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  1. Gentles all, Although I have been playing SB since the original release in 2000, I have been "away from the game" for perhaps 8 months (playing too much ARMA III, quite frankly). Just last weekend, however, I bought the updated 4.0 version, and am completely blown away by the new version. SB is simply one of the BEST sim games ever developed, and I just want to acknowledge the professionalism, dedication and excellence of the esim team, and the on-going support of the community of players. Well done, all. Best regards, F9F Panther AKA Jack Nastyface
  2. Ding ding! We got a winner! I was thinking it was Beedensomethingsomething, but that's the map. Now part II...is that same map in SB Pro PE?
  3. Gentlemen, I am looking to see if there is a new version of one of my favorite scenarios from the original version of SB. I can't remember the name (and I am too lazy to go find my SB disk in the garage and re-install it) but basically the scenario involved a western Europe scenario (recon and take a village) with 2 or 3 M1A1 platoons versus a company of soviet armor. The map was unique insofar as the forests that surround the village have lots of narrow "lanes". IIRC correctly, the most direct line to the target village was mined. I know that's not a lot to go on, but does anyone remember this one? And is it available in SB Pro PE?
  4. So do you think there is any truth to this story, taken from Tom Clancy's non-fiction book "Armor Cav"? The setting: Desert Storm, during General Barry McCaffrey's 24th Mechanized Infantry Division's run to the Euphrates River. It was raining heavily, and one M1 managed to get stuck in a mud hole and could not be extracted. With the rest of their unit moving on, the crew of the stuck tank waited for a recovery vehicle to pull them out. Suddenly, as they were waiting, three Iraqi T-72 tanks came over a hill and charged the mud-bogged tank. One T-72 fired a high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) round that hit the frontal turret armor of the M1, but did no damage. At this point, the crew of the M1, though still stuck, fired a 120mm armor-piercing round at the attacking tank. The round penetrated the T-72's turret, blowing it off into the air. By this time, the second T-72 had also fired a HEAT round at the M1. That also hit the front of the turret, and did no damage. The M1 immediately dispatched this T-72 with another 120mm round. After that, the third and now last T-72 fired a 125mm armor-piercing round at the M1 from a range of 400 meters. This only grooved the front armor plate. Seeing that continued action did not have much of a future, the crew of the last T-72 decided to run for cover. Spying a nearby sand berm, the Iraqis darted behind it, thinking they would be safe there. Back in the M1, the crew saw through the Thermal Imaging Sight (TIS) the hot plume of the T-72's engine exhaust spewing up from behind the berm. Aiming carefully through the TIS, the M1's crew fired a third 120mm round through the berm, into the tank, destroying it.
  5. ^SSnake, Thanks for the note. I've also noticed that SB ProPE fails to accurately model the challenges of firing the SPIKE missle by left-hand dominante midgets with astigmatism and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Please remedy this gross deficiency as soon as possible. I will have our Commander in Chief send you a cashiers cheque for 1 Billion Wonkadollars. Sincerly, Commander Fluffy-Paws of the Tweventy-Nines Armored Division, Training Group.
  6. ^Awesome! Thanks...admittedly I was thinking this was an "official" interim patch...
  7. Where exactly can one find the interim patch? Not seeing an intuitive link on the esimgames "download" webpage, nor do I see it one here in the Downloads section of this site, and searching for "patch" produces prolific results.
  8. While we are on the subject of ATGM's...is there a set of instructions on how to use the spike? I watched the polish youtube but it didn't really help me.
  9. Just a quick note from a very infrequent poster.... I would just like to say "thanks" to the eSim team for all their time, dedication, patience, professionalism and technical accumen that has gone into preparing this build. Although I know there are many on-board who will discuss, ad infinitum, which variant / field-mod / jury-rig version of AFV will be playable vs non-playable, I am simply overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of SBProPE, and this new update looks outstanding. The fact that this game is available to joe-average consumer is a testament to the value of a dedicated developer and an equally dedicated and enthusiastic fan base. Finally, FWIW...as a sometimes PM for software dev projects, it is always interesting to see the perspective of the end-users who throw in comments like "can't you add this?" or "why doesn't it do that?" and "It will only take five minutes to develop!" Software development is a terrible beast, not a steal one. Thanks again for making this great game even better. regards, F9F Panther aka Jack Nastyface aka The Strontium Dog
  10. 1) 3D models of Taliban / Insurgent dismounts 2) bigger secondaries when you hit a fuel truck! 3) pop smoke from a humvee (I assume IRL the driver / crew have smoke they could toss forward?) 4) small UAV`s deployable by ground troops. 5) ability to order crews to bail-out of tanks...I've had a couple of games where I get an engine and turret hit, and the crew just has to sit there waiting to get cooked. Ain't going to happen, but 6) on-board mortars that you can aim and fire would be interesting...admittedly I have a thing for artillery and mortars.
  11. Gentlemen, I like using ATGM-armed units (HMMV, M2A2, etc) but I am finding the flying the TOW is more "difficult" recently. Was there a change to ATGM flight/control model in 2.6, or is it perhaps that my joystick is wonky, or am I just getting a bit more feeble in my middle age? Kind regards, F9F Panther
  12. Me: gunner in M2A2 Situation: AI commander spots troops and orders "fire in the dust" and uses override to direct turret/gun in direction of troops Meanwhile: I want to call in arty on the troops and continue to scan horizon for a T-72 that I saw drive over a hill. How do I override his override? Thanks, F9F
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