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  1. Thanks for your fast responses! The filenames of the external Leo 2 engine sounds have indeed been changed to x_Leo2Engine.wav and x_Leo2Rumble.wav, respectively. Thank you so much, now I have my favourite roar back and can fully appreciate the new Leopardo
  2. Hi there, I just received the upgrade, and while it's great to have new toys to drive around, in my opinion the new engine sounds are lacking in comparison to Daskal's great work for the Leo and M1. The filenames of the engine sounds seem to have changed, so I am not able to use the old sounds anymore. How do I find out the filenames of the new sounds in question, to be able to replace them via the mods folder? Is there a list of some sort or an unpacker to peak into the main sound file to find those out for myself? I would really appreciate to have Daskal's sounds back, as they made up most of the satisfaction I get out of SB Pro PE. Many thanks for your work on this occasion, if you should read this!
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