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  1. I’m looking forward to this update. I always look forward to any increase in the fidelity of this sim. This one will be free, makes my day but I’d pay for it too. Esim has never hit a projected release prediction in all the years I’ve been waiting for them and Ssnake has admitted in the past that he hates making announcements stating a specific date. It’s all good to me, take your time, we’re not going anywhere. Nice videos too Grenny, I subscribed to your channel.
    I bow deeply. Thank you for this awesome map.
  2. It looks nice. I can see how gun elevation is accessed but how is turret rotation accomplished? Does the user pivot the entire unit right/ left?
  3. CalAB

    .wav files

    Just uploaded FFA to the map packages section so it will take a while to clear. It wasn't ment for public consumption, it's a WiP but it uses .wav files. I'm late to this thread. Maybe it will help, maybe not.
  4. Engineer Ops would also be a welcome inclusion in video format. Gibsonm has written docs on a whole host of subjects but if these were somehow translated into video they would be worth their weight in weapons grade plutonium.
  5. I would like video tutorials on Artillery, Forward Observation and Close Air Support. Experienced player but not an experienced Tanker, never served.
  6. January 20th here and I received my very first "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020!" card from eSim. Nice card, thanks eSim.
  7. I encountered the same problem. It turned out that when I directed the download for part one, the other parts didn’t follow. I made the assumption that if I instructed the first download to go to a specified location then all the other parts would do the same but that was not the case. Finally I just allowed Windows to download everything to its predetermined location and when everything was downloaded I cut and pasted it all into a temp folder. The executable looks for all its parts in its location, if there are any in a different location it asks you to install disk 1 etc.
  8. CalAB


    Not certain if this has been posted before or not. Looking forward to this modules' release along with the Marianas map. And it looks like it has, in the DCS thread... DOH!
  9. Very sad news to hear. My heart goes out to his family. Salute Eisenschwein, my heart is low. I will raise a cup to you.
  10. Something like an “at ease” command or condition. Then we’d also need a marijuana patch tile set 🤗
  11. Merry Christmas Gibsonm. Although it's still the 24th here in western Canada.
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