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  1. As a retired traffic cop, I was appalled at the lawlessness of that CV driver. I was equally appalled at the streets department who placed the signs in the street, in the first place.
  2. I am somewhat confused on the 2A5A1DK? This unit is also listed as a LEO 2A5DK2 elsewhere in the pdf and pictured as this unit
  3. I would like to create an account and join Kanium but I ain't smart enough to answer your pain in the ass quiz! 'Kanium' with an 'R' sounds like... WTF?
  4. If we knew the enemy was taking that southern boundary highway, I might have deployed into 2 sections in depth along the highway. One section forward in the woods along the highway to engage from a "keyhole" BP down the road, and the second section to cover one's retrograde move rearward to cover and secondary BP's. Leap frogging rearward.
  5. 3A was the victim of a hit and run. We deployed south to the highway on the southern boundary, (trusting Speckfire's instincts that the southern edge was being run) just in time to see the Soviets rolling west down the highway. Our little gun fight lasted about 45 seconds, before we were aerated by 125mm. We had no opportunity to set up in flanking positions, this was clearly a head on collision.
  6. Great scouting KT. I didn't think the AI would let you lay low for so long.
  7. Lase, lead, lase, lead. Shot my first 100% on the range with an AS1 tonite!
  8. OK, here's a AS1 in 4CMBG LeoAS1.dds leoAS1_decals.dds
  9. I just saw a calendar entry for this mission for Saturday the 24th now at 9 PM? I am confused.
  10. Near as I can tell, this mission will go off at 1200 MST, on Sunday the 25th and finally, I am going to try MP. Having never gone "live" I am concerned about my head set and the team speak situation. Do you need "push to talk" on the head set and mic? I have two head sets, one with and one without. I am not sure how to set up the push to talk as the one set has a USB and two plug ins. I also have never connected as a client in a network game but I will show up early and get some help on Sunday. I would appreciate azimuth enabled.
  11. These are the 4CMBG C1 skins. Place in your eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\woodland\ca folder Leo1A5DK-1.dds leo1a5DK-1_decals.dds
  12. First timer, I'm taking the plunge. I'll take a 3 Trp Leo, 34A
  13. Since purchasing SB Pro PE 10 years ago, I have played in solitary confinement, in a bubble if you will. I design all my own solitaire scenarios and use customized maps, with customized themes and terrains built to suit me. I have my own textures, many of which I have shared. I recently started replacing vegetation to spruce things up. I play only in the editor "test" mode as I constantly change the forces, weapons and AI routines to get endless play variation. On my maps there are no mishmash of road types that clash when overlaid and all the "painted" on streams are gone. I typically play company sized engagements with realistic force mixes representing Soviet, North Korean and Chinese forces verses US ARMY units circa 1979-1986. Are there others like me? I am hoping I can network with other like minded players and finally go head to head with someone. It would mean creating a dropbox to share the maps and scenarios and learning the whole client host routine but this is easy.
  14. I looked in the manual, SB Wiki and searched "camouflage" in said manual but I have no idea what half of the nation codes are? Sure USSR and OPFOR are easy but how is one to know what IL or ET is?
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