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  1. good for you!! Leo, life is good!! see you when 3.0 shows up
  2. HI there, been away for a bit. Lot has change in my life, got out of forces!!! I will now be a golfer and a school bus driver....easy life. I'm looking for 3.0!!! see you once it shows up!!
  3. ok for 30th, damn it's cold here -38 celcius today and we call it: la belle province LOL!!!!
  4. ok than 23rd is the one thanks boss!!
  5. i do not mind next week, but did we not talk about in two weeks time period? this makes it the 23rd. I realy do not mind next week if every body can do it!!!
  6. i am good to go for wednesday 26 !! any else
  7. OK i'll be in TS at 21ET ich +-15min ready to host see you all there!!
  8. i'am in, but i will need a scenario in order to host,mine is not ready yet
  9. I'am in at 2100 ET tonight - 15 min on TS
  10. so far looks good for next wednesday i got a troop firing rage scenario ready in case, we run into needing more troop scenario. starting from static ennemy(mg ammo), moving ennemy and finishing with ennemy with main gun ammo. 16 km long 2 km narrow firing range. on leo 2a4 with ammo truck following, since there is a pack of targets so i'll keep this scenario on call, if need be, Boss
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