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  1. Version 2.460 ??

    Thanks for the quick answer
  2. Version 2.460 ??

    I have tryed to find where i can buy version 2.460 so i can further update, but i cant seem to fint it, can someone please give me a kick in the right direction?
  3. Block data error

    I was the host for that session, and he wasnt reporting any lag at all, and yes 2 tanks were spawning later on but didnt have that callsign. The callsign in that ss is 4/1/L which is present from the beginning of the scenario in the blue circle.
  4. I want this SIM

    Gameplay > eyecandy.
  5. Infantry in buildings

    To late my friend, to late, your destiny is found.
  6. Infantry in buildings

    Who needs google, we have Ssnake
  7. SB meeting in Stockholm, June '08

    I promise that i will drink a beer for every tank i kill, including my own
  8. Need help from electronic wizard.

    Thanks for all your help guys, im having it rebuild as we speak by a good friedn of mine who is some sort of erh........well.....he knows that kind of stuff, and he has done some measureing and stuff and said it is no problem, so hopefully soon i can post some pics of it plugged in my computer.
  9. Cadillac for wich tank?

    Look at this thread http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=11621&highlight=electrician+wizard Im having it rebuild as we speak by a friend of mine, so hopefully in a short time i can tell you exactly what has been done to it.
  10. Brillant ArmA clip

    ECS mod, is the best one around in my opinion
  11. Crewable T72 status?

    Its a special shark with a freaking laser on its head :biggrin:
  12. Host wanted: Part II

    Thanks SM, that was some kind words
  13. Host wanted

    Contact me on msn soerenvad at hotmail.com, i can host, and yes i have that special thingie
  14. A brand new Danish VU.

    Great thanks.......Now i cant sleep :biggrin:
  15. A brand new Danish VU.

    There will be no battle......we give up, there is no way in hell we stand a chanse against that kind of footwork. :biggrin: