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  1. Copy all. And as far as input is concerned, maybe we should consider no news good news. If the review team hasn't said anything, maybe it's because they don't have anything to say. Chapter One tomorrow or the next day. Chapter 2 hopefully some time next week. Shot
  2. Poker sent me something that looks good, for the checklist. He's working on it some more, but if anyone has something else they use, or want to submit, I'm sure we can fuse the results into a seamless whole. You expert designers out there, if there is a particular process or processes that take you from scenario design idea to finished product, I'd like to hear it. As mentioned, we're going to do a step-by-step walk-through showing how to build a couple of scenarios, the more input I get the more complete and less one-dimensional the walk-throughs will look. Shot
  3. That'd be great. Just the sort of thing we're looking for. Also, it occurs to me that a prospective designer would benefit from a checklist annotating that all the details of the design are, in fact, in the design. Anyone wanna gin one up for the Guide? Results can be e-mailed either to myself or Mapman, who'll pass them on to me. Be sure I know who you are, so you get credit for it. Shot
  4. So let's do it anyway, both as a test of mettle and a means by which we are judged to be worthy. Shot
  5. Sure. Let's build an SP scenario, just for the manual. Shot
  6. I'd intended to use Escape from Core as an example, mostly because it was my first scenario and it had a couple of non-standard items of window dressing. If that's okay with everyone else, let's do that, especially since I can tell you what I was thinking when I designed it. This will likely come as welcome data for anyone asking what I was thinking, when I designed it. Other/better suggestions are welcome. As for the extant stuff, I had pretty much decided not to use it anyway. Too many complications, and the writer in me would demand I write new stuff anyway. I was thinking that we'd do the building of a scenario as a separate chapter, using the previous chapters as example and/or to provide insight. Shot
  7. Absolutely. As previously noted. Shot
  8. Too right. There are so many good scenarios by good designers that to tag this project under the name of one person is arrogant silliness anyway. Not at all. Do it like the masthead of a magazine. No one reads that anyway. That should work fine. I do my work in W97, though converting to ASCII text shouldn't be an issue. Who, besides Map who will have his already-full plate piled higher, is really good with HTML? I can do it. I can even put together Javascript animations, but if someone out there is willing to do the HTML that would be a lot of help. Shot
  9. Shouldn't be a problem re: the existing stuff. I wasn't planning on using it anyway. Rat, let's sling some e-mails back and forth about TOC stuff, and how we think the thing should be subdivided. Map, who are you appointing to head up the project? Are you looking for volunteers? Shot
  10. I'll further my stake and commit to writing the whole thing, if and as need be. I'll take whatever's thrown my way, and I'll add whatever needs to be added. I can write intelligently on all aspects of scenario creation, I can also play well with others and take their input and turn it into a seemless whole. Rat, you have to include your 'poetry'. Shot
  11. For the eighty-sixth time. ME!!. Shot
  12. Pluto>Mickey Mickey>hickey Hickey>tongue Tongue>Shove it down their willing throats Sorry, I was under orders Shot
  13. Cool site, good find Stuart. Couldn't get to the screenies, the link has been acting temperamental. Got the download, gonna give it a try tonight. What do you want to bet that this man has never heard of SB? Someone should tell him about us... Shot
  14. I believe if you hit 'E' you buy yourself a couple of seconds. The TC won't bother you while you engage the target for long enough that you will either get the bad guy or the bad guy will get you. Elsewhere on this site there's a PDF, I think it's in the download section, that has a keyboard map. If I've made a mistake and it's not the 'E' key after all, the PDF should tell you which key it is. Shot
  15. 3Star, Sorry, my bad. Didn't check out Leo capabilities like I should have. Assumed that they had smoke generators, just like M1s. The fix is in, I'll e-mail it to HH in just a minute. Thanks for spotting it. Shot
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