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  1. WB Hammer! I remember a Hammer from the old days. Good to have you back. Hook PS. WB = Welcome Back. Remind me not to post when I'm in IRC.
  2. Even better, talk your unit into buying a full PRO license. Then you can request certain new features, if they're willing to pay extra. Hook
  3. There are no bases as such in Steel Beasts. There may be command and control centers. If they are in a scenario, they are probably worth points for destroying them. Steel Beasts is very unlike any shooter game you've played. But the video was funny. Hook
  4. Turns out the CPU heating was another problem. A new heat sink with clips that weren't broken fixed the overheating. It idles at 44 now. Larry
  5. Doesn't matter where you get your first aid training, as long as it works and you apply it properly. Sounds great to me! Larry
  6. Just out of curiosity, what is the other simulation? I just upgraded from a 7300 GT to a slightly overclocked 8800 GT. I posted in another thread about my frame rates. You can max the settings for two of the sliders in SB Pro, but ground cover is a real frame rate killer. I dropped it back from 100 to 30 and got an additional 10 frames per second. You could probably run it maxed if you really wanted. My computer originally came with a 6600 GT. It was a great card, much better than the 7300. But it didn't like having dust in the fan. Heck, I didn't even know it HAD a fan! If that other simulation is, by any chance, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, don't expect much improvement by the video card upgrade. The biggest boost you'll get from the better card is the ability to run higher screen resolutions at similar frame rates. Larry
  7. Hey! I had butterflies in MY tummy when I ordered too! Larry
  8. I just got the card today. I may need to tweak stuff a bit. Backing the ground cover off to 30 added 10 frames per second to the first two scenarios. Honestly, I didn't notice any difference in the ground clutter with that setting. Something I'm finding odd now is that my CPU runs hotter than it did. At idle it used to be around 50C. Now it's up to 55. I even cleaned out the fan and heat sink while I had the computer open. Larry
  9. I got the 8800 GT overclocked by eVGA to 650MHz, I think. I set all the sliders to max and ran a few scenarios. Screen resolution was full screen, 1024x768x32. In one test I was driving around some very complex terrain in a Hummer, no other action going on. Frame rates were around 15, not really bad. Playing the M2 multi units scenario, frame rates were 15 to 30+ depending on what was going on. At one point the frame rate dropped to 8 momentarily, but I was looking close-up at smoke with lots of terrain around me. M1 gunnery tutorial D ran at 50+ frames per second. I wasn't using anti-aliasing, so I don't know what effect that would have. Would be nice if that was controlled in the game. Larry
  10. I'll let you know. I've got one on the way, should be here tomorrow some time. Only $300, just to play games. Larry
  11. I think if your explosions were a bit less asymmetrical I'd like 'em more. I think Major Magee thinks so too. Larry
  12. Most people just wear wristwatches. ahem. Larry
  13. Last I heard (many years ago... either SB1 days or M1 Tank Platoon 2 days) everything about the Merkava was classified. One guy in the community was in the IDF and posted some interesting info about the Merkava... then realized he wasn't supposed to and deleted it. I used to have the file somewhere. That was probably 3 or 4 computers ago. The Merkava is indeed an interesting tank, and I'd love to see it in the game. Larry
  14. LarryHookins

    TIS image "mod"

    Once Pandora's box has been opened, there's no way to unopen it. Try looking at the same scene in the mission editor external view. Turn the TIS on and see what the difference is. Here's another example from the game. Larry
  15. LarryHookins

    TIS image "mod"

    I think the question of whether or not it is a cheat can be answered easily enough. If you were playing H2H in very low visibility, possibly without map updates and a bunch of computer controlled units in the scenario as well, would you be happy if your opponent had this mod and you didn't? Larry
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