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  1. Tested the new version out with a fubar scenario. All sliders at max for detail and graphics. I averaged I'm guessing around 25 fps with all the total mayhem going on. Folder includes a few pics. FPS MAX TEST.rar
  2. All good so far. Trying to break it with overload of units and artillery but nope. Drops to maybe 50 but real good for me. I would normally with my old laptop (MSI G76 Nvidia GTX980M) have to reduce ground clutter to zero and everything else to default to get about 15fps but this time around it's smooth on my end. I will keep trying to break things but right now I'm happy with 4.259.
  3. FPS is at max with all sliders for detail and graphics up full. Thanks guys. RTX 3060 with PCI express x16 gen 3
  4. Thank's eSim for the update. The installer is the cat's meow
  5. My personal gripe with DCS is the hardware necessary to run the sim at the top alcohol funny car level. Having a rig capable of operating it glass smooth quickly scales up into the thousands. To me the ground units are flavour items that you have the ability to use but not the focus. And like the sucker I am, I will be making further investment into DCS in the future with the acquisition of the VR kit from Steam.
  6. My wish list for the next ProPE New engine with destructible terrain Directx 11/ 12 Multi core capable Full weather effects Zones for sound effects Killer clowns WWII AFV’s
  7. Merry Christmas to all 🍻 Have a great time with family and friends.
  8. I’m looking forward to this update. I always look forward to any increase in the fidelity of this sim. This one will be free, makes my day but I’d pay for it too. Esim has never hit a projected release prediction in all the years I’ve been waiting for them and Ssnake has admitted in the past that he hates making announcements stating a specific date. It’s all good to me, take your time, we’re not going anywhere. Nice videos too Grenny, I subscribed to your channel.
    I bow deeply. Thank you for this awesome map.
  9. It looks nice. I can see how gun elevation is accessed but how is turret rotation accomplished? Does the user pivot the entire unit right/ left?
  10. CalAB

    .wav files

    Just uploaded FFA to the map packages section so it will take a while to clear. It wasn't ment for public consumption, it's a WiP but it uses .wav files. I'm late to this thread. Maybe it will help, maybe not.
  11. Engineer Ops would also be a welcome inclusion in video format. Gibsonm has written docs on a whole host of subjects but if these were somehow translated into video they would be worth their weight in weapons grade plutonium.
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