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  1. Its all good, i dont want to question the current order of things, its just that i tried to use this feature "intuitively" completely different, i thought it would be logic to use it the way i thought it is working, so that is what i tried. Lets say it was a user error
  2. I have to say, that is just the way it works now. You look in a direction, press E and the los bubble appears somewhere. Not sure where it should be when it is in the air, maybe just the way it is now, when there is no reasonable target just fall back to the way it works now, but when you aim at a spot at the ground(with binocular or a gun view) have the los bubble be exactly there. What i know is that when you press E now, the bubble is also nowhere near where you intend it to be since you can not "intend" it right now, just give it a direction. So if there is a way to tell the game to also take distance(the spot aimed at) into account i "think" it can only be better. If nothing else, Shift E or Ctrl E or the like could be battle position with range taken into account while just E is the way it works now. I think that could work out fine but you are right in that you need to teach the players about it and it adds one more function or variation.
  3. Right, thank you for that, i had a completely wrong impression about the "E" feature, i probably use it different now.
  4. I see, but what is the point of pressing E then if i have to go into the map after that, to adjust it by hand. I could go into the map right away and set the tactics from there right away!? I was under the impression that pressing E should give me a battle position right away relative to where i am looking(not only in bearing but also distance), since getting in contact with the enemy, pressing E, and first going into the map to fiddle with the los bubble is a bit unpractical. But now i at least know why sometimes things happen completely different to what i have planed since there are a few seconds where vehicles adjust to a los bubble that is at a wrong distance till i go into the map and set it by hand.
  5. What i do not understand is, when i press "E"(battle position) from commanders binocular view, should the los bubble not be more or less exactly where i aimed with the binocular(mark no2.)? Because everythime i checked it, it was somewhere else completely. Like when i aim at a road crossing, and the los bubble end up 1000m behind it or something like that. Do i miss something?
  6. Something to keep it real. Maybe more for "post" combat. Best version by the Dubliners in my view.
    Played this 2 times in single player. I rate it 4 out of 5. + Cool unit mix, i enjoyed that! The spanish kit´s are more rare in scenarios. + Nice puzzle in a way, you want to use the things you are given to the fullest to make it work well. + Good use of dynamic lighting, its getting dusk toward scenario end. Its not dark but enough so you notice it, a nice flavor element. + Very well manageable for single player, but probably also best in 2 player coop. 1:30h time limit great for bad multitasker like me Why does it miss last star? (Spoilers, mainly for author) -> This 2 things take away the 5th star in my eyes, still that makes it a great and very enjoyable scenario in my book, just not perfect 5/5. Thank you for the scenario!
    I had a great time with this operation, just finished last mission. 5/5 stars! - Small scale missions, you always command 1 platoon/4 vehicles. Great for beginners, but missions are interesting so veterans should enjoy it too i think. - Nice variety of vehicles under your command, 2A4, ASLAV, Pizarro, MB G300. - Problem free, it only had 1 hick-up for me and that was in mission 4 with the pizarro´s. The south most platoon got stuck at 1st phase line, but that did not make any real problem in the mission. Thank you Apocalypse 31 for the hard work and nice operation! Looking forward to your(and ben´s) desert adventure!
  7. Wow nice one, i just came back in here to say that i try a few things on my end, but no luck on my side, i could not make it go away. I wanted to ask if i can provide anything to help... DxDiag or something from my PC? On short range it is no problem, but it rly throws off my long range gunnery, especially on moving targets, very annoying. Lucky me i have a gunnery rating of 105 and the AI hit well for the most part in single player (not sure if it is internally hard capped at 100 anyways or if the extra 5 do anything)
  8. Ok, seems i am good and all is well, thanks for clearing up the confusion!
  9. Not sure if this is still relevant, i play this yesterday first time and won it, but it was a tight match. If you would have asked me, id say i lost it, but game gave me a total victory. All i did was to scout well in the briefing with the 3d view for favourable terrain overlooking the objectives and i found some positions. I made it so that the shot kal tanks are 150 to 250 meters in front of the AMX "tanks", so the shot kal will "tank" the damage while the AMX can fire from the rear(first row of palm trees when you arrive from east) largely unmolested... that worked out great. It started to fall apart by the time my shot kal tanks ran out of ammo in the ready rack and had to reload ... i was overwhelmed with the effort and some started reloading in plain sight of the enemy and got shot. At that time the AMX tanks started to feel the heat as they became the target. As i took command of my last working shot kal and managed it by hand to reload some ammo in a dip i managed pop the last 3 t55´s that came charging forward, and yahweh be praised, the scenario ended right there with a major victory. In the AAR i saw they had one MTLB left and quiet a few troops but that was it.
  10. Let me say, my Steel Beasts file path(in options) is pointing to the C/Games/SBmaps folder where all the packages are, so that is working and the game starts and i can play all tutorials/tank range and stock scenarios. That is all working. However, this folder in C/games/SBmaps does NOT include the legacy maps which are stored somewhere else. That is the thing i am confused about, if they are supposed to be in the same place(maps folder)or if the packages can be stored in a completely different location. I am wondering if the game ever looks for the legacy maps in the location i have set in the game options. Maybe i am overthinking this, i dont know.
    Like this one a lot. Quiet a few different toys, low tech stuff. Just what you would expect from africa. But what i like the most are the different stages you go through that are quiet different from each other. Defend, bring forward relieve forces, reorganize and repair what is left and then attack with what is left. I did enjoy that very much, it has a bit of everything. But i recommend 2 player maybe to get the most out of it, so one guy can micro the infantry while one player does the tanks. That said, if you are a good multitasker, solo should be no problem.
  11. Played Rebel Raid East Africa now twice in 2 player coop, super nice scenario, fun toys, and you go through quiet different phases in the scenario. Defend, clear path, move relive forces and reorganize and repair what is left, and then attack east. I enjoy that very much!
  12. Playing talon strike right now, good stuff! A desert adventure? This should be great, looking forward to it! Thanks for you effort!
  13. Last version i play was 4.0, there you still needed the .ter and .hgt files and sometimes the "theme" files, that was it i think. It seems in 4.1 which i missed, there was a big change. Just to make sure i ask here; - I have the game in -> "C/Games/SBproPE" the maps(packages) are in -> "C/Games/SBmaps" and the legacy maps got installed into program data, i could not change that -> "C/ProgramData/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/maps" In the game options, the "file path" points to the SBmaps folder in C/Games. Now my confusion comes from some scenario readme files, it seem that by default the packages are supposed to be in a "packages" folder in the "maps" folder in "C/ProgramData/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/maps". So the legacy map folders(height, terrain and themes) are in the same folder as the "packages" folder. Is this how it should be? Did i do it wrong? Is there any problem if i have them in 2 different folders? Or is it better to just reinstall the maps installer thingy into "C/ProgramData/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/maps/packages" ? I hope i did not confuse anyone with that now, but heck, i know i am confused. Normally i do not have problems with file paths but here in SB it is special. I am not sure which readme explains it all, the 4.265 release notes left me puzzling. I am glad for any help!
  14. It should, right? I am glad you say that cause i started wondering if that is supposed to be like that. It seems not many people have this problem, and i also never had this problem in any other version before, so maybe something is off with my mouse (Logitech G3 + set point software) or some setting on my PC. I take a look how old my set point software is and try update it or something, maybe its not the games fault ... it seems that i am the first one to report this so it has to be very rare.
  15. In the screens you can see the vector? It extends/originates from the center of the reticule(top end of vector) and the mouse is on the bottom end of the vector. In this position the sight is perfectly still. But should´nt it move down? I do have high realism selected and i know the m1a1 sights do jump on laze, that is not the problem here i think. The bottom pic is the m1a2 sep and the top is a cv3040. EDIT: i am in 1920x1080 full screen, as i always was back in older versions. EDIT2: there is another notable change, the mouse cursor always used to be black and was hard to see in white hot TIS at times... now suddenly in 4.2 i have a white mouse cursor... is this supposed to be like that or could this indicate some other problem? Some sort of hard or software acceleration problem with the mouse or something? I do have the same mouse since ages, so that did not change but i upgraded to win10 only recently and played all the older versions, where things behaved normaly, in win7.
  16. This is how it looks with vector, the white mouse crosshair is invisible on screenshot. On this 2 screens the sight is perfrectly still and not moving, but the mouse is quiet a bit below the marked center of the screen(or reference point). IF i move the mouse up to shorten the vector/move the cursor to the center, the sight will start to move upward.
  17. I do not have a joystick plugged in, i have nothing plugged in with an axis. Only mouse and keyboard is plugged into the PC. Its not that my picture is constantly moving but that i have to put the mouse cursor about ~1cm(measured on the real world screen) below the center of them crosshair/reticle so the gun stops moving up. Left/right is perfectly center but up/down is not. So you say that is not how its supposed to be now? I guess that is good so i can maybe fix it to be just like it used to be. If my explaination is not understandable i can try to illustrate it with a picture or two. And yes, it is absolutely consistently off in every sight i used so far, gunner sights, commander sights/citv. Ok, mouse vector, i did not know about that, i will try that and make screens as needed. I dont know how, but something must have changed, either on my PC or the game, since the center was always in the center of the gunner reticule in almost all vehicles in all versions i play before, only now in 4.2 i notice the change first time. I did not play a 4.1 version so i dont know if it is the same in 4.1 as it is now.
  18. Hey guys, i did try to find something about it with google/forums search for 30 minutes but did not find anything. I played SB versions 2.5XX, 3.0XX, 4.0XX so far and now upgraded recently to 4.2XX( and with 4.2 there is something new with the mouse cursor in the gun sights of all tanks and also other sights. In all the older versions when i put the mouse cursor(little black crosshair)in the center of the gun sight/reticle the gun was perfectly still and centered and not moving. Now with 4.2 when i do the same, the gun is moving upwards, so for the mouse the center of the sight is well below the center of the reticle/crosshair. This makes it quiet a bit harder to aim i feel, at least for me so far, since the movement induced by the mouse cursor position is relative to an invisible(!!!?) point on the sight and no longer relative to the center of the reticle/sight. I hope you understand what i try to say. Since this point is invisible it is quiet a bit more fiddly to match the sights movement to a moving target and also to simply stop the sight moving on a stopped target, since you never know exactly where that point that used to be on the reticle center is located now, it is, well, an invisible point. Now, is that only for me? Is that a bug or is that a deliberate change? As said, last version i play was a 4.0 version and it was not like that and all the old versions it was also not like that... so why did that change? Greetings
  19. I think all is clear now, thank you very much and thanks for the links!
  20. First, if this should be in the support section, i apologize for placeing this in general, i was not sure where this belongs. I do own 3 v3.0 licences and share and play 2 of them sometimes with 2 friends of mine. Now today i upgraded my 4.0 to 4.1 (i have 2.5, 3x 3.0, 4.0 and now 4.1). As i start the bundle installer it tell me old version found, it is the v3.028 version i use from time to time, and that it is recommended that i uninstall the old version. Now i want to ask; - Is it critical to uninstall 3.0 before i install latest 4.2? Will it make problems if keep 3.0 or is there a way i can have both on the computer and have them both work? - I have ~330+ user made scenarios for v3 and v4, are they all obsolete with 4.2 now? - I did not find if i absolutely need that "map server package v44" thingy, do i have to install this to get any maps? What does this do? - And the legacy map thingy, i only need this as map creator and not a user playing maps, right? Sorry for the questions, i read in the 4.265 release notes but i failed to make perfect sense of it. I did not install 4.265 yet as i still got v3.028 on the computer and i am not sure if i have to deinstall it. (I do have latest codemeter software) Thank you very much guys!
  21. That sounds like fun. I guess i had the wrong idea than. I was thinking this is something else. I see why you have the thread now, it just looks a little bit antiquated from afar, that is all.
  22. Thank you for your information, but maybe you missunderstood me, or my english it lacking, its my 2nd language after all. So i apologize for that. I was looking for persons with steam accounts only because when they see me online, or i see them, we can decide to play a small 2 player game on the spot. Going into a forum, making a post and waiting for a reply that may never come, that way nothing happens spontaneous. I could send out emails all the same. Steam, Discord or even the Teamspeak server, when you hang out there, persons can see you online and ask you for a game right away, it doesnt have to be a large game every time. Teamspeak or Discord, they are two means to one end, where discord is the more convenient but maybe less versatile solution.
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