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    Drone documentation

    Nice entry into the Wiki Volcano. That information along with the video on YouTube is very helpful. Plus you can print off the Wiki guide for a quick reference.
  2. Time to start grooming your protege. Or better yet, start growing your clone.
  3. My methodology, proven through two instalments. 1) Uninstall everything, including maps. 2) Fresh install of maps from website 3) Install upgrade 4) Install map transfer manager 5) Shut down rig and then restart 6) Open transfer manager only, download new maps one at a time Zero issues everything runs fine.
  4. Lol. I’m in the same boat. The Russian artillery piece I’ve started using was released with 4.156. DOH But it’s firing rate is nice.
  5. I like the rate of fire for the 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV. I will be using it as my artillery piece of choice for Blue. Let’s just say it’s “liberated “ and I can live with it.
  6. I had no problems whatsoever downloading all the new maps through the map transfer app itself. I never opened ProPe at all, just the transfer app. Everything unpacked and moved to the correct directory all on its own. Oksbel Training Area was large, in the GB size.
  7. Yes thanks gentlemen for the hard work, as always. looking forward to installing.
  8. Nah, let’s skip 5.0 and go straight to 11. you know the version that plugs into the back of your skull with a long electrode like in The Matrix.
  9. Seeing you post in a thread RogueSnake79 during a wait for an upgrade release is like seeing the light at the end of a tunnel.
  10. 14 yo video from daskel. Awesome for its time.
  11. It seems like a case of consumer vs military need. eSim produces its software firstly for its contracted customer (military). As a civilian consumer I have access to hardware at my discretion that obviously exceeds the capability of the current version of the personal edition. This tells me that the primary customer for eSim isn’t using the latest versions of monitors, computers and graphics cards because the aren’t budgeted for it. This software is used by the primary customer as an inexpensive training aid. I use it for entertainment. I can only make an assumption that version five will parallel projected upgrades for that customer. Tankers don’t do their job from a chair and a desk (as we all know). So really, how “real” does the sim need to be in the visual aspect.
  12. Any chance of seeing a Lav VI this time around?
  13. I find it hard for those who kick tires about a paid upgrade. $40 does not even get you a decent meal at a reasonable restaurant these days. By contrast, Diablo: Immortal is a free to play mobile game but in order to reach maximum levels it will require the gamer to fork out over $200k USD. Updates are free here. Upgrades are about $40. Nothing to complain about.
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