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  1. I edited and updated the Beta offering. Thanks for the input Splash and Gibs. As for 4.1 I eagerly await....................
  2. No shit? I thought I tried that. Great to here Rot, thanks!
  3. Here is a folder with tis and woodland replacement grasses and bushes. This is a BETA test if you will. You will be placing the textures in the X:\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures. Understand that your themes will need to be adjusted on your maps as this vegetation will no doubt change the look of your maps and usual themes. This is typically an exercise designed for those that are comfortable replacing files and editing maps and themes. I promise however, that your immersion in the sim will be greatly enhanced. XDocumentseSim GamesSteel Beastsmodstextures.zip
  4. The name is horrid. Will I have to learn Latin?
  5. I am getting close to a release. I have done the TIS files and am just tweaking a few things. It amounts to a complete redo of the grasses, lily pads and some bushes. Only those experienced with mods, map editing and theme editing should mess with this but I promise the results will be impressive. ALL of your maps will look different, so you should understand that your themes will have to be adjusted to correspond with the new grasses. I mess with it all including the ground textures to get a look I like.
  6. I've waited since 2010? I'm keeping mine. If everyone gets one then the playing field is level. Grab yours today, its free.
  7. That's a Shot' Kal but its the m2HB.dds file. So it should work for all vehicles with the M2 mounted. I haven't checked the M2 tripod. I like the sight because it doesn't block out the target at longer ranges. m2HB.dds
  8. This logic of HESH over APDS is flawed. The AI is loading HESH when T-55's are less than 1000 meters, moving and behind light trees that will detonate a HESH round. I think the AI should load ADPS by default first. It's a pain in a fire fight to keep jumping in the commanders seat to index the best round for the job.
  9. Great stuff Colossus, just grabbed those bad boys from the download area.
  10. dpabrams

    winter scenario

    In the scenario editor use the Map/ Replace Theme tab and pick a theme that has snow.
  11. Yes, they used the HESH, and they had a habit of lobbing them onto the top of enemy tanks at long range and blasting threw the thinner top armor but it's a skill that takes great practice. If the target is moving or theirs wind, forget it.
  12. OK, I get all the above. Go to the range in the Shot Kal and try and hit a moving T-62 at 2000 meters with HESH, when you can't access the commanders seat and your rounds are indexed for you.
  13. I thought I noticed that the commander was calling for HESH when faced with T-55/62 only and I believe the APDS is the better choice. Turns out in this test scenario I have included that in fact the commander will alternate calls for HESH and SABOT when faced with stationary T-55/62 at 1000 and 2000 meters. This is problematic I believe as APDS should be the first choice for T-55/62. 0 HESH test 1973.sce
  14. Please leave the HESH at the ammo dump please. I hate that crap. Every time I go to the range in my Shot' the commander orders HESH for moving targets 2K away. Ever try to hot a BRDM moving across your front at 2300m?
  15. Good find. I'm keeping this.
  16. The tires just can't be done realistically so I went with the burned top BRDM, figuring smaller ammo might burn out quicker and there are plenty of ways for this tin can to vent. The skins are made custom on each vehicle. I had a template for the T-55 but none for the BRDM. The BRDM was a dds file that I did some photo shop tricks on. I just did these today and was thinking I would do a BMP and release a pack. Thanks, Pete
  17. I have figured out that I can place blue side, OPFOR (red) vehicles that are set as "destroyed" in the scenario editor and then place destroyed textures in the blue side mod folder. It makes for a nice effect on the battlefield.
  18. Thanks, the trouble with my grass mods is they will be obsolete some day and they will make your terrain on your maps look out of place. The grass mods I have done required the themes to all change also. I give my maps a western US feel, with lots of tall grasses, sage brush and conifers. My themes are are generally dryer than conditions in Europe but not quite desert.
  19. Now I know why I hated "story problems" in school.
  20. Math made easy. Thanks Bond, that's funny sh*T!
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