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  1. Version 2.1.0


    The Syrian Army is setting up blocking positions along the Suran-Hama Highway. One such defensive position is getting assembled near the towns of Barissa-Sarjah. To protect ENY engineers, a Company of T-72M1s plus a Company of Motorized Infantry is operating in the area. The ENY's likely course of action is to take hasty defensive positions in order to deny our forces from access and control of the Barissa-Sarjah area of operations. Due to the early stages of the defensive effort, the ENY has no indirect or air support to conduct operations in the Barissa-Sarjah area. You are in command of Company A of a Russian Army Tactical Battalion Group. Your forces are composed of one platoon of T-72B3s and two platoons of BTR82As. Some elements of a reconnaissance platoon have recently arrived and are at your disposal. Their assets include a reconnaissance drone and one Swingblade loitering munition. A battery of 2S3 Akatsiya can provide HE, ICM and smoke indirect fire missions. 2 FASCAM missions are available from Battalion HQ. Your mission is to control OBJ Buratino and OBJ Tarhun in order to keep the operational tempo and to create favorable conditions for follow up forces moving towards Hama via the Suran-Hama Highway.
  2. So many things I love about this update ... One of them, how task forces can now be used to coordinate IFV-dismounts movement. As seen in my video: https://youtu.be/06CvrYtpuIU?t=3399
  3. Hello, These images are from the Kiev-East map, taken from the gunner's position in a T-72B3 and a M1A2. All the images taken from a run from the "TEST" part of an own-edited scenario. I noticed I get an error just before the "TEST" runs: "Some buildings may not be of a valid shape. The candidates have been written to: C" Fresh re-install of the entire sim and map transfer tool, fresh re-download of the maps. The works. Cheers,
  4. Maybe is the language or the cultural barrier. I am a scientist and I am a big believer in peer review. Although I appreciate your interest, you didn't explain yourself very well for the "end if" condition. I thought you simply overlooked to kill the dismounts, you were actually speaking about vehicles being disabled and the mission ending. You really irritated me when you posted a modified version of the scenario. I completely misread that and thought you were being condescending. I think it is better to avoid crossing paths from now on. Thanks, JC Real and Simulated Wars Blog
    Liked the scenario very much. Short duration, for people like me who does not have too much time for gaming. The scope of the scenario is great, it makes you feel like you are part of something big. The troops under one's command are highly manageable. The mission is winnable: this is not an "against all odds", desperate type of situation. There is plenty of room to maneuver and the troop density allows a lot of that. I posted some screenshots at my website (no spoilers there): http://rswars.com/emerging-fledgling-2-scenario-for-steel-beasts-prope/
  5. Thanks, my friend. Let' connect sometime.
  6. Hi. I think so if you are commanding them.
  7. Thanks for watching, Jim. Cheers,
  8. Hello, My video is up at: [Vikingo, veo que sos Argentino. Yo tambien!]
  9. Hi Mark, thanks for the referral and for watching. Cheers!
  10. Thanks for your response. It works like a charm right now. The dismounted infantry even does suppressive fire if that tactic is pre-programmed for the vehicle. I will make a video to demonstrate this in the editor. Cheers,
  11. I don't know if it is new to 4.1, but I noticed while creating missions that you can edit the infantry to dismount and automatically coordinate movement and suppression with their APC. Is this something new? Cheers, JC
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This scenario is a spin off from a previous one in which the player commanded a BMP-2 platoon. Now, command a full company of Soviet T-72B1s in (almost the same mission). A flanking maneuver by two T-72B1 companies (including yours) will soften up a US Cavalry troop (-) in OBJ Goliath and Achilles. A Soviet rifle company will move in an assault both objectives under the close watch of the T-72B1 tanks ... Expect ENY tanks, and losses. Good luck!
    Thanks for the kind comments. A new version of it is coming up. Preview at:
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A detachment of the 39th Guards Motorized Rifle Division (2 T-72 tank companies, 1 BMP-2 rifle company under your command) has to brush aside a US Cavalry Troop that is trying to delay the Soviet's advance. Single player only against a US computer opponent. Only BMP-2s are playable (i.e. T-72 tanks are under computer control). I apologize in advance for the NATO maneuver/tactical graphics and for any issues with the scoring. This scenario will be updated based in feedback and amount of downloads.
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