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  1. I did Canadian and Bundeswer 1A3's based on the AS1 and the 1A5DK and they are in the library but not quiet the same. Sights, turret bustles and tool boxes eff with an anal guy like me. The 1A3/4 is just a sexy beast, pure tank porn!
  2. Chriswerb, You have co-opted my hey let's kit bash a Leopard 1A3/4 and make a Bradley A0/A1 thread. As you may know I am solely responsible for whining and getting the IPM1. I wish Eisenscwein was in a 1A3/4 so he could campaign for one. Pete
  3. I'd like to see a kit bash of existing Leopard 1's to give an actual Bundeswer 1A3 and 1A4 AND have I mentioned the Bradley A0 and A1?
  4. Yes it is possible to remove it by making or altering the alpha channel.
  5. Sweet, spider holes, trenches and improved positions for the foot mobiles will be an awesome addition.
  6. We will all be assimilated...........................SKY NET is real Bro's!
  7. I don't have them on the M1 but my IPM1 sources had them so when I reworked the entire back deck, they got them.
  8. Did the autumn/woodland for the IPM1, M1A1 and M1A1(HA). I also did the "normals" but I don't think I am getting them to "pop" with the plug in for Photoshop. Oh well they look good enough to me. I need to knock out the winter camo and they should be ready after I update my instructions. Amazing how much I have forgotten about this particular skinning. Pictured here are the M1A1 and the HA. Pete
  9. I have the new $1700.00 beast I bought up and running and I have once again gotten familiar with the sim. So much so that I have been going through my mods and started to update them for the models that have remained the same sine about 3.002. Of these models are the M1, M1A1, M1A1(HA) and my prized possession the IPM1. I long ago did the texture work for the dds files to include normals and speculars on the M1's. Only one more obsession remained and that was to delete the tarp in the bustle rack. With some help from Splash I have removed said tarp and will do so for the M1A1 and M1A1(HA) soon. So here you have the new look IPM1. I plan to eventually check and update the mods I did for the M901, FISTV and Bradley's to, although they work fine in 4.006. I need to allow for the models to use the in sim decals which previously I put on the model and required the user to add decals from the thermal view which was a pain. I will also check into removing some other parts of other models in a sort of "vismod" to get slightly different models. One that comes to mind is the Leopard AS1 mod I did to represent the Bundeswer Leopard 1A3. I will look into removing the turret rack extension for example. More to follow. Pete
  10. I am updating my M1 mods and will likely release a 4.006 M1, IPM1, MA1A and M1A1(HA) but I want to get rid of the blob in the basket. I have added camo to the blob but it's so low rez it just looks bad. I did an Aussie M1A1 and it's in the library. These models still look great but I suspect they will get upgraded in the next major release to go with the M60A3 and M113A1/2/3. I have never redone the skins for the M1A2, playing with those is just cheating
  11. Hmmmmm, I see no alpha channel on the IPM1 template I just DL'd.
  12. OK, I cannot find the alpha layer in my mods. I have long since lost that layer working in PSP. So I will have to DL a template and add the original alpha back into the PSD files.
  13. 95% Paint Shop Pro 8, 5% Photoshop.............
  14. I found a shape viewer in the library but it states its for older versions?
  15. OK, I think I can live with that. I cannot figure out how to edit the alpha channel though. On a side note didn't I see a thread where someone had a shape file viewer that you could view shapes in without firing the sim up?
  16. Don't know what to tell you but the (x86) install runs well. No need to do all the C++2015 freeze headache.
  17. OK, new PS and "see through" problem solved. I would still like to see if I can make a model feature invisible?
  18. I am down with that. It keeps me more active in the sim the more frequent the releases. This 18 month cycle usually means I shelve it for longer periods. Hop is that M2/3A1 looking?
  19. WOW! All I can say is smooth is fast! Running 4.006 and loving it. Next up add the programmable keyboard and go!
  20. Yes it was. Program Files (x86) as opposed to Program Files.
  21. OK, I found the post above and it appears it applies to me. I directed the install to the (x86) folder and I am running. Still have some flaky messages at shut down but I will get there.
  22. Got the new PC, Windows 7 64-bit. New SSD HD, Core i7 and I have ran two installs each time freezing at the point pictured for a long time, at least 45 minutes on this last one:
  23. Moving into a new PC is agony! Who knows when I will get the sim installed, joystick calibrated, preferences set, team speak up, programmable keyboard installed and finally play!
  24. Been going through my mods from 3.002 and on. Looks like all the US M1's, M901 and the Bradley are still the same model. Did a couple of tweaks and look to do a 4.0 pack at some point. I have removed the hard decals so that the in sim decals work.
  25. SergeyPe, Thanks for the hook up, it looks great. I am off to fish for a week and when I return I will have a new PC and some new toys! Pete
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