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  1. I currently have the size setting for terrain cache at 100. Putting it at 50 or 75 have not made a difference in my testing. My graphics card have 6GB of memory.
  2. I've uninstalled Steel Beasts completely, removed any trace of it besides my profile, restarted. installed it again, restarted again. I've found some more things about the issue. 1. I don't need to clear LOS, I just need to enter the terrain part once loaded the scenario before pressing start. I only entered the terrain part previously to clear LOS. Pressing start directly with the briefing still up makes the game "stream terrain", not show emplacements properly, freeze completely during alt-tabbing, exiting the AAR and sometimes when using the AAR interface to jump between ev
  3. 1. The freezes were not small, they were complete freezes. But that problem is gone now, simply by using the "clear LOS" thing. 2. The freezing when exiting AAR, went away by the same "clear LOS" aswell. 3. If I used the term crashes, I meant complete freeze, as in forced to close program using task manager. Haven't had a single CTD. 4. Tried that during my testing, made no difference. No error messages or pop ups in the background. 5. A fairly old system. i7 6700K @ 4Ghz, 16GB RAM, GTX1060 6GB As long as I remember to clear LOS prior to starting a scenario, I'm good. T
  4. After loading the scenario, you enter the briefing screen. Where you can select terrain, LOS, report and briefing. Pick terrain, right-click on the map and pick "clear LOS"
  5. It happens with each scenario I've made. But here's the one I did my last few hours of testing this issue with. UPDATE: Clearing the LOS in the planning phase appear to fix the issue for this scenario for me. Never touched it at all during the creation so I never thought it would do something for me. Now I need to test what happens when I create one further away from the unit I start with. UPDATE 2: When placing a second emplacement further away, clearing LOS during planning phase appears to still be the fix. nas_test.sce
  6. I got my hands on 4.1 just a few days ago. Got the 4.162 installer and the map installer. Nothing else is installed, I removed previous version before installing. I did a small scenario just to look at and test new stuff and features and had plenty of freezes when exiting the AAR. I get a question to save the AAR, The moment I click yes or no, it either freeze instantly or showed me "please wait" with a loading bar and froze without progress. This was when using the test button in the editor to test the scenario. I eventually narrowed it down to the vehicle emplacements. If
  7. This BRDM-2 made me smile, it looks happy with a new red nose. The crew probably isn't happy...
  8. The small arms mod is wonderful, I just wish I had more sounds in the game/simulator with the same quality and feel. Sounds make such a huge difference, even when confined inside the turret. I agree with some that the explosion sounds are a bit too loud, but I am sticking with them because they just sound right. I give thumbs up on both of the mods, I'll also throw in a "Keep 'em coming!"
  9. Nasder

    M113 repaints

    Awesome, I've been waiting for someone to do this. They look great!
  10. I'm with some others here. When I make scenarios, for steelbeasts and/or other games, I tend to let the player decide if he won or not. He can look at the objectives and see if he did the one(s) he set out to do and then during the mission or while watching the AAR, he can decide if he is okay with the approach, actions, and losses. I might end a scenario with telling the player he completed or failed the objective(s). But I rarely tell the player that he won or lost. To me, a win can be recognizing a very bad situation and pulling the plug on the mission without losses.
  11. My specs are similar/worse than yours i5 4670 @3,4Ghz GTX 660 (I'm pretty sure it's 2GB) 8GB DD3 With the default settings it's as playable as SB 3.X was for me. With very large and dense forest areas and towns with a lot of houses I get a big dip in FPS (Just like I did in 3.X) to an unplayable level, with thermals more so than without. I might not get a solid 60fps all the time, but for me anything around 30 and up is playable.
  12. I just encountered this problem. I am using a razer mouse. I alt-tabbed and put in a USB drive and went back in game, now it refused to move my gunsight using my mouse. I've restarted my game a few times, unplugged the USB-drive and no difference. Checked the keys and I found something funny. It's like the palmswitch (P) is inverted, if I hold down P on my keyboard I can move my gunsight around, if I release it. It's still again. I tried the fix mentioned above and it solved it for me, checked deactivate joystick and then unchecked it again fixed it.
  13. From the little I've been playing today, I don't seem to have much of an impact on the FPS (but I've only played very very small scenarios), if anything it runs better. I was amazed over the precipitation, it did more to the atmosphere than I had anticipated, it looked great. I'll dig deeper into this tomorrow and over the weekend but thumbs up so far.
  14. Editor test mode, I was in F8 view of a CV9030DK. I was zoomed in (N key) looking at the boxer the times I noticed it though. I'll see if I can recreate this using desert or winter textures too tomorrow.
  15. I have no mods for the boxer installed. No left over from previous version either (fresh SB install on new computer).
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