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  1. OK, I'll have to do some digging, but I think I know where it's sitting. We'll speak tonight. Shot
  2. The manual or the novel?If the former, I could be tempted to loan it out on an extended basis, provided I am allowed to flay you with a plastic butter knife if it is somehow destroyed in your custody. Shot
  3. Welcome aboard. Have fun cruising the site and learning the game. There are a lot of resources available to help flatten the learning curve, starting with the tutorials included in the game. You're about to go on a ride that's had me playing the game for just about seven years, now. If you're willing to learn and can play nicely with others, you'll have a good time. Shot
  4. There's more to it than that, but the functional difference between the two is that one is a novel and the other is a continuation of First Clash in the same training manual style that FC instantiated. Way back when, 1CAD (via the good offices of Gunfighter) furnished me with both publications and challenged me to make campaigns out of each of them. At the time I hadn't known that Counterstroke also existed in novel-form, I had the manual-esque for Counterstroke and I had the First Clash pub in the same format. There are significant differences (apparently, I still haven't read the novel) between the respective versions of Counterstroke, one of them being that the manual talks about places which appear in First Clash, and shows a picture of a Charybdis (I think) tank-destroyer. Again, I haven't read the novel but I have read FC and Counterstroke in manual form. Which you might prefer is a matter of individual taste, but the manuals had maps and OBs, and tabulated goodies relating to logistics, command and control, etc. There were also photos in each, of Canadian units presumably doing training. Shot
  5. There are two versions of Counterstroke. Which one are you looking for? Shot
  6. The question was asked on TN (you may have seen it) and the consensus so far seems to be that the majority of them which are improvised are also detonated accidentally, detonated either 'long' or 'short', or in some cases don't go off at all. TN was also clear in pointing out the the reality is still classified, so there's some salt to take with the numbers. That fits my suspicions, even for the ones who weed themselves out. There are no shortage of willing volunteers, and I would tend to think that the pros are better-employed making the things (and making them as accident-proof as can be had). They are after all improvised, for the ones that are improvised. Shot
  7. The 'Improvised' part makes me think that the percentage is probably high. I've seen footage similar to what was put up here, with the same effect. I've also seen footage of IEDs going off either after the target has passed or before the target has passed, or sometimes for no apparent reason. Again, 'improvised'; and I would be very surprised to learn that more than a small percentage of IEDs are set by people who know what they're doing. Shot
  8. A friend asked me for some 'good' scenarios. Since 'good' is in the eye of the beholder, and taking into account my friends' tastes, I'm throwing this one out to you all. Candidate scenarios should be thoughtful, tactically-challenging (i.e. no Tank Quake), and have some measure of replayability. Other than that, have at. Shot
  9. It's possible to change their effectiveness with regard to seeing and/or harming an enemy unit; but that's not the same thing as changing how they react to incoming. Tac has the right of it. Shot
  10. I don't know about housing a server long-term, but I could find it a suitable home here until at least February. Probably not helpful, long-term, but in the meantime I'm sure that someone of suitable reliability and psychiatric integrity could be found for the aforementioned long-term. Shot
  11. We should and are (hopefully) working on getting a host with a server. However, I haven't received any PMs or e-mails regarding how I might help. Hopefully this post will rectify that shortcoming. Shot
  12. I know what it is. It's a crewable G-wagon. With glovebox-mounted .50 cal. And inflatable T-72 decoy. Shot
  13. Didn't Sean solve the dongle problem? Or is there another? Shot
  14. Tar, Mog, what say we swap emails and discuss how we want to fund/set this up? GaryOwen put a bug in my ear about this, we might want to fold him in as well. PM me if you don't have my e-mail address, or PM GO. He has it. Shot
  15. They do, but they all look like Roguesnake.Shot
  16. Echoing Mogwa, I'd be willing to help with that too.Shot
  17. Thought so. You have to build one, in that case. If you need help, shout out. If I can't be of assistance there are a wealth of individuals here who might be, and there's a whole wiki to boot. Shot
  18. Offhand, it sounds as if a user score-formula was either intended for inclusion and was overlooked, or is not scoring as intended. You'd have to open the mission in the mission editor to make that determination, though. Shot
  19. GaryOwen and myself are meeting up tomorrow morning (30 Aug 09 0800 PST, 30 Aug 09 1500 GMT) for some more Panzerblitz. Interested spectators with the VASSAL engine and the Panzerblitz module should meet us there around then. Shot
  20. Speaking to the first point, that tells me pretty much what I want to know about GIJ. Speaking to the second, I thought Watchmen the movie was better than Watchmen the GN. Skip the gratuitous stuff, and enjoy how the actor playing Rorschach totally owned the character. Better ending than the GN, too. As for the detail not in the movie that's in the GN, you can apparently get that on the DVD. Shot
  21. Scarlett has that effect on people. It's nature's way. As for the rest; estimating that the trailer is/was two minutes long, and adding in the footage with Scarlett, on a percentage basis how much of the film do those two parameters encompass? Or; compared to Iron Man, how did this film rate? Shot
  22. So was the movie worthwhile? Apparently one of the actresses got her farps singed during filming. Not sure which one. Not sure how. Shot
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