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  1. We love screenshots

    OMG give it a rest.
  2. 2.640 released

    Gentlemen Thank you very much for this fine upgrade. I'm loving the Challenger 2, and I've barely scratched the surface. Very much my best buy of the year. A truly wonderful sim with so many layers. Hartford
  3. We love screenshots

    Fabfire, that first shot is fantastic!
  4. We love screenshots

    And T-72? :remybussi:
  5. D'oh! Indeed. I went for the $25 version as I thought $10 on the manual with 5% changes was more than I needed. But for only $5... Nevermind, in a few weeks I'll have a Leopard 2E, so I'm a happy camper.
  6. Holes give edge to new MoD armour

    Probably been posted here before, but in case anyone missed it (like myself): http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7811567.stm
  7. WW2 tankin

    Because expectation for EUR40 are unrealistically high? I am very happy with Steel Fury. Worth the money to me.
  8. Steel Fury - Kharkov 1942 impressions

    Thanks, Zipuli. Great overview. Looks like there is hope for a good new WWII tank game after all!
  9. T-34 vs. Tiger review on Tanksim.com

    With the caveat that I have not played T34 vs Tiger, and only from reading some forums, the relevant comparison that you seem to be able to make is that SB:Pro PE works well, and T34 vs Tiger doesn't. But I await Daskal's more informed view with bated breath.
  10. T-34 vs. Tiger review on Tanksim.com

    Daskal Any further impressions? The comments on the Lighthouse forums and at SimHQ are less than rapturous (unfortunately). Hartford
  11. RogueSnake's Desert Abrams 2.0