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  1. Stunning. Really, really good work (looks like someone's earned themselves a little Miller Time).:drink:
  2. I must be confused or misinformed; I thought the George Cross was awarded only to civilians. In any case, a VC is probably what is really owed to the L/C.
  3. Here's an oldy, FKSM 17-3-2 Armor in Battle, US Army Armor School, 1986. It's a reader on small unit tank tactics and ops spanning WWI to Yom Kippur.
  4. Really, we'd be doing you a favour if we did drink it all up.:eek2:
  5. And that's before the SIU investigation begins...:eek2:
  6. Sadly, neither the NRDC doc nor the DoE pub devote any attention to dealing with and surviving the mutant zombie threat:gun:, which surely must rate as one of the principal challenges to one's survival in a post-Nuke War environment. This strikes me as being a rather critical omission.
  7. It might have something to do with this furry bundle of fun we keep at the forum door:sonic::
  8. Norfolk

    WIP Strv122

    It's Miller Time!:drink:
  9. How to Survive Zombie Attacks - Survival Video.
  10. Norfolk

    cool T-90 pic

    Right between the Baby, er, Reds?:eek2:
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