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  1. Having taken a round to the turret, Stan the driver goes outside to drop a deuce.
  2. Thanks Gib. I am having some success but I still have to work out some things.
  3. OK, I guess I will have to learn how to do a network session. Ten years and I have never played another human!
  4. Thanks for the quick answer. So I run two instances, load the same scenario in the editor in each instance; play one and just use the other for the map? I have just tried this and its nice to have a map but I don't think I can run two windows for one instance correct?
  5. Is there a way to utilize dual monitors in either the mission editor when testing or during a scenario? I swear I saw a clip of someone who had the 3D screen up during a mission and on a second monitor the terrain map?
  6. Can you imagine how the sim will look in a another 10 years?
  7. It is I, who has created the cool grass and yes they work splendidly .
  8. Ssnake for a man who prides himself on his CS (customer service) you should know better than to talk over the heads of your consumers. I would like 100 words of WTF all the above means in layman terms. I looked it up on Google and got a migraine.
  9. I was thinking of updating some of the foliage in the old sim. I have piles of it in my train sims that convert easily to .dds. Some textures need to be built as they contain textures for numerous shapes in the sim, but it's easy enough. I have a series of maps that I use that are of a western US feel, so I added some sagebrush to the mix of grasses.
  10. Something seems amiss here. From the driver's view I can get NVG views in the M901, M113A2 and M60A3. I have not figured out the exact sequence for any but "zooming" while in the driver's view, hitting the "TIS" button and "going up" in the hatch works, most of the time in the M60A3. Zooming from the closed hatch view of the M113 series and hitting "TIS" works also.
  11. Programmed stick, added Enterpad back in and so far so good.
  12. OK, that worked. Un-calibrated and needs to be programmed but it's there at least. THANKS Rotar!!!
  13. Anyhow, I am unable to do a restore to before the "critical Update" on 1-16-2018 which I believe started this whole mess. I get the usual it's your AV, so I disabled the AV and I am still unable to do a system restore prior to 1-16-2018. Suck to be me. Is there anyone else having this issue? I am dead in the water. No stick no sim.
  14. The joystick shows up in windows and I am able to calibrate in the CH Control Center, the joystick does NOT show up in the sim.
  15. I was running a Combatstick and a Enterpad for well over a year with versions 4.0 and up and now all of a sudden I cannot run the Combatstick?????
  16. OK, I have removed the Enterpad and tried the Combatstick alone in several USB ports and still have no stick in the sim. I do now see the "Advanced" button, however the Combatstick is not listed as a device or any device for that matter that I may chose. I don't get it?
  17. Thanks for the input guys. When I return home I cant wait to fix this. I just cannot fathom SB without my joystick.
  18. In device manager and devices and printers, the menu's I have for the CH Combatstick are limited and do not have an "advanced properties menu". I have tabs for General/ Driver/ Details and none of these tabs show a "advanced properties menu". I have Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. I have never had this problem and it came on yesterday. My PC sees the stick, I can calibrate it but the sim does not. The sim does see my Enterpad.
  19. Well I can tell you that a M113A2 driver gets NVG's.
  20. OK, I did a reinstall but no go. Still no in game joystick........................
  21. The sim reads my other input device the Cedeq Enterpad. I checked my windows updates, sound and video drivers and all are up to date. Trouble with DirectX 11 I am am told is that it is part of Windows 7 Pro- 64-bit. All I can think to do now is reinstall SB Pro PE 4.023?
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