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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm, I just go a MS 365 update today. The MS site sure doesn't make it easy to find an update. I have Direct X 11. I am at a loss.
  2. I feel like I am becoming that pain in the ass guy but 4.023 was running great until the sim no longer was taking input from my joystick. I checked the USB connections and restarted. The CH stick shows in the device and printers menu, I can calibrate it in the CH software and I refreshed and made sure I have joystick checked in the controls menu of SB. Any ideas? Pete
  3. Don't believe they are on "scout" and dammit I went back to test it and my joystick is not being detected by the sim...........................shit.
  4. Last night I set up a night mission with some M60A3's. The first thing I noticed is that the speeds were very slow on roads, even when set to march, top speed and column. No matter with fast or top speed, it seemed the speed remained what I would call "slow". So, I thought switch to the driver position and speed it up, which worked, however the driver did not have NVG's so this was a problem in the dark (under options, NVG was checked). The exposed commander had NVG's as did our scout driver's in their M113A2's. It's a nice effect cruising along as a drover or commander in the green haze. I get that speeds should be slower at night but these M60's were creeping at less than 10 Kph I would say no matter what I set the route speed to. When I tested M1's they ran faster, but slower than they would in day time. I also noted that I could not seem to get my M60 platoon into line formation. It seemed almost a permanent wedge, with lead tank always on point and well ahead of the other three (4 tank platoons). Any ideas?, Should I attach the scenario?
  5. I don't know nothing bout no multi-player................
  6. Yes, once I start the "test" of the scenario they do render.
  7. I just started a new scenario and plopped down a Rebel Infantry Platoon and they do not render in the SE. It was the first thing I did, blank map, put down the Rebels and nothing. Volcano, can you try that? Should I even care if they end up in the scenario at the end?
  8. Ok, I can do that. So you're saying that you cannot reproduce it by just using the African templates in other scenarios?
  9. Yes, I was altering a scenario and playing with the African templates. It would take two seconds for someone to check that in the editor.
  10. dpabrams


    Go to Cafe Press and make your own, it's easy.
  11. Roger that and that kids pretty good in that T-72 and blazing away in that hoopty technical!
  12. I started to set up the scenarios in sh*thole countries and found these guys are invisible, when using the template.
  13. dpabrams


    That's way cool. Brings back some memories.
  14. New M1 family of models. Still a pretty good looking model but not as detailed as more recent 3D model additions. Same goes for the Bradley being updated. I would especially like to see the M2/3A0 and A1's, playable. Then perhaps a M163 Vulcan. One can wish.
  15. Been logging some sim time with the latest version. I am sure this happened before but it's getting annoying. Often after blazing away in the gunners seat, I go to an external view to see how pretty I am. Whilst admiring myself the gunner/ commander goes into this scanning routine, where the gun is elevated to about max elevation and the turret slews side to side 10-15 degrees. This is annoying, because when I go back to the gunners seat, I have to reorient to the target area. The thermal has a rather small FOV. Can I fix this with a command and stop whining, or is this coded AI stuff that I have to coupe with? Thanks,
  16. We call farting in your suit a "Dutch Oven".
  17. Will there be MRE farts in the fighting compartment?
  18. Ssnake, I will give you 50 big ones, that's US, to build 2-level fighting positions, with grenade sumps and piss tubes :).
  19. We need the audio of the guy at 3:20 who says, "Get some"!
  20. The M1's are good models but are showing their age. The M2/M3 and M2A1 and M3A1 are much needed.
  21. DarkA, If I sent you a M2A1 Bradley and a M1 would you upgrade those models also? Excellent work on the BRDM. Which program do you use? Pete
  22. LNL gave me more creative liberty with the counters and they look much more detailed than MBT's counters.
  23. That is a counter from Lock N' Load's Heroes of the Gap, for which I also did the counters, wrote some rules and play tested.
  24. OH hay! I did the counters for MBT.
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