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  1. My email provider has an aggressive spam filter. Looking at the offline activation = there is a reference to the web depot. Where is the web depot?
  2. Returning from a long hiatus from SB - and having lost the software, dongle etc. some time ago. I have purchased the latest version and was wondering if anyone has ever used a Saitek yoke (used for flight simulation) for SB? Or do I need to find my Thrustmaster and plug it back up?
  3. I have a new Dell - the stats say I have an AMD Radeon 6700 card with 1 Gig of memory. Are there better cards out there? This is an OEM card and I understand they normally do not put the latest best video cards in the computers.
  4. Took your advice - reinstalled and downloaded the 2.552 update. Everything is running fine. Thanks.
  5. Sean - to be clear - I should uninstall the entire game and start over from scratch. Not complaining but not wanting to screw up either. Thanks.
  6. Snake - there are 3 error messages: Generic Application Error. Switching to the reference rasterizer, a software device that implements the entire Direct3D set, but runs very slowly. Warning: Nothing will be rendered. The reference rendering device was selected, but your computer only has a reduced-functionality reference device installed. Install the Direct X SDK to get the full reference device. Generic application error. The program will now exit.
  7. I recently bought a new computer and had purchased the upgrade to 2.538. Everything seemed to work fine. Got the 2.546 and 2.552 updates - installed them back to back and now SB will not run. How do I uninstall the updates?
  8. blazer05

    Dust Mod

    WOW - looks really good to me.
  9. Steel Beasts is great for modern warfare, but for those of us who would love to have a Tiger or Panther to fight with, what is the best WWII tank game - in everyone's opinion?
  10. It worked in the non-Beta version all the way to the bad guys capturing the power station which took a little over an hour. They just keep coming - I can't kill them all. Thanks, Gene
  11. OK I will try that. Nothing else has worked so far. And it is a neat scenario - at least I have enjoyed the first 10 minutes or so. I am dispersing all over the place. Those sneaky Russians have so many approaches to try.
  12. Congo - I tried that and it didnt work. I am going to delete the scenario and then download it again and see if that works.
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