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  1. Once upon a time the 29th Armored Regiment (SB VU) ran a competition that was vaguely similar. I'll see if I can dig out the old scenarios; as I recall they had some relevance to this notion. Shot
  2. Medal of Honor did a pretty good job of conveying the limits of space and freedom inside a tank, AIR. True the in-turret stuff was maybe a couple of minutes; true also that you'd want a lot more than that for a crews'-eye view of the issue. Still... Shot
  3. OK, sorry about that, I didn't look at the other fora before posting in this one. Still think it's a cool idea, though. Shot
  4. http://rt.com/news/first-tank-biathlon-competition-russia-346/ You've probably seen this elsewhere; I thought it would be cool if the competition could be recreated in SB and we have our own little Tank Biathlon. Shot
  5. Tony, for my money I would love to see a FG map. Lotsa campaign possibilities. P.S. Nihil illegetimi carborundum; or something like that. P.P.S. I still need a Sevastapol map for Sons of Lenin. Shot
  6. Dark is a singular force behind many of the improvements you see (and will see) behind SB. Assigning his remarks to a category best-left to actual trolls is impolite, and inaccurate. Troll elsewhere. Shot
  7. I'm willing to help out with this if there's still room and if you're interested in having me aboard. Shot
  8. I'm up for playing Red, if there's still room. And if we're playing on a night I can make it. Shot
  9. Da Hedgehogski. Expect new campaign idea before too very long. Will wish for you to participate. Shotski
  10. Just downloaded and installed -.640, seems to run fine. That's the good news. The bad news, my gunnery S.U.C.K.S., after more than two years absent from the turret. I know how to fix that, though. Trigger time, and lots of it. Hope to see you all in-game sometime sooner, rather than later. Shot
  11. For the sake of propriety I'd say that if we were to reconstitute the old VU with the old membership (and add some new faces) then we should necessarily call it something else. Just seems proper. All about lambic. And no, it's not a dance. Speaking of beer, while you're doing the lambada with the good doctor please do give my best to him and his wife. Also interrogate him about where a good chimay might be found. You won't be sorry. Too bad I won't be there myself. In absentia I promise to send a picture of myself, wearing a thong. You asked for it. Shot
  12. I was trying be concise. You'll note that I didn't mention anyone else from the 29th either. Besides, you're more like a fine, stone-ground mustard. Or a lambic. Shot
  13. Shot is still alive and still looking forward to brawling with his old friends Gary, Dark, 12A, and not-least Rat. And a host of others. That means you, Hell-Hound. Shot remembers that Rat taught him to 'PC Tango', as well. Shot is working a variety of issues at the moment, but promised to return to the game sooner rather than later. New CM stick, and the scratch for the update. Shot will return, however. Especially if his friends are once more in the fight. Rat, if HH can't make it, you and Gary and I should either join Gary's VU, or form our own (and ally ourselves with Gary). Anyway, Shot is coming back. And promises not to speak of himself in the third person for too much longer. Shot
  14. Looks like the link has lots of good stuff. Thanks Homer. Shot
  15. 'Trust me, I know what I'm doing' 'Five computers will be all that Mankind will ever need.' Shot
  16. If the ice stopped it mechanically, the thermal energy extant in the bullet might cause it to caper as seen in the video. You can do something not too different with pennies in blocks of dry-ice (frozen CO2). Stick them in more-or-less vertically, and the heat inherent to the penny will cause it to flip back and forth. The heat inherent to a bullet stopped in a similar manner might cause the 'dancing' seen in the video, remembering that the bullet is subject to the same thermomechanical stresses and forces as the aforementioned penny, and is circular with respect to said forces where the penny is planar. Shot
  17. My CM stick has died; but if I can get it fixed and if I can also upgrade in time, I'd like to play this one. Shot
  18. I step out for a couple of months to handle a family thing, and the suspension issue comes back like mold in a toilet. This must be a sign, of some sort... Shot
  19. OK, for all the inane jokes someone owes me a Soviet-style tanker's helmet. Shot
  20. Map, Great to see you around again. RLI for me, as usual. I still pop in from time to time, though. Sooner rather than later I hope to -be still my heart- get in a game or two. For those of you who don't know, Mapman was the heart and soul of the Fulda Gap campaign, and helped me get my PT gig with eSim games. Map was also my wingie for Paper Tiger one fine night, which will forever live on in 29th AR lore as The Night of The Rubber Sabot. Good teammate, good man; good to see him back in the game. Shot
  21. 'Steel Squirrel' Someone was going to say it, that someone just happened to be me. Shot
  22. I should make it known as well that as a member of the beta-team, if I should win the prize it's necessarily up for some kind of egalitarian lottery. Shot
  23. Just finished. You will find that I've seriously skewed the averages. I'm like that. Shot
  24. 'What's all this fuss about national race-horses? Other kinds of horses are important, too...' Yeah, I'm old. Shot
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