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    I've recently re-installed the game, after a prolonged absence. I'm at 2.4125 or so. What patches would I need for MP-play? Shot
  2. What height-map are you looking for? Chances are excellent that it already exists. The download area is rife with maps that aren't necessarily commonplace, or included on the CD. Start there, then if you still can't find what you're looking for you might want to have something created. Shot
  3. Please feel free to send them my way as well. fossdotrotgeratgemaildotcom. Christmas, she came early this year. Shot
  4. See if you can get assigned to an engineers' unit. Your mine-laying capacities will serve Canada well. Come back whole and breathing. Shot
  5. I am at present without capacity to speak VOIP, but I think I told you that. I expect to be re-VOIPed by April, in the meantime I left both you and HH a contact number. Shot
  6. DD, the email addy is fossdotrogeratgmail.com. As with HH, I can do briefings and orders. Plus, I have a cool utility written by someone who has posted here and who's anonymity I will protect, that will let me do briefings without having to type every single word. Shot
  7. It should be taken as payback for all those mines he made me dig for FC. BTW, how do I get a cool 29th AR siggy just like yours? Shot
  8. The phrase 'herding cats' comes to mind, but I'm in and will serve in whatever capacity is deemed fit. If you want me to sit in a corner and get plowed on beer, I can do that. Really, it's not a problem. Shot
  9. The 29th AR specializes in cruelty. We are after all led by a Canadian. Shot
  10. We'll mail you a picture of one. Or two. Shot
  11. I'll take a crack at it. Circumstances allowing. I presume that you'd like to see what I'll have written, before I submit it? Shot
  12. What's the situation? What sort of behavior(s) are the remfs operating under? You can find the latter by right-clicking on a unit and selecting Tactics. What behavior(s) your guys are operating under will have a lot to do with what the AI allows them to do/not do. Shot
  13. Plus, about two microseconds after incorporating the feature, someone somewhere will ask why they are not able to make the escapees shoot at the enemy. Shortly thereafter someone will mention that the bailees are highly-trained specialists who are supposed to 'exit, stage left' if their ride is no longer mission-capable; and should not be considered in game terms as potential tank-killers. Thirty-eight microseconds after having incorporated the feature, there will start a moderate to large flame-war where competing parties declare that this was exactly how it was done, vice the side declaring that anyone who did it this way was criminally-insane/operating outside doctrine/communist/capitalist, etc. Great flame-war, not particularly-useful to SB. Shot
  14. Shotskiy Magnetovka was the handle I adopted (and still adopt) when I play a campaign. Why? Because I usually play Red. Sorry I'm missing this one. If I get things straight anytime soon, I'll hop in. Shot(skiy)
  15. I guess I missed something, 'cause VM PM'ed me with the same thing.Having a variety of issues at the moment. Stand by for PM. If/when the dust settles, I'd certainly like to play. I'll have to reinstall the game (malware jacked the PC a couple of months ago, nuked SB). Is Gary wearing the helmet when he plays? Make it a requirement, if he isn't. Shotkiy
  16. Cool dome-covering, you look like a Soviet Oddball. You know what to get me for Christmas, BTW. Shot
  17. If you have trouble finding something, let me know and I'll passi it on to HH. Shot
  18. Duel In the Golan Bought it. Read it. Loved it. Shot
  19. That was about what I came up with, though you'd have to hit the unit in order for the penalty to take effect. If you didn't know where the unit was, you'd only affect it by accident and you wouldn't necessarily fire the penalty. Shot
  20. Regarding your notion of penalizing arty fired into a particular zone; you can't penalize the strike all by itself, to my knowledge. A unit would have to be in the zone, and would either have to be attacked by the strike or be able to see the strike. I don't remember which at the moment as SB is currently not installed on my PC (malware attack, can't find my CD). Going from memory though, as I recall the strike would have to affect a unit; units are by and large the currency for control-logic activation, at least in this regard. Shot
  21. Tango, I think that there's an SB wiki something on this. Might want to check it out. Failing that, PM me for a copy of my control-logic article. And have a chat with Gary Owen. He knows more than I do. Plus, he's a barrister. Barristers know all about control-logic, and how to play with it. Shot
  22. To amplify what GO said; the 1STVUSC ran a training mission that was all about scouting. Do it right, and you win. Do it wrong, and you don't. The mission consisted of dropping off eyes, and having them look at a set of topo features. The eyes were supposed to tell you where the black-hats were. Follow their observations, drop some ICM; all done and go home. Get too aggressive, and get a lot of virtual people killed. Was it fun? Sorta. I'm the kind that gets a lot out of killing people from a remove, and reporting back what a stud-muffin I am. Was it realistic? You betcha! This is how war is supposed to be waged. And for some parallax, we did have to go in and sanitize the area. Shot
  23. 'Yes' as well. PM or e-mail or sound off here if you want help. Shot
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