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  1. Ok. I’m… I’m ready to preorder now…
  2. Ah, ok. It's the A4 that's the newest round.
  3. Is the M829A3 APFSDS - T a new round for this upcoming upgrade?
  4. Regarding the map conversion tool. Does it have the ability to repair or replace “snags”? Example: A large crevice at the extreme side of a map that drops off to infinity.
  5. A 120mm will do just fine killing it
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_Debit
  7. Viper1970 check with your bank regarding a virtual visa debit card. It acts like a credit card for online purchases, uses your funds and has all of the protection services that credit cards provide.
  8. You have to remember that Steelbeasts Pro PE is a product that has had continuous updates and upgrades since it’s release to the public. Most gaming companies will bring out a “game” that has a life cycle of maybe 1.5 years. The upgrade to that “game” is labeled “game 2”. You get free updates for “game” during it’s life cycle but the upgrades to “game” come in the form of “game 2” and often times cost more than “game” did. So you pay maybe $70 for “game”, get bug fixes and updates but after so many months “game 2” gets announced and its $80. Those companies could simply offer it as an upgrade or DLC costing much less, lets say $40 but most times if there’s a new engine involved it’s re-titled, packaged and costs more then it should for max profits. So although the title for eSims public version of their military trainer stays, the updates and upgrades over the years have improved it to such a level that by now it could be called Pro PE 5 or something and the company could say that you need a new dongle with each name change. Am I making any sense here?
  9. And this info makes me pause and consider the new terrain engine. If the map is mostly soft earth I wonder if fragmentation will be reduced, if it’s modelled to that level of course.
  10. 44 2A7's, pretty sweet daskal. The full reveal for 4.1 hasn't happened yet so I'm hoping that when Ssnake and Grenny get around to showcasing the "big boys" we are pleasantly surprised.
  11. Enjoying your videos Grenny, please keep them coming.
  12. The new terrain engine is awesome. It completely changes everything for missions. The effects of sunlight on water surfaces is greeted by me with open arms. That set of binoculars looks like it can store up to 3 different targets, if I'm not mistaken. Nice video, really looking forward to the release of 4.1. Now my patience begins to thin.
  13. I hope we get this: https://www.esimgames.com/?p=2146
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