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  1. Is there a chance that someone recorded this battle? If yes, is there a chance that it may get posted? Curious on how the arty missions were handled and the out come of the arty strikes?
  2. Not to try to change this thread, but I was under the impression that we couldn't use Reshade or have any other modified models to play with SB? There was some up roar by certain players about its use. In particular Reshade. I have nothing against Reshade, I use it for other games.
  3. My two cents, got everything to load and up and running with no problem. Now got to get Team Speak back up and running to get back to playing SB. Need to jump into a group to get me back up to speed on playing SB To eSims, great job. Great to be back to SB.
  4. No problem, here in the mountains of Colorado we still get our mail by Pony Express. Still waiting, maybe today I'll get the package
  5. Well if it crosses over on the QE2, it could be, by the end of the month of August
  6. Ok, how did you get a tracking number from eSims? There was no tracking number in the email from eSims? It probably wont matter here, Colorado still uses Pony Express when delivering mail out in the mountains
  7. Hell, should just drive to Texas from Colorado Springs
  8. Alternate email address? Hell I have a hard time just trying to remember the originally one What can I us for the alternate one? Right now I'm using Gmail.com
  9. Quick question, does it matter if it is plug into 2.0 or 3.0 USB port?
  10. Interesting, so we have a very modern IFV included with the patch coming out? Is there a list of the vehicles that will be added to the upcoming patch?
  11. I've been gone for a long time and was late to the party as always. What vehicle is this?
  12. How soon? Want to remove those crazy mask over the face of the tank crew.
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