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  1. New system in mod folder?

    i tried to install some skin mods yesterday with the guidelines Ssnake posted above. No2 seems to be broken indeed. i can get a 2a4 skin to work in country folders, but NOT in the theme folder. so for example "...mods/textures/woodland/leopard2a4.dds" does NOT work; "...mods/textures/woodland/de/leopard2a4.dds" does work i can not tell if something in the order is switched around, but its not working like described, i can say that for sure
  2. New system in mod folder?

    i understand now, nice system. thank you!
  3. New system in mod folder?

    about the release notes, i did read the 4.019 and 4.009 release notes as these where linked at the download page while i download the program ( http://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1390 ). however i could not find the 4.000 rel notes there so i gave up. now i google for the 4.000 release notes and ofcourse found them ( http://www.steelbeasts.com/updates/SBProPE_4-0_RN.pdf ). still i could see nothing in there about the new system in the mod folder using country folders. where in the 4.000 rel notes is this explained? this sounds good but how does that work/what will happen on old scenarios? like a large part of the scenarios in the download section are made before this feature was introduced. how do the old scenarios interact with this new feature? what "folder" do old scenarios take the skins from? how to "pick germany"? where do i pick germany? is this in the start of the scenario? where is this option? as concrete example i want the "austrian" Leo 2A4 skin(downloaded) to be showen every time i play a Leo 2A4 on the BLUE side, no matter if the scenario want me to be finns or canadian or whatever.
  4. New system in mod folder?

    i just upgrade to v4 from an old version some days ago, by the way v4 is GREAT!!! now, in the winter, autum, desert and woodland folders are very many folders now, it seems for different countrys? what is that all about and how do i work with that? for example i would like 1 leo 2a4 skin to show up every time i play woodland(as example) scenario? do i need to copy the skin in each and every(!?) country folder? i am properly puzzled with the new system, i try to read but i can not find a explanation how to work with the system and mod it so i get the results i expect. is opfor the new "red" folder? can you link me to something that explains it or explain to me please? thanks you!
  5. someone buy at okaysoft?

    everything resolved, i talk to someone there on the phone, it seems they send out the stuff once a day, that why there was 5 hour gap between order confirmation and getting the upgrade link. so, if you want to buy with pay pal, okaysoft is the way to go. if you have a credit card and want stuff done quick you better buy at eSim games directly. i post this in case someone else search the forums for the same topic.
  6. someone buy at okaysoft?

    yes i dont have a credit card.
  7. someone buy at okaysoft?

    it seems germany woke up, got a order confirmation mail, i am sorry for opening a thread just for this. i was not sure if i should get a mail right away.
  8. someone buy at okaysoft?

    its 0935 o clock, have not got a email from them yet. yes, the meaningful alternatives are what did me in. i dont have a CC right now so i had to use paypal.
  9. i just buy a v4 upgrade licence from okaysoft, its 0046 o clock, do humans need to work out the order there? will they only process the order in the morning? if so, what a drag...i was hoping i can jump right in, seems i cant.
  10. just to update or finish this thread. i thought about it and shelled out the 25$ today. got the game up and running. all resolved, thanks
  11. ok, 25$ is really not much. as said, i think about it. for now i stick with 2.370. many thanks for the help!
  12. i see, so if 2.328 is the end of the line(with 2.370 beeing a seperate install) i should install the 2.328 hotfix only? i think about the upgrade, at least i can skip one of two upgrades it seems. i like that :debile2:
  13. please help me, i dug up my long lost dongle today and i want to get the game up again. i even just recently asked how much a new one would be...but i dont have the money right now for this. anyways, i was playing 2.328 as my last version, that is what is on my CD. now i am puzzled with the patching process. i have 2.328 and the FAQ says, SB Pro PE v2.328 » Install the SB Pro PE v2.328 hotfix. » Install the Dec 2006 or later version of DirectX 9.0 End-User Runtime * SB Pro PE v2.370 BETA (OBSOLETE) * This beta version is a completely separate from the official releases and can be installed concurrently with any of the previous non-beta versions. It does, however, require a licensed CodeMeter stick with the latest CodeMeter Runtime in order to function. » Download and Install SB Pro PE v2.370 beta exe. » The latest release of DirectX 9.0 may be also necessary if it never has been updated. SB Pro PE v2.460 » Uninstall all previous versions before installing. » The latest release of DirectX 9.0 may be also necessary if it never has been updated. now the last step would be to get 2.460 but in the news post on the main page it talk about 30$ for a licence upgrade. in theory, if i had the money i only see a upgrade to 2.5 licence in the shop whic is obviously for versions with 2.5XX number. at this page http://www.esimgames.com/Downloads.htm#Steel%20Beasts%20Pro%20PE%202.370%20Beta, where i downloaded 2.370 it says about patch 2.483 "You MUST have a CodeMeter stick (USB Dongle) with an SB Pro PE license in order to run this update!" ok i have this, but the 2.483 release notes say i need a 2.460 install to build on, but for 2.460 you need to pay or no? there seems to be 2 upgrades in the the list but in theory i can only purchase 2.5 (latest i guess). so my question in the end is what version is the latest i can play with a code meter stick that was good for 2.328, and do i need so called obsolete patch 2.370? the FAQ seems to be outdated? sorry but i just dont get it. EDIT: i want to add, i have SBproPE 3.328 installed now and did not mess with any patches to avoid a reinstall.
  14. Video Thread

    since its the video thread and i find some "watch worthy" vids from time to time, i post some here. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a3e_1178990410 (pretty popular, iraq kid on bike giving rubber) http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f7a_1194584918 (dont know what to think of this one,...maybe what they say to the end; "Railgun, Hooah!") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeunxOKByHs (you can allready imagine what will happen but still funny ) http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=6206863780247937870&q=military+safety+video&total=637&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0 (good army safty video) (looks like "tests" ) (der höllenspind / the helllocker...rekruits doing their basic military service here, helping another comrade keeping his locker "allright"; their masked for security reasons it seems ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f19KyU4grs (private "garde"(guard) training in quaters for the sake of this video it seems) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taR78zFqGbo (primitive but fun ) (last but not least; PINZGAUER promotion video made in the 70ies in english, great vehicle great video) thats it at first