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  1. Bloody hell, I looked for it and all I could find was the vehicle database entry. I must have looked at the wrong T-72 version. Oh well, thank you. Itkovian
  2. Is there a manual for the T-72 somewhere? I'm not at my PC right now and couldn't find anything in the downloads section. I must admit T-72 gunnery is a complete mystery to me. Itkovian
  3. Well, I'm all installed now. Had some strange issue where my video would freeze, requiring an ALT-TAB away and back to the sim to unfreeze. I ended installing the latest nVidia drivers and that fixed the issue, fortunately. Aside from that, all is well. Itkovian
  4. Aye, I updated and installed the latest version, and noticed there were more contest entries now. Plus, turn out my old collection of single player scenarios was on my new computer already, and remained even after uninstalling the old version. That said: is there a easy way for me to find out if a scenario is meant to be single-player compatible? Anything in particular I should look for, in the designer for example? (I ask because mission descriptions don't always mention it) Thank you, Itkovian
  5. Aaah, I see.... looking at the download page, however, looks like I can download the patched version directly. So basically the license is just something loaded onto the Dongle, then. And basically they know that I have an old "full" version through the simple fact I already own a dongle? Itkovian
  6. Are "old" scenarios compatible with the newer SBPro version? But in any case, were any new scenarios included with the last few updates (the latest version I had was the very first paid upgrade, so it's been a while)? Thank you. Itkovian
  7. Salutations, I am thinking of upgrading to the latest version, but I'm a bit hazy on the installation process I should use. I currently have a license for the full version as well as the license for the very first paid upgrade (don't remember the number), along with the dongle of course. I'm not sure if I have it installed on my machine right now, however (it's been a long time *grin*). So anyway, my question is: what steps should I follow to upgrade and install the newest version? I imagine I should uninstall any copy I have installed right now (if any, either way it'd be over 2 years old I think) and then download the full install. But I'm unsure how the new license will work with the dongle. Should I also uninstall the codemaster runtime (if any) and start that from scratch as well? Anyway, I'd appreciate some installation clarifications. Thank you. Itkovian
  8. Salutations. I haven't touched SB Pro in over a year now, probably 2 in fact (I missed at least 2 big upgrades), and I was wondering: Have the upgrades come with new single player missions? Sadly, I generally don't have the time to do multiplayer missions (even though they're bloody awesome), so I mostly focus on single player missions. As such I'm hopijng the new upgrades have more single player offerings. Thank you. Itkovian
  9. This looks like an incredible campaign. I won't be able to join in, as I am terribly rusty and have little time (been busy flying the Battle of Britain and purchasing a house *grin*), though hopefully when 2.5 comes out I'll make time to get back in the sim. That said, I would appreciate it if the AARs were made available to download. I love watching these things. Thank you. Itkovian
  10. Bah, you are correct. I didn't go through each page of the thread, and looks like I managed to hop around the pages that had them. Thank you. Itkovian
  11. Well, I disappear for a year or so, and I'm glad to see things are still going strong. I have to say this looks like a great campaign. I don't suppose I could get a peek at the AARs, by any chance? I'd love to see how things went. Itkovian
  12. What iSims needs is a french salesman. With all the cuts the ABC recetnly absorbed a low-cost trainer might be appropriate. Itkovian
  13. Excellent, what did you use as MBT? Incidentally, the AAR got put on as a "headline" on sim HQ. At last, I have achieved immortality. Itkovian
  14. Thank you, I enjoyed playing photographer. I love how the AARs catch more of the action now, such as the smoke when firing, and sometimes the airborne turrets. Itkovian
  15. Pardon my ignorance, but what is the CL3143 round? Itkovian
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