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  1. Got it !!! Thanks a lot !!!
  2. Hi all! Thanks in advance for your patience, because (probably) this is a silly question : the procedure to set the sector limits (autoscan) on M1A2 CITV is very clear and simple, but when it says on CDU "press CCHA" I really don't know what I have to press or click... what is this "CCHA" :confused: ?!? Thanks a lot for your help!
  3. unga

    Seasons Greetings.

    Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo a tutti voi !!!
  4. Hi ! I have Vista Home Premium and SB Pro Pe runs perfectly :thumbup: ...
  5. Hi Assuming you are using Windows Vista, try this solution: 1) Browse your hard-disk and Go to Username/AppData/Roaming/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/Options 2) In this folder, you will find the file "Options.dat" : delete it. 3) Run SBPro: the simulation should use default settings now.
  6. unga

    Bloom-HDR Mod

    Even on my rig I have to set "effect=1" (ATI HD3870, Catalyst 8.4).
  7. unga

    Counterstroke skin

    Thanks a lot Dark !!!:clap::clap::clap: Awesome work !!!
  8. Hi If your O.S. is Vista, maybe you have a problem ... With a Nvidia GPU, I had the same issue running SB Pro Pe on Vista (32 bit): even with the latest and certified drivers, the only way to run it perfectly was the windowed mode ... Now, I came back to XP and everything (not only SB Pro ) runs fine and flawlessly. If you have an Ati GPU, maybe you can solve the problem with the latest Catalyst, as suggested by JamesT73J.
  9. Welcome in this great community Drager !!!
  10. Understood : thanks for the reply !
  11. Hi KT ! Even after a successful registration, I cannot read that post, but only this message: "The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you." What am I doing wrong ? :confused: Thanks in advance and greetings to all
  12. Well done !!! He deserved that sabot :diable: !!!
  13. Thank you (or "tank" you ) : Happy New Year to you all :drink: !!!
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