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  1. That sounds like fun. I guess i had the wrong idea than. I was thinking this is something else. I see why you have the thread now, it just looks a little bit antiquated from afar, that is all.
  2. Thank you for your information, but maybe you missunderstood me, or my english it lacking, its my 2nd language after all. So i apologize for that. I was looking for persons with steam accounts only because when they see me online, or i see them, we can decide to play a small 2 player game on the spot. Going into a forum, making a post and waiting for a reply that may never come, that way nothing happens spontaneous. I could send out emails all the same. Steam, Discord or even the Teamspeak server, when you hang out there, persons can see you online and ask you for a game right away, it doesnt have to be a large game every time. Teamspeak or Discord, they are two means to one end, where discord is the more convenient but maybe less versatile solution.
  3. Add me on steam for some casual coop missions. Small or medium scale. We can hop on my or your discord server and just play. For now i am not interested in the large scale battles that require me to be at a certain place at a certain time and that have a rather rigid command and control system. Like ranks n stuff, i am not so much into that. I just want to play coop with 1 or 2 other persons. I speak german and english. My steam profile -> https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970596905/ Also, do people hang out on the steel beasts teamspeak for some casual coop? I havent played this game online since about 10 years, so i dont know what is going on right now?
  4. Thank you very much!!! o7
  5. Guys can you help me, there is the Austrian Leo 2A4 skin in downloads section since 2009 or so. It has no turret roof file, so when you are in F7 view you see a totaly different roof. Thats not cool I try several times to make a roof myself by overpainting other 2A4 roofs i downloaded. but it doesnt work or fails I cant do it. Can someone repaint me a 2A4 roof with the 2A4 colour from the austrian leo 2A4 skin please? It is probably easy if you know what you do. This is the skin mod by Hackworth ->
  6. i tried to install some skin mods yesterday with the guidelines Ssnake posted above. No2 seems to be broken indeed. i can get a 2a4 skin to work in country folders, but NOT in the theme folder. so for example "...mods/textures/woodland/leopard2a4.dds" does NOT work; "...mods/textures/woodland/de/leopard2a4.dds" does work i can not tell if something in the order is switched around, but its not working like described, i can say that for sure
  7. i understand now, nice system. thank you!
  8. about the release notes, i did read the 4.019 and 4.009 release notes as these where linked at the download page while i download the program ( http://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1390 ). however i could not find the 4.000 rel notes there so i gave up. now i google for the 4.000 release notes and ofcourse found them ( http://www.steelbeasts.com/updates/SBProPE_4-0_RN.pdf ). still i could see nothing in there about the new system in the mod folder using country folders. where in the 4.000 rel notes is this explained? this sounds good but how does that work/what will happen on old scenarios? like a large part of the scenarios in the download section are made before this feature was introduced. how do the old scenarios interact with this new feature? what "folder" do old scenarios take the skins from? how to "pick germany"? where do i pick germany? is this in the start of the scenario? where is this option? as concrete example i want the "austrian" Leo 2A4 skin(downloaded) to be showen every time i play a Leo 2A4 on the BLUE side, no matter if the scenario want me to be finns or canadian or whatever.
  9. i just upgrade to v4 from an old version some days ago, by the way v4 is GREAT!!! now, in the winter, autum, desert and woodland folders are very many folders now, it seems for different countrys? what is that all about and how do i work with that? for example i would like 1 leo 2a4 skin to show up every time i play woodland(as example) scenario? do i need to copy the skin in each and every(!?) country folder? i am properly puzzled with the new system, i try to read but i can not find a explanation how to work with the system and mod it so i get the results i expect. is opfor the new "red" folder? can you link me to something that explains it or explain to me please? thanks you!
  10. everything resolved, i talk to someone there on the phone, it seems they send out the stuff once a day, that why there was 5 hour gap between order confirmation and getting the upgrade link. so, if you want to buy with pay pal, okaysoft is the way to go. if you have a credit card and want stuff done quick you better buy at eSim games directly. i post this in case someone else search the forums for the same topic.
  11. it seems germany woke up, got a order confirmation mail, i am sorry for opening a thread just for this. i was not sure if i should get a mail right away.
  12. its 0935 o clock, have not got a email from them yet. yes, the meaningful alternatives are what did me in. i dont have a CC right now so i had to use paypal.
  13. i just buy a v4 upgrade licence from okaysoft, its 0046 o clock, do humans need to work out the order there? will they only process the order in the morning? if so, what a drag...i was hoping i can jump right in, seems i cant.
  14. just to update or finish this thread. i thought about it and shelled out the 25$ today. got the game up and running. all resolved, thanks
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