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  1. Sorry, I have been out on the road, working you might say. Not sure when I will get back to it but I hope this weekend sir.
  2. Been getting a crash in the map editor on the Ft. Drum map that came stock with SB. This is also causing crashes when I update the map in the scenario editor and then hit F1 to view. I found and read an error log but I don't know how to interpret the log and fix the problem? DebugLog.txt
  3. Version 1.0.


    06101982 0500 HRS *******RECON IN FORCE ROUTE NEVADA********* 1) SITUATION: a) The enemy is likely to attack south across the FLET in battalion sized (+) strength sometime after dawn. We intend disrupt the enemy advance and seize the initiative. Enemy mechanized infantry are in hasty defensive positions and are regrouping at the FLET after yesterday’s attacks. There will likely be tank units in reserve, north of the FLET. -Expect enemy tanks in at least company strength (T-72M) and mechanized infantry in company strength (BMP2). Recon elements may be operating in the area as well. Expect enemy fire support from 122mm Regimental artillery. b) A Troop (-) -A Trp consists of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th platoons, deployed at Obj. Ely, between B and C Troops. 5th and 6th platoons are in reserve. -A Trp will have artillery support from 2x M109 batteries. We have local air superiority and have dedicated F-16 support with 500 lb. bombs. A Troop 2x M1 Plt 2x M113A2 Scout Sect 2x FO 4x Dragon teams 6x Scout teams 2x M901 ITV Sect 1x M88A1 2) MISSION: A Troop will conduct a reconnaissance in force north along Route Nevada, with the intent of securing the bridge at Obj Reno.
  4. In my dreams a crewable M48 in the A3/A5 variant is modeled along with a M3/5 halftrack and M51 Super Sherman. Then I abandon the Cold War forever to play on the Golan and the Sinai.
  5. Shit! Great manning list and I will be away. I will be: fishing hungover fishing and hungover fishing and drunk
  6. For my platoon it turned into a personal "shit show" I had tanks needing to reload that I couldn't manage, tanks stuck in trees and all was happening so fast. I could manage only one tank at the end. I didn't lose any units but I didn't distinguish myself either. Colebrook saved our asses. This scenario was ballz out at the end. Great scripting Chris! Award yourself with an Avatar.
  7. I'm still aching from that match and short of breath and I live at 5200'. Haven't those people heard of switchbacks?
  8. Shame on you Rotor. Only you can prevent "turret bustle Blob"!
  9. I reset my router and my IP changed (I learned). So got a fix and I could host.
  10. Here's proof that we played. My M1 skin in action. Thanks, Cav, Red and Nike!
  11. Nike, I am on at SB Lobby again, may have a port fix
  12. I am blowing off work most of this week as we celebrate our insurrection. I am good to go today after 1830 UTC
  13. From my soon to be released Purple Line solo scenario.
  14. Version 1.0


    10061973 1400 HRS *******PENDING SYRIAN ATTACK********* The Syrians have attacked in strength across the length of the Purple Line in battalion strength (T-55A's) with additional support from mechanized infantry in BTR's. You defend the Purple Line from Mutzav 117 with a platoon of Shot Kal with some reserves.
  15. Version 1.0


    09151982 0600 HRS *******PENDING NORTH KOREAN ATTACK********* You will command a Calvary Platoon (M60A3) in a prepared defensive position south of the DMZ, in preparation of a battalion (+) assault from a North Korean tank battalion.
  16. I still have altitude sickness Connough.
  17. I should make it today. I am rusty as hell, haven't played in weeks.
  18. I found a bug! There is no M2/M3, A0 and A1's.
  19. RT 2019, I will schedule it!
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