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  1. Funny, we were talking about you just the other day. In a good way. Shot
  2. I'm angry that someone bumped this old, dead thread. REALLY ANGRY! Like I wanna chew off my own face and spit it at someone. And forget I have the Caps Lock on! THAT ANGRY! Shot
  3. Well, let's not get carried away. You have to have at least two neurons, and preferentially should have at least 10. Sorry Rogue, you know I had to. Shot
  4. I made a mistake, and Fate was not with me. I got some dispersals that should have been kills, and maybe didn't apportion my firepower with the necessary precision. Gary stomped the guys in the trees to the north, who were forced to leave some targets be as a result of a rather poor showing by the guys in the town. The guys in the town for their part put the BASD on some of the Commies who stomped Festung Larch, but I could see the dirt clod dissolving in this rainstorm. Gary pasted the Wespe battery, then kicked the 88s, and by the time it was all said and done I had nothing left but halftracks and infantry. The HT did some Overrunning, which scored me four Soviet units (some trucks and their passengers). Gary bashed them too, eventually. I conceded, there was nothing left for me to fight back with. At the end of Turn 7 the battlefield is as the screenie shows it. Gary got a Tactical victory, and I didn't get so much as a Marginal. Good fight, lots of fun. Mog sat in and watched me embarass myself. Anyone who has the VASSAL PB/PL module is invited to sit in and watch, so long as they are good netizens. I'm also willing to play just about anyone who might like to dust off some old titles and bang the rust off some old skills. Mog, this means you. In the meantime, Gary and I are going to meet up for another fight sometime this coming weekend. If you want to watch, download and install the VASSAL engine, then download and install the PB/PL module. Both are available at the VASSAL site. I think registration is required, though the registration costs nothing and doesn't (so far, anyway) appear to open one to any obvious vulnerabilities, sales pitches, etc. See you then. Shot
  5. At the end of 3 you see a platoon of Panthers in the town, under them is a platoon of Jagdpanzer IVs with the Panther MA. They've flamed a company of Commies, and some troops. To the north, and west are a Nashorn battery and a PaK 40 battery. Flanking them to the southwest is a battery of Hummels. What you can't see is a battery of Pak 36s (88s) and a battery of Wespes. These units are going to be the main effort, the tanks are going to hold for as long as they might, and they're going to do what they can against Soviet units who may seek to force themselves past the panzers in the east. I think I've done about the best I can do at this point, it's now up to the dice. Unfortunately... Shot
  6. Gary and I mixed it up again tonight. We finished off the first mission mostly by declaring it a draw, so that we could start another one. We picked Situation 4, which for those of you playing at home is a delaying action mounted by a kampfgruppe of SPA, tanks, ATG, with some transport and infantry, totalling something like a pony battalion, against a Soviet mech infantry force with 1.3 regiments of tanks and assault guns supporting another 12 companies of infantry, plus an antitank battalion, and transport. The mission for the Germans is to deny Board 3 to the Russians. The mission for the Russians is to whack as many Hitlerites as possible. GaryOwen chose the Russians and I commanded the Germans. The first couple of turns we both spent getting ourselves into position. The layout of the mapboards affords the Germans a wonderful kill-sack which is bordered by two cities which are east-to-west with respect to each other, by a ridge to the south, and by some woods and a stream to the north. The Germans have lots of long-range firepower, but can't cede too much ground to the Russians, who might find a wish to do no more than hide behind terrain and wait out the rest of the game. They won't win, but then neither will the Germans. The German player wanted to make it interesting, too. The first two turns are burned watching both sides maneuver themselves into position. At the end of the 3rd turn, the Russians make their first stab at the German defenses. Here's what it looks like at the end of Turn 3. Shot
  7. On the other hand, COs/XOs are perfectly capable of if nothing else picking up the phone and telling the appropriate individual(s) either that they can't make it, or to request a delay. Happened all the time in FC and Counterstroke. 9erRed had work-related issues that suspended the campaign for six weeks during Counterstroke. Not a problem, he sent me an e-mail in advance and I posted an announcement. Really, it's not that tough. If the campaign manager picks good people who are willing to CO/XO, the rest should pretty-much fall into place. Shot
  8. It's up to the CO/XO to see that the don't punish the whole team. That's kinda sorta why there are COs/XOs in the first place. And there are lots of good candidates out there besides me, V, and Gary. I didn't command any of the three campaigns I was involved in/ran. Shot
  9. To clarify a bit more, you don't need a VOIP utility. You could play by e-mail. The engine is flexible enough that you could swap log files (which you can tell the game to create) between each other. Takes longer, but it's still a hoot. By the by, Gary and I are meeting up tonight at 1800 PST for some 'live' PB. Interested parties may observe by synching with the game (provided you have VASSAL, and the PB/PL module). You'll know that it's okay to synch with the game as I'll have added 'Synch OK' to the room I create for the game. Feel free to synch with the game, even if you don't see 'Synch OK', as it just means that I forgot the addendum. You'll get a roughly first-hand taste of how VASSAL handles a game. I've done this for a couple of years now; I can tell you that a game played via VASSAL plays and feels just about the same as one played face-to-face. Shot
  10. Or, penalize the side that doesn't get their stuff to you by nullifying the casualties for the side that does. Shot
  11. I had no idea what any of you were saying. I was a pea in a very large whistle, and every few seconds some pi**ed-off giant with a mammoth hammer smacked my little metal world. I don't remember if I got a shot off, I do remember trying. If it's the mission I'm thinking of, NATO and WP almost-literally bumped into each other, where neither expected the other to be. I seem to recall that there were maybe forty wrecks in that one little spot on the map. If it's the mission I'm thinking of, at about the end there was a nasty little furball for some bridges to the west. That too became a parking for 'gently used' tanks. Shot
  12. VASSAL is an engine through which the game can be played. VASSAL supports a wide variety of games, which is part of the reason why the engine is so handy. VASSAL allows games like Panzerblitz to be played on-line, just like you were sitting face-to-face with an opponent. You do need a VOIP utility to play, Gary and I were playing over TS. You could do the same with YM, Skype, etc. Shot
  13. The cries of outrage would be heard past Pluto, which is not to say that I think it's a bad idea. The explanation to those exhibiting a case of diaper-rash should hopefully suggest that next time someone might trouble themselves to remove their heads from rectal storage, at least enough-so as to get the campaign manager the right info. 'See, Bob did it right. He gets a platoon of Leo 2A5s with uranium megadeath ammo as a reward. You didn't, and therefore get a rock.' The cries of outrage would still be heard past Pluto. Shot
  14. A few years ago. I'm surprised you haven't heard.:biggrin: Shot
  15. That's kind of what I'm talking about, except that the CO notifies the XO if there's a bubble in the hydraulics and they work it out in time for the next game. Otherwise, Joe often ends up dumping on Sam, almost by default. Shot
  16. Speaking of arty. Hell_Hound decimated one of my companies during FG with a truly-cool combination of artillery. He dropped an HE attack on top of me, then timed an ICM attack for just behind me when my non-crewable dimbulbs backed away from the HE strike. Embarrassed and impressed, at the same time. HH was the stuff, when it came to this game. Shot
  17. Upper left, attack; Upper right, range; lower left, defense; lower right, movement (in hexes).There are also modifiers for what class of weapon is attacking. 'I' class units are only effective against armor if they are adjacent. 'A' class weapons hit armor twice as hard if the target is at half-range or less. 'A' class weaponry does miserably against non-armored units at any range, however. This is why Gary's Cossacks are threatening my fort. Me too. Cut my wargaming teeth on PB. Went on to PL, then AIW. Now I play ASL. And speak in acronyms. Downtown effing rocks! Played it with a fellow boardgamer. Bought it for him, in fact. My Americans swanned about uselessly as the PANV took shot after worthless shot, failing to down a single round-eye. Great game. Never played CC, but I heard good things about it. You're my new best friend. We should arrange to play via VASL. Sooner, rather than later. That'd rock. We need to find someone who doesn't mind a bit of programming, though. As the air floats the name 'Dark Angel'...Shot
  18. 'Was there a car, somewhere?' 'Dunno; the farps started moving. I tuned everything else out.' Shot
  19. The fix is to get more people with the ueber .exe, with regard to hosting. For FC and CS I recruited hosts, which worked out well as there were occasions where Sean was unable to do so. Another idea for goading COs to get you what you want could go something like, 'All your units for the next mission start out unable to move for the first few minutes' and tie that to a Damage if... condition. To be honest though, I had pretty good comms with the COs for both FC and CS. I only had to delay a game twice for reasons of deploymentus interruptus and that was usually because of something work-related that cropped up at the last minute. If you do this again, I recommend PMing potential COs in advance. Tell them what you want to do, tell them what you want them to do, and select suitable individuals therefrom. Hack and I are (slowly but surely) making our way toward another campaign. When I got the wind up initially I talked to a couple of folks about doing the CO thing and they were receptive. I PMed those individuals because I knew that they were that reliable. Choosing COs on that basis is also a good way to keep the game flowing. I asked 9erRed, GaryOwen, and 12Alfa to CO for the two campaigns I ran. I chose them because I believed that they could be generally counted on to get me what I wanted, when I needed to have it. 9er in particular was not only very good about getting stuff to me, he was willing to spend literally hours with me placing units and fortifications and so forth. GaryOwen and 12Alfa were also very helpful, which was why I chosen them as candidate COs. You do the same next time out and I predict that you won't go wrong. Shot PS Next time out, if you want a CO, I'll volunteer. For whatever.
  20. And now it's getting a little worrisome for the Germans. The Russians have a pony battalion of armor to the east, still. They bring fire to bear on the Flakvierling battery which was southeast of the fort. They erase the flak battery. Meanwhile, the PaKs in the fort are having a time of it, trying to take down the Cossacks who are working their way forward for an assault. They are not in a good position and it's only a matter of time before Gary's horses, and the other infantry, find their way into positions which will eventually overpower the guys in the fort. Once he's done that, Gary's won. I should mention that I don't have any mobile elements of my own, except for some infantry which move 1 hex at a time. That's not 'mobile' in my book. It's all static positions for me. Shot
  21. Things look like they're going pretty swimmingly for the Germans, and for this all-too brief moment they are. I've made a couple of mistakes, though. The first was in bringing the infantry forward to meet his guys. The second was in calculating the odds for the attack. I'm about to pay for my incautious ignorance. I flame another company of T-34s, but now GaryOwens numbers are beginning to tell. The incautious ignorance I display costs me both of the infantry units that attacked in the first turn. Their absence will be painfully noted. Shot
  22. Some game highlights. First one is from the first turn. Gary has 10 turns to knock down at least 8 German units. He moves directly under the guns of a fortress with a battalion of T-34s and a company of Sukas, plus some infantry who were riding on the closest two T-34 companies. Some Cossacks follow more or less in trail, and some wagons hauling mortars and AT guns bring up the rear. I shoot at the vanguard elements. Hilarity ensues. Shot
  23. If he turns it upside down? I don't blame him, though. I blame me. Isn't that the guy you were telling me about, who got booted from his own VU?Shot
  24. As a bit of counterpoint, COs were appointed for both First Clash and Counterstroke. Each campaign experienced delays because either/both COs did not send me their setup/deployment info in time for the next game. Maybe the fix is something like 'If you don't get me what I need in time for the next game, you forfeit the next game and lose all the units presently on-map', for example. Shot
  25. What Gary isn't showing you are the two Infantry units he dispatched, because I'm a bonehead, and the Flakvierling that was trying to support the effort before he erased one of them with a tank company. What else Gary isn't showing you is the fact that the fortification he's attacking is not supported by other fortifications. Some of us simply cannot be taught. Sure, there are a couple of infantry units limping their way toward the fight but they won't make it in time. For that, they'll probably get overrun in the process. I'll post some shots a little later. Shot
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