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  1. All hail the list! My annual wish list. FISTV upgrade to current M113A2/ M901 model standards M125A2/ M106A2 upgrade to current M113A2 model standards M2/M2A1 and M3/M3A1 Stinger team M151 jeep M88 update M60AVLB HEMTT upgrade M577A2 M163 Vulcan Honorable mention, M1 upgrade 10 is plenty
  2. Not looking good. I'll give a bit and then it's nap time!
  3. Looking for ADHOC in 2 hours, that's 1400 US MST, 1500 US CT and 2100 UTC, I can host
  4. Yes, two good sessions and thanks for hosting Mark.
  5. Be ready Friday 7-8 PM viking time to you, Nike
  6. Well you just cost me 96.00 bucks. I found a book store down the road with a great selection of Tankograd books and I bought 4 books on Reforger.
  7. Rendering, like your making soap or something.
  8. For gawd sake Rotor get a joystick!
  9. I can play in the next hour or so for a few hours at least
    Coop with ArcAngel this evening. I enjoyed the recon prior to the attack, allowing the two of us to plan the attack after the scout. Great kit, nice map. Watch out for.....................spoiler. Never mind.
  10. Anyone up for a small coop tonite? Need 2-4 for Combat Team Advance at Woodhill 1994 v1.1 (4.023)
  11. The sounds groundbreakingly. earth shattering!
  12. Can I get the AAR for Connaughs scenario? That was a good one.
  13. I am around for a couple of hours, right now
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