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  1. The book-prize thing makes me all warm and school-girl giggly. Boy do I have a list... Shot
  2. My maternal grandfather had endless fun with us young'uns by letting us play with coprolite. We had endless fun as well (well, I did anyway).It was highly polished, too. Care to guess what 'coprolite' is? Shot
  3. I've heard much about the fabled dome. Now, I see it in all its glory. Shot
  4. I'm at better than 5,000. What comes after 'socially-inept'? For some parallax, Ssnake clocks in at better than 10,000, and he's married. Shot
  5. Love the Ganef shot. Hoping for the best for these guys, but i can hear myself say 'niche of a niche of a niche...' Shot
  6. Hell, I can tell you what the difference is between the two. Shot
  7. Namely, that I suck major ass at being a tanker. But also: That I do pretty good at beating up infantry with a .50 cal, or a co-ax, or the Bushmaster; That I am death on rye toast to a company of mech infantry; That I'm a good scout; That I can design and administrate a fun campaign; That I can make a decent scenario; That there is more to tanking than tanks. Anyone else? Shot
  8. Describe, please. Shot
  9. One wonders why you've tried. Shot
  10. The good VUs do this, as Gary has pointed out. I'd like to see a virtual tank school myself, but it'd be a biotch to set up and keep rolling. BattleLabs was in fact closely similar to what we're talking about here, and I've tried get some interest going in that, for that reason. I think the analysis is sadly correct. Too much interest, not enough players. Shot
  11. Glasscock > Crystal Python Shot
  12. There IS no 'reasonable hour' when it comes to FREEDOM! Candy-ass. God, that makes me ANGRY! Shot
  13. Candy-ass.That's the sound of FREEDOM, son! Candy-asses make me ANGRY! Grarrrr!!! SHOT!
  14. And he posts something with Scott Baio in it. That makes me angry- Oops, wrong thread. Shot
  15. Sounds like something SB could use.Shot
  16. Ash, it looks like you put a lot of thought into this. Two things I would like to recommend (and which should not be taken as criticism). First, ask Dark Angel if he'd like to provide you with a copy of his briefing wizard. Very handy, very easy to use, and Dark Angel is pretty easy to get along with. Second, ignore a rating. If someone liked your scenario, good. If someone has advice, fine, if it's also constructive and/or relevant. Otherwise, 'I like it', 'I don't like it'. There are precious-few mission makers out there in SB land, kudos to you for taking the trouble to make something that others might want to play. Keep up the good work, and ignore folks who would rather rate you than offer up a design of their own. Shot
  17. Yeah, but I don't imagine that it's any fun being buried under a bazillion boxes. Shot
  19. http://www.entertonement.com/collections/6819/Marvin-the-Martian Third from the left, on top. You'll know what to do. VERY ANGRY, INDEED! Shot
  20. '...and I thought they smelled bad on the outside!" Shot
  21. Wasn't there a parade mentioned somewhere in this thread? And I think GaryOwen said something about beer. Shot
  22. ShotMagnet

    Cool Pic

    Loved this reply: I've thought of a fantastic idea. Why not have a mesh at the BACK of the engine, which feeds into the kitchen area of the plane? All those starlings could be chopped up by the plane engines and then passed into the galley where they get heated up, put into small boxes, and then served for 10 euros each to dim Ry****r passengers in the "standing room only" section. Beaks and legs etc could be jettisoned over England, no-one will notice the extra rubbish Shot
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