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  1. Well this is stella’ I know what I’ll be doin’ all summer long in my spare time. Can’t wait.
  2. Am I seeing things or do the trees look a little different than pervious versions of the sim?
  3. Which begs the question, at what point in military tech do control handles become auxiliary?
  4. Environmental effects are now visible on foliage, like wind in trees Terrain now shows damage from artillery and tank tracks
  5. Thanks to the programmers and testers. Fingers crossed
  6. *sigh* Ok, so no travel mugs. It’s to bad really. I’d love to yell “heat up” as I threw it at a mates head for being stupid
  7. This may or may not matter to yourself or your spouse but you may want to consider VR. I’m not certain on the Nvidia card that your specs are listing. Although ProPE doesn’t support VR, there are other softwares that do.
  8. How about 12oz or 16 oz travel mugs? BPA free of course.
  9. Isn’t setting the realism to max the best way to resolve the problem?
  10. CalAB

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year 🥳
  11. Lol. Two maps + the basic map, F/A-18C and FC3. Waiting for the F14 now. That stuff starts to add up.
  12. “The Ox is slow but the earth is patient “ I can wait. I uninstalled the sim and won’t engage any targets until the final release comes my way. In the meantime I’ve picked up about $200 cdn worth of flight sim, an rpg and I may take up some poker at the local casino.
  13. CalAB


    And this is the pc version.
  14. Ancient alien theorists say yes.
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