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  1. CalAB

    Media Files

    Yep 😉 Thanks Lt DeFault
  2. CalAB

    Media Files

    Thanks for those possibilities/ ideas Gibsonm. I'm looking at a lot of region development multiplied out by player count. I think I need audio editing software too.
  3. CalAB

    Media Files

    Alright. Time for some creative thinking.
  4. When inserting media files into events or conditions is it possible to have the audio tied to a region so that as you approach the region the audio intensifies and as you move away from the region the audio diminishes?
  5. A bigger motorcycle than 125cc, or a motaur 😬
  6. Thanks for the help Ssnake.
  7. Thanks Bond_Villian but it doesn't seem to work for me.
  8. Sorry for the thread necro... Is there any way to copy the mission briefing to all parties? I can import for blue no problem but not for any other party, or so it seems.
  9. Ok. So I took the time to download everything regarding the Salisbury Plain palm tree anomaly. I've uploaded the files here. the location near to the single tree is 51 degrees, 14 minutes, 8.58 seconds North and 2 degrees, 2 minutes, 54.52 seconds West. When looking north from that position you see the tree plain as day. Hope this helps. metadata.mrf Salisbury_Plain2.ter Salisbury_Plain-0_[autocreated_base].rar
  10. I could be wrong but I think that if you open the theme editor you can identify the culprit in question and change it there. If that’s the solution then save the theme and update any missions with the corrected change.
  11. Not an overly big deal but could we get a bigger bike in the sim besides the 125cc ? Maybe something like a 450cc ?
  12. I am by no means militarily are tactically literate and sometimes creating scenarios that the SB community mite enjoy leaves me with a great deal of anxiety. As a result I don’t and instead I make up one for my Saturday night lan sessions with a few friends. My feedback from those individuals comes in the form of curses. “Poor map selection”, “Why are we probing”, “Why are we using reconnaissance”, “We don’t need to spend so much time examining the terrain during the planning phase”. Using this simulation really isn’t that complex or complicated from my point of view but understanding how everything works together and why certainly is. New players that are not part of militaries or ex-military aren’t used to the mechanics of what is faithfully reproduced with this sim. As a result these persons may expect to be able to just jump right into a given vehicle of choice and start blowing shit up. Forget about needing to reload the ready rack or replacing ammo belts. Lazing, battle positions, the GAS. Today’s gaming environment is all about graphics, eye candy. Look at video cards and cpu’s, the power being brought to personal computers for gaming is monstrous. Although it may be very hard to create the logarithms necessary to build a quick battle generator, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Maybe a ProPe lite with stripped down or simplified units that can perform some of the planing. This next phrase is tough to consider but one of these days VR will be just a given on all things gaming. I guess it really depends on what eSim wants from the general public. I love what is provided for me and I’m grateful for what I have from this simulator. I was looking for this very thing in 2007 and found it by accident. You have to want this, you have to want this level of fidelity if you pay for the full package.
  13. CalAB

    Monolithic Wall

    Ok, In the first set of screen captures in my OP, those captures were taken during during test, so the terrain at 90 degrees from the map was visible from within the selected area, the third screen shot confirms. The second set of screen captures I'm providing are not in test and are taken when free roaming on the chosen area, in this case outside of the play area. These walls only appear east and west of the map with a brief "short in height" wall appearing on the north side. The visibility is set to 18k, this may also be part of the reason I'm seeing these walls.
  14. CalAB

    Monolithic Wall

    While looking at one of the new maps for 4.1, I set up an area through the mission editor and came across this anomaly. I remember reading in the release notes something about a "wall" problem during testing of maps before initial release.
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