoint. All other platoons behind that will get
  2. Thanks for advice but i think i have tryed to do most of already. On my scenario there is only some small forest roads and platoons need to be on column formation, route speed is set to slow and platoon interval is 2 minutes at start. I noticed that PC's infrantry block also because they crawl at road and traffic jam is ready. Is there some changes on mount if and dismount if commands because i am not able to mount inf in middle of route? Maybe i change to more open desert scenarios where is more room.
  3. Both side of road had plenty of room to go around both. I hope some day we dont see it happen at all.
  4. I have 30s avi video but cannot post it here because it's too big
  5. Yes i made. I think that turret was main problem to ai, Destroyed tank was middle of road and turret was just on side of road and they did not want to go between them.
  6. Hi all. Is AI path finding got broken or is it always been like this. On my own made scenario enemy destroyed my leo nicely on road and turret pop out to side of road. That wreck halted whole attack and every vehicle need more than 5 minutes to find path around. Nice traffic jam and good target to ICM artillery.
  7. I have made two bp to missile team and i want that team will switch to second position after firing missile. I have made route with embark if condition rule unit this is low on ready ammo, team seems proceed to route immediately. Same behaviour with unit this is low on stored ammo. How to make it correct?
  8. No t-80 is not too much but is it normal that it's using sabot from 5km and not missile, it switch to missile at 3km
  9. My difficulty settings is low and realism is high. In my test t-80 was stationary and my M1 start driving full speed to T-80 from 7km. At 5 km it start shooting with sabot.
  10. I hope that others will make some tests also.
  11. I made test again. T80U(default ammo) start engage my M1a2 with BM-42 from 5000m and scored 4 hits(and few miss) then it switch to he or heat, no hits to me all went over. At 3300m it fired first missile and continue using missile until my tank was dead.
  12. I made test and noticed that T-80U(default ammo) will open fire with bm42 about 5000m, if i remove missiles they will open fire with bm42 about 4000m.
  13. When i but cm stick to usb I get message that usb device is not recognize and light flash green and red. What I need to do?
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