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  1. I later discovered a template for the M1A1 that was a great help but after I had already released the M1 Cold War Pack v1.0. Needless to say I went back to work attempting to complete the be all end all M1A0, with a ton of improvements and more. I am just about there and here is a preview but I have 3 spots I cannot locate. I have attached pic's of the 3 areas and they are the wheel hub, turret extension and spare road wheel. Please have a look and if you know the secret spot let me know. Pete
  2. Believe me I tried a sideways slide at 77 kph and kept all the tracks on! Pete
  3. So there is no way to make that portion of the skin transparent? Thats drive wheel is clogging with mud that is compacted by the skirt and I keep throwing tracks! Pete
  4. I have been. Learned the Sim again We-Fri, then started modding Saturday. I now have my 1982-84 Cav platoon of 4x M1, 2x M901 and 2x M113A1's. Pete
  5. Version 1.0


    M113A1 Drab v1.0 This is a drab M113A1, typical of the units in the late 70's and early 80's. There have been several enhancements to include new rear ramp, camo nets, unit ID and colored vision blocks. Pete Abrams
  6. I am new to this but is this only done by altering the actual 3D model? I sure would like to delete that last skirt section and expose the drive sprocket on the M1 as the crews did in the field. Is it an "alpha channel" thing? I thought that my adding the blue and red checkering it would allow for it but it is beyond me. Pete:confused:
  7. Adding a drab M113A1 with some improvements, like a new rear ramp, colored vision blocks, unit ID and camo nets. Pete
  8. I stopped playing SB 3 years ago and just picked it up again after noticing the update. The M901 model is great and the unit is fun as hell to control in the sim.
  9. Same model, new skins. Pete
  10. Version 1.0


    This is an OD Green M901, typical of the units in the late 70's and early 80's. There have been several enhancements to include various stickers, new rear ramp and colored vision blocks. Pete Abrams
  11. Also adding a OD green M901 to the mods for the same time period. No MERDC yet and before the horrid 3 color NATO pattern. Pete
  12. Following Scorpius' pattern I have done some MERDC M1's. They are uploaded into the "packs" section. Also included in a forrest green M1 from Reforger 1983. Pete
  13. Version 1.1


    A collection of numerous base and MERDC patterns for the M1. There are numerous enhancements of the original M1 skins to include engine deck work, vision blocks, barrel, gear and many other details. There are 9 versions of the M1 included, that the represent the M1’s of the early and mid 80’s. The MERDC patterns and base colors have been extensively researched and color matched within the limitations of PSP. Forrest Green- This version was one of the first M1’s fielded in Germany in 1982 and belongs to the 3rd ID. MERDC Summer- US and Europe Verdant MERDC Winter- US and Europe Verdant MERDC Snow- Temperate 1 MERDC Snow- Temperate 2 MERDC Tropics Verdant MERDC Red Desert MERDC Gray Desert Winter Arctic Pete Abrams
  14. It appears to be a level ground issue after more testing not a bug.
  15. Right you are. The IPM1 was the definitive Cold War US tank for me. I would like to see it sometime in SB along with the M833 rounds. I sure dig the M1 before they got so heavy. I hit 46 mph in my M1 just last night! Pete
  16. You are correct this would be the addition I would like the most. As near as I can tell all the components are already in SB. Simply use the M1A1 (HA) and adjust the armor down (minus the DU armor) and add the 105mm, M68 from the M1A0 and BINGO! The IPM1 entered production in 1986 and was essentially an M1A1 with a 105mm. The M1A1 did not have DU armor but had additional armor plate added to the turret. Pete
  17. Good idea disabling the laser but still it's too much armor. I will tough it out with my M113A1's. Any chances of including the M833 105mm rounds? Pete
  18. Been away from the sim for a few years. When I saw that the M60A3 and M1 were added, well that brought me back. I much prefer the mid 80’s NATO vs PACT thing as opposed to the super tanks and 120mm super guns that are so prevalent in SB Pro. I have been making up some early 80’s scenarios that typically include the M, M113A1 and M901 for the US. I wish that the early versions of the Bradley were modeled but I can do without them. For the Soviets I use variations of the T-72, T-62, T-55 and BMP-1’s and 2’s. In fact the Soviets have far more gear that would have been available in 1985 than do the US forces. At ant rate I modded the M1 and M113 to better match the units in Europe at the time. The M1 is darker and greener. There are also some other minor improvements. I did a MERDC M113A1. I will try a MERDC M901 but it will be difficult. When I figure out the uploads I will submit them. Pete
  19. Greetings, I don't know about the rest of you but I enjoy playing with the older units in SB. I prefer creating scenarios from the time period from about 1982 to 1984. This works well as the US player can use the M1, M113A1 and M901. I wish that improved M68 rounds like the M833 could be included as they were around in the early 80’s ( I think). The M735A1 is a fair round but I would like to see the M833. In the meantime I substitute the CMC105. Speaking of simming the mid 1980’s, I sure would like to see a M2A0 or M2A1 and M3A0 or M3A1. I just can’t bring myself to use a M2A2 during this time period as they just weren’t around yet. Better yet how about a IPM1? I much prefer the Cold War era to the 1990’s and beyond. Pete
  20. Greetings, Has anyone experienced the "snake head" trouble with the M901 Hammerhead launcher turret? What I mean is ounce the M901 reaches a firing position the launcher will continue to remain between the travel position and upright firing position and bob back and forth like a “snake head”. It seems that I have to maneuver around and find level ground before the launcher will erect. And by level I mean flat! Pete
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