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  1. 10-4 but is there any benefit from using the vehicle emplacement for cover in this example?
  2. Is there a way for grunts to derive cover in the following example? I have taken the smallest vehicle emplacement and set a weapons team just inside the berm. I have also placed them behind a jersey barrier and wonder if these objects will stop a bullet/ shrapnel? Pete
  3. I just can't upload an example as I get one step forward and two back. I may just have to stop playing with myself and try a human.
  4. Using the APC scenario the good Colonel posted I am able to at least make sense of it. I can get an APC platoon to move in the APC's and dismount at a way point with an engage/ fast route . The next portion for the APC's is a engage/ slow route. After dismounting , the infantry move to a single point and converge at the last way point. Is there a way to have the platoon line stay in a line at the end or will they always converge on the last way point in a bunch? After the way point in which the infantry dismount and move forward , the APC's ( with the slow/ engage route ) and follow about 100 meters behind the dismounts at a slow pace. I think this will work for now. Thanks for the assistance. Pete
  5. Seems I have overly complicated it. By highlighting the end way point I can select troops/ dismount and at least get them out. I think I can now set the APC's on engage/ slow and the troops will follow? Fingers crossed.
  6. I experimented with this for the better part of a half day. Consulted wiki and even searched this forum but I still don't think I have a grasp. It should be easier I would think. I select a APC platoon in the editor give it a engage or assault route and have it end at way point 1. I select the route and Troops/ dismount if/ this unit is carrying troops AND the unit has reached way point 1. I get nothing. In the editor I am unable to set a route and have infantry dismount from APC's. Seems I can only do it in the 3D view. Does anyone have simple instructions that will just get me in the ball park? Thanks, Pete
  7. I can wait but is there a way to edit an operation? I constantly use the My Scenario directory for all the solitaire scenarios I have created, however the My Operation directory show My Operations/ 1973 Sinai but no file beyond that, that I can open to edit.
  8. So I looked into the Operations Directory for 4.0 and I see the Chinese Farm operation. Rather droll with the Leopard substitute for the Sho't Kal, which we now have. Is there an updated version that has the correct tanks? I cannot seem to be able to edit this operation in the mission editor, nor find a Sinai map? What am I missing? Thanks, Pete
  9. I spent 15.00 bucks on a manual to go along with 4.0. I see that it's not a 4.0 manual, oh well I'm happy to support SB Pro PE and when 4.0 is out, I will buy it!
  10. I dig the overhead view. The zoom, spin and rotation are very intuitive with the mouse. Question is can we get a more shallow angle when rotating the view outward? That way we can see a greater distance?
  11. Is it possible to edit the GPS sight for a Shot' Kal? If I could find an open this thing I would make the reticule red.
  12. I dig the overhead view. The zoom, spin and rotation are very intuitive with the mouse. Question is can we get a more shallow angle when rotating the view outward? That way we can see a greater distance?
  13. Thanks for the info. I was too excited to dig out all the books and research material and just wanted to get playing. I actually had developed the scenarios and maps for what would have been Lock N' Loads " Heroes of the Faith: board game. I wish the Golan was was better detailed and named. Seem to be much different than the sat images. I see less forest for sure. My Mutzav was too big according to my diagrams and I have rebuilt it, albeit in the wrong place.
  14. IDF: M113 Zelda M3 halftrack APC Super Bazooka M151 jeep and TOW variant M48 Magach
  15. With the Shot' Kal in play as well as the M113A1, T-55 and T-62, what else but the Purple Line. Been enhancing a Golan map from Dark Angel and I built a Mutzav on what I think is Tel Saki. Using a wadi as the AT ditch, wrapped in wire. Marching waves of T-55's and the occasional T-62 towards the strong point. Pete
  16. Where is the Suez Canal Map? Says there is one in the map pdf? I looked in the library also and in game 4.0? Am I blind?
  17. I am 1/2 French and I reserve the right to humor myself about my lesser half.
  18. Great work and I'm fully enjoying 4.0. For the next upgrade I'd like to round out the US ARMY circa 1986. 1. Crew able M2/M3 "0" and A1 models 2. M249 MG 3. M163 Vulcan 4. Updated HEMTT 5. Updated M901 6. M577 for aTOC 7. M106/125 We really can use a pre-ODS Bradley. Pete
  19. The Soviets had well documented QC issues. I think is is likely a result of that plus poor maintenance. Just a couple square bearings is all.
  20. When "viewing" in the mission editor, the AH-1Q, Apache and Mi-8/17 cannot be viewed. However when testing in the editor, they appear. Pleasantly all my M1 mods from 3. whatever work as well as the M2A2 and M901. I wish I could find my old maps
  21. How about some porn for the weekend? Lead in the air, grunts frolicking on the bumpy ground, a Cobra strike?
  22. Sir, does this mean Ann Margaret is not coming?
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