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  1. Your damned right we are animals.If you want to see some real entertainment,go out on a booze up with British squaddies,it 's something you will never forget,if you survive!.
  2. Hello, I've just read your post - you've done your 22 years,well done.I did my 4 years in the 16/5th Queens Royal Lancers as a tank crewman,it was fun but when it was time to go,I went off and did other things,good luck in civvie street.
  3. I was trying to make the point that whilst it is correct to accuratly model the projectile defeating qualities of particular armour,I dont think it is neccesary to go into sutch detail,otherwise by the time agreement is made and a working model is on the sim,the tank will be obsolete. I dont think the British Army would be very comfortable with this simulator being able to accuratly model current tank armour for all the world to play with and test,would'nt it be best to use an approximation and just get it modelled. There is no good reason for esim to allow use to use Britsh equipment on the simulator at this time,they are a commercial enterprise and will not allow it untill it is financially viable,they did make that point to me and I dont disagree.
  4. next time,fuck off and mind your own business.
  5. It would seem there is some debate about whether insurgent forces CAN be beaten.The Malaya crisis after WWII was a classic example of how a well established insurgent force can be defeated.
  6. Stalintc,having just read post #302 in the 'ARRC TRAINING DAY' forum,dont you think you might me a bit wiser in using the phrase 'pot calling the kettle black'. Remind me what the phrase 'throwing stones in a greenhouse' means. Also,all apologies required on that spat,including mine to the appropriate members have been made,so what business is it of yours to stick your nose in?
  7. All you nasty boys are being so unfair,I'll just have a cry in the corner!.
  8. Thank you for all your comments,of course I should have realised that as I am not a 'senior' member,I should ask permission to express an opinion.Have you seniors gone out and had yourself tatoo'ed with 'I am a senior member on esim games'. I will certainly not apologise to anyone who makes a point of publically sneering at a young man on here who may not have the money to buy the full game,but still wants to participate with the discussion and belong,and for current 'serving senior members' of the British Army,congratulations for supporting a bully. I dont give a damn who anyone on this site thinks they are,or their opinions of me,and I will not change this stance about on-line bullying or arrogance.If you dont agree,too bad,live with it.
  9. Why should you be asking questions like that in an open forum,it is bad manners at the very least,and I dont like it,either apologise or f**k off!
  10. I recieved an email from Stuart,who put our discussion into the correct context.Esims is a commercial enterprise,and they have to make it profitable,so they are currently concerned with working on their contracts,not what is on our 'wish for list'. This simulator is still in the development stage,and I'm sure as it continues to develope,other nice things will happen but untill then we will have to wait. As for Kingtiger,I think he is having a sulk because we dont want to play with him anymore,perhaps someone should put his dummy back in his mouth so we can have some peace. I remember the 4/7 Dragoon Guards well,Fletch,they were the training regiment at Catterick when I did my recruit and afv training.Happy days!
  11. Perhaps the programmers could do a mod so that if you are working alongside the American Army,they could have the random fratricide factor built in,that would make it more realistic,so when your talk gets a hit on the rear end you know you got in front of an American tank. As for cost,when has any army used common sense when spending money.
  12. It's good to see European nations making commitments like this,it may be only 4 tanks,but it is what it says that counts. I was going to get political then,but I slapped my wrist and deleted!.I would be interested to see how the Leo performs under active service,ie how will it perform against RPG's,they have knocked out M1's so now it could be the leo's turn.
  13. I was driving a Samaritan,which was a member of the C.V.R.T. family (scimitars,scorpion's,etc).They were ok,but the aluminium armour did'nt give me mutch confidence.They were very prone to throwing their track's in muddy fields or turning over and killing their commanders.They are still in service,but unfortunatly the American Air Force A 10 pilots like to use them for moving target practice in Iraq,perhaps we should use the Americans for target practice in return. It seems that simulators are the way to train armies these days,although the British Army dos'nt see it that way,and tank crews are expensive to train so why not use sims,I'm all for it,the American Army get good results from theirs.
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