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  1. Crap, you'd have loved hearing me cough with my bronchitis. Probably for the better.
  2. Why post when you answer your own questions anyhow?
  3. I just learned that I have to learn how to do "port forwarding" to host a session. So, my bad. No session tonite.
  4. I meant that it seems no one ever works after lunch on Friday's anymore. I have no takers but thanks for checking in with me.
  5. Geez, no one work after noon on Friday anymore.
  6. Remodeled M113 FISTV and Mortar vehicle to include the M125 (81mm) and M106 (107mm) Remodeled M1 and M109 M2/ M2A1 and M3/ M3A1 M163 Vulcan Stinger missile teams M60A1 M151 Jeep
  7. dpabrams


    Mike, Do you play games for a living? How do you find the time?
  8. Anyone up for a session tonight, at 1900 MDT, 0100 UTC. I have never hosted but I have plenty of scenarios I have designed and never shared. Perhaps a small group of 4-6?
  9. Bummer 12A. I appreciate your efforts. It was my first multi player experience after having the sim for 10 years. I'm hooked and look forward to version 2.0 some day.
  10. Thanks Major and to the Kanium chaps for setting up another good one. The map was nice and the force mix, accurate and historical. I am serving 5 minutes in the penalty box for a blue on blue with Chrisreb/Connaugh. Fortunately I didn't scratch them. The battle turned into a 360 degree brawl and I was a little overwhelmed.
  11. dpabrams


    I did the counters and play tested the GMT version and you're right about the maps.
  12. dpabrams


    As far as I know you cannot add gear. It's random on AFVs in many cases.
  13. Try as I might I just can't get rid of the shadow basket.
  14. Well thanks. Were the dunkel gelbs still around in 89? What Snorri has done is redraw the entire skin in 2048, complete with normals and speculars. The detail is very well done even down to the welds (look at the skirts). I found this skin when I joined Pzr Btl 911. It's the only skin I find at the site. I don't know who this guy is but his work is A++.
  15. What's up with the super structure around the cannon?
  16. On a Leopard it's lase then press and hold the lead button while you fire.
  17. Does the Rheinmetall Boxer CRV double as a armor recovery vehicle?
  18. I for one never step into 2A5, CV anything or a M1A2. It's cheating.
  19. I would be interested in a redux with a theme that follows the book yet with better "play balance". For example the OPFOR a T72M and upgrade the AS1 ammo a bit.
  20. Leo 2A5 GE in 3-color I have the LEO 2A5 template but the earth and black layers are missing so the unit is only in basic green. I am trying to add the 3-color layers with mixed results. Does anyone have a 3-color template for the 2A5 GE? I updated the rear drive sprocket and removed some of the mud.
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